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  1. I just received the most wonderful thank you gift from @@jesemiaud. I love the smell of Keims shampoo and I'm obsessed with lip balms! And seriously, that zebra!!!! I've only been lusting after it for the last year! It already has a home in my office. Thank you so much!
  2. I apologize for any typos, I'm drugged up on cold medicine. Now let's get this reveal started! My Santa was @@sparklegirl!
  3. Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked everything! I'll be PMing you the Memebox skincare instruction details, so you have a little bit better idea of how to use things. South Korean skincare is an amazing addiction.
  4. Yay!!! I'm glad it arrived safely! Have fun opening your goodies.
  5. Eeek!!!! It says the gift I sent was delivered!!!!
  6. I sent my gift yesterday, and it should be arriving tomorrow!!!! So excited.
  7. I should be on schedule to ship out tomorrow!
  8. I see a penguin! But I'm penguin obsessed, so I'm always seeing penguins.
  9. Finally got caught up on everything. To my Santa – I am so sorry I haven't been around more. In past 3 weeks, I've laid out 4 magazines for work (well, really less than 3 weeks when you factor in Thanksgiving). So I haven't really had time to function...or even finish putting up my Christmas decorations. So thank you for dealing with an absentee Santee. I'll be in town until the 25th. So please ship whenever. There are zero Frozen things on my almost 3-year-old's wish list. It's all about Hello Kitty, Cinderella and Calico Critters right now.
  10. I'm already a huge fan of South Korean skincare, but would love to try some other foreign products.
  11. GUYS!!!! I had my cardiologist appointment today, and I wasn't expecting good things (still in heart failure and now getting dizzy, lightheaded, weak, low energy and short on breath). Well, I had an echo, and I'm no longer in heart failure!!! I have a normal ejection fraction of 50-55%. The reason for my symptoms, too much medicine. I can't decrease my dosage for at least a year, for risk of relapse, but I will totally take the pain. My doctor got to witness lots of ugly tears today.
  12. I totally own those TARDIS slippers and wear them pretty much every day.

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