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  1. I went to high school with a girl whose name was Jenifer but she went by Ada (pronounced aww-duh), an abbreviated version of her middle name Adaife. She was pretty, VERY smart & VERY motivated. In our senior year she became ASB president & was inadvertently a huge role model to all of us. That being said, I think Julep Ada is a very beautiful, yummy looking polish. Unfortunately it's the ONLY polish that intrigues me this month. If I weren't on a no buy I'd probably get the Maven's Choice box & add on Ada & MAYBE the metamorphic trio. But I don't even want Hartleigh; to me it's kind of a lazy attempt of trying to grab the indie brand buyers demographic, & honestly it looks too kitschy to be considered a Julep polish. But that's just my opinion--I've been spoiled with so many good Juleps in the past & I'm kinda picky when it comes to glitter topcoats anyway.
  2. REALLY wanted to buy, but decided to save my money.
  3. OH MY GOD GUYS. I'M CAVING. I'M TOTALLY GRABBIN THIS NEW MYSTERY BOX. Since I'm indefinitely skippin boxes this yr I feel that the purchase of just this 1 mystery box is justified, & I'm sorry but when you name anythin in reference to the queen there's no way in hell I'm sayin no. Damn you Julep for suckin me in w/ Beyonce!
  4. I'm not taking boxes anymore, but I'm following along with the new collections & I thought it may be helpful to share some dupes/near-dupes I have with all of you. Some are spot on, some not entirely. But when you have over 300 polishes like me, you won't feel extremely disappointed for not getting some of these newer Julep colors haha. Alicia: Essie Tart Deco Casey: Nicole by OPI Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam Shawn: Ciate Play Date Sandi: Ciate Fade To Greige Phyllis: Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach Maryam: Zoya India Janae: e.l.f. Thunderstorm Shelly: Essie Mint Candy Apple Margit: Ciate Members Only
  5. I'm wearing Aurora right now & I have no chipping at all on it. I change my polish every 2 days, so I don't think I'm asking too much of a polish's weartime when I expect minimal shrinkage & 0 chips. I got BAD chips in Soleil literally after having it on for bout 12 hrs. That just sucks.
  6. Did anybody experience major chipping with Soleil? I literally had chips on all but my ring & pinky fingers. I am so disappointed, I've never had that happen with any of my other Julep chromes.
  7. Got my shipping confirmation for my December box this morning. Should be here by the 9th. :/
  8. Got 2 more add-ons: Paula & the Orbital Eyeshadow in Zenith. I don't really care that I'm payin extra, it's my last box so go big or go home
  9. For my last Julep box ever, I'm going with It Girl & adding on Soleil w/ the last of my Jules. I could wait for my anniversary Jules to come in & cash em for something from the Jule Box, but there's nothing I really want from there & I'd rather use my points on something I know I'll use, not just so I can grab something for free. The It Girl polishes aren't terribly unique but they're colors I like, & Soleil is just breathtaking & will really complement the pink undertones of my skin. Just like everybody else, I am disgusted that Julep is trying to pass off Sienna as a shade for the December *2014* collection, & I truly feel sorry for anybody whose style profile is Classic With A Twist. After this box I'll be damned if I recommend this subscription service to anyone, & I'm pretty relieved to be cancelling Julep after I receive this box. Dunno if I can swallow anymore of this bs.
  10. For those trying to look for the skip feature on the app: Just toggle back & forth with the Apply Jules button. I actually am using Jules in my order, but I just unapplied & reapplied them & the skip feature magically [re]appeared. Note from Zadidoll: I removed the image because you had your personal address shown in it.
  11. So last year I made a personal goal with myself to be a Julep Maven & take every It Girl box all 12 months of 2014. I'm pretty proud that I've gone through with this somewhat silly goal of mine, & while bittersweet I'm also glad this is my last month of Julep. A lot of stuff impressed me & a lot of stuff irritated me, I don't regret anything & didn't go through experiences nearly as bad as the rest of you guys, but I just don't see the overall value in this company anymore. That being said, WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THESE COLORS. Paula is really the only 1 I'm interested in, & mostly for the micro shimmer element. I really hope it's all a cruel joke Julep played on everybody @ the meet up. After the last 2 maven boxes & all these fancy polishes that they released for the holidays, this seems like a major step backward. It's almost like they want mavens to skip this month.
  12. Joanne is beautiful but I already have Ciaté Caberet which looks pretty similar, & if I weren't getting IG I'd definitely go with CwaT. Sawyer & the Bombshell box are all kinda blah to me. >.< Can anyone see a huge difference btwn the 2 mascaras? I saw swatches & they both look extremely similar..I might end up buying Length Matters later down the line just b/c of the name
  13. Out of the 3 polishes in my style profile, I'm the most excited for Kiki. I swear it's the exact same color as my eyes, I've never seen a shade of blue so accurate. The photos could be doctored up a bit, but regardless it's still a unique idea. We've seen blues w/ dense silver going through it, but a blue toned silver? It reminds me of ice, I'm way too excited! I might already have a dupe for Ilsa (Ciaté Power Dressing comes to mind) but I'm in the mood for some inky nearly-black navies right now so it's fine, & I'll probably like Marzia just as much as my other Julep chromes (Savoy & Mahima, not my favorite finish but pretty tolerable formula-wise). Ultimately we won't know until tomorrow but with what's been shown so far, I do really like how Julep curated the style profiles this month. ESPECIALLY It Girl--they're great transitional winter shades, & I might have to put all 3 colors on while drinking a peppermint frap & watching Frozen.
  14. So nobody on here has won the birthstone collection I assume? :/
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