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  1. I keep missing out on the VIP emails and deals cos i'm not on my emails 24/7 and by the time i check it - it's too late! :'( sob sob...nonetheless, super excited for the skin food + the face shop boxes! Purchased the bundle! Love both of these brands!! COME AT MEEEE
  2. I've been purchasing less and less boxes lately, but i still get the urge to get one here and there. I ordered the Memebox x Vagabond Youth as well as #77 My Lovely Boutique. I have so many products at home that i don't know where to start using it >_< #addict
  3. HELP! How do people have room to store all their memebox products? I've just re-used a cardboard box and put everything there at the moment for storage. I can't use everything all at once!
  4. Couldn't resist but to buy the Cute Wishlist #4! >.< I have gotten the other 3...and i just can't resist it. Also, managed to pick up the memebox #18 as well ~
  5. Didn't buy the princess sets because i have no idea what to expect in them :3 I think boxes have to be really really good now for me to consider purchasing them!
  6. Disappointed that the cute wishlist #2 wasn't as good as the #1 box....cos it was the reason i also got the #3 cute wishlist box....argh TT_TT In other news, i caved and got the wine & cheese/WTF value set....that bounce cheese cream is so so SO tempting!
  7. Couldn't resist but pick up the Holika Holika and Tony Moly boxes! Both one of my fav brands! Excited and they aren't even shipping until the end of October! :'( sooo long
  8. Managed to clean out my backlog of boxes and made way for all my products! Where do people put them all??? I have so many! Just purchased the box value set for the OMG 3 + K-STYLE 3 + Cute Wishlist 3 with some memepoints & a discount code...
  9. I managed to resist and not purchase any of the new boxes! (princess boxes + halloween + head to toe)....now let's see how long this lasts....
  10. I've gotten a pile of Memeboxes at home because i haven't even had time to look at them..there's pretty much 9 boxes piled up in my room I also have a box of products too which i have yet to use...i think i'm starting to realise my aftermath of over-buying all these boxes. Going to tone down the on the boxes and maybe just stick with the global boxes for now. Also, really really REALLY want the collaboration box #2, but it's sold out :'( *tears*
  11. So bummed out i missed out on the collaboration #2 box! It looks so good! *.* Please restock!
  12. Why not offer the bundle earlier?! EURGH! I purchased #17 before..but i want the bundle now... T_T what can i do?
  13. Did the VIP code for $7 off shipping waived fee work for anyone??
  14. Wasn't going to purchase anything..seeing i didn't have any codes or points But ended up buying the eye box and lip box!
  15. I did the hand mask and omg i love it My hands feels so nice and moisturised now and trying to keep them moisturised by applying cream every now so often!

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