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  1. I just received the most wonderful thank you gift from @@jesemiaud. I love the smell of Keims shampoo and I'm obsessed with lip balms! And seriously, that zebra!!!! I've only been lusting after it for the last year! It already has a home in my office. Thank you so much!
  2. I apologize for any typos, I'm drugged up on cold medicine. Now let's get this reveal started! My Santa was @@sparklegirl!
  3. Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked everything! I'll be PMing you the Memebox skincare instruction details, so you have a little bit better idea of how to use things. South Korean skincare is an amazing addiction.
  4. Yay!!! I'm glad it arrived safely! Have fun opening your goodies.
  5. Eeek!!!! It says the gift I sent was delivered!!!!
  6. I sent my gift yesterday, and it should be arriving tomorrow!!!! So excited.
  7. I should be on schedule to ship out tomorrow!
  8. I see a penguin! But I'm penguin obsessed, so I'm always seeing penguins.
  9. Finally got caught up on everything. To my Santa – I am so sorry I haven't been around more. In past 3 weeks, I've laid out 4 magazines for work (well, really less than 3 weeks when you factor in Thanksgiving). So I haven't really had time to function...or even finish putting up my Christmas decorations. So thank you for dealing with an absentee Santee. I'll be in town until the 25th. So please ship whenever. There are zero Frozen things on my almost 3-year-old's wish list. It's all about Hello Kitty, Cinderella and Calico Critters right now.
  10. I'm already a huge fan of South Korean skincare, but would love to try some other foreign products.
  11. GUYS!!!! I had my cardiologist appointment today, and I wasn't expecting good things (still in heart failure and now getting dizzy, lightheaded, weak, low energy and short on breath). Well, I had an echo, and I'm no longer in heart failure!!! I have a normal ejection fraction of 50-55%. The reason for my symptoms, too much medicine. I can't decrease my dosage for at least a year, for risk of relapse, but I will totally take the pain. My doctor got to witness lots of ugly tears today.
  12. I totally own those TARDIS slippers and wear them pretty much every day.
  13. This sock discussion makes me want to put some TARDIS and Dalek socks on my wish list. Gah!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-OFFICIALLY-LICENSED-DOCTOR-WHO-DALEK-GRAY-KNEE-HIGH-SOCKS-/181583921343
  14. Oh, and I'm very happy Secret Santa is here to distract my internet time. I've been done Christmas shopping for my daughter for a month, but silly Amazon lightning deals and those cute Calico Critters, etc., make me keep buying more.
  15. My logic is that since I'm almost done with said task, it wouldn't hurt to take on another project. I seem to forget that between working full time, a toddler and heart failure – I lack energy/hours in a day to dedicate tons of time to house projects. I started my home decor blog back up again though, so that's slightly motivating me. Sort of. Maybe. A tad.
  16. My 2 beauty must haves would be moisturizer and mascara (with eyeliner coming in at a close third). I'm so excited! I ordered my Santees main gift on Friday, and I had exactly enough Birchbox points to cover it. It was meant to be. To my Santa: Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been in purge-mode in my house, and am going through every closet, drawer and cabinet in it. My goal is to have my house back in working order by the time Christmas decorations happen in 2 weeks. So close to the finish line! Which of course means that I started a project in my guest bedroom. Oops.
  17. Not in love with any of the Princess boxes. Glad I decided to behave.
  18. I've been trying to be good, but I think that's out the window now. Can somebody PM me the $10 off code? My November/December orders... November Step-by-Step Skincare (in transit) Citrus Care (in transit) Foot Therapy (in transit) Miracle Masks (11/14) For Dry and Sensitive (11/18) Cute 4 (11/18) Oil Therapy (11/21) Scrub 2 (11/21) Global 17 (11/24) Green Food Cosmetics (11/28) Skincare Elixir (11/28) December Cleanse and Tone (12/8) Wish Upon a Mask (12/10) Global 18 (12/24) I'm proud at how toned down December is. But I'm thinking I might need another box or two.
  19. I know what my Birchbox points are going toward! And I think I've game planned how I'm spending my $25. Trades are also in process. So excited.
  20. Come on Birchbox coupon!!! I've got pretties to buy!
  21. Yay! I didn't realize how much I missed the stalking until I got my person.
  22. My name is Ashley, and I'm a 32-year-old graphic designer in Kansas City, with a 2-year-old daughter and 2 Westies (+ a husband). My love for make up actually started last September when I was preparing for a heart surgery. At the time, I thought it was a distraction, but my obsession is still going strong. Below are just suggestions, to help you get to know my routines. Thank you in advance! **I have no allergies. I am on a low-sodium diet though (So just don't send me a thing of salt, and we are good).** Unconditional-love brands: Eyeko, First Aid Beauty, Gilchrist & Soames, Jouer, Jurlique, Mally, My Beauty Diary, NUXE, Ruffian, Skyn Iceland, Urban Decay, Zoya Scent obsessions: If a lotion, lip balm, etc., smells like roses or rain – I want it. (Rose-scented products I currently own: Jurlique Rose Love Balm, Jurlique Rose Moisturizer Mask, NUXE Rose Water, Atelier Rose Anonyme, and Smiths Rosebud Salve). I don't currently own any products that smell like rain. Non-specific things I'm looking for: - Cleansers and Moisturizers (I have dry skin) – So far my favorite moisturizer is the DDF one that was in BB, but I don't like using just one moisturizer, and am open to suggestions - South Korean skincare products!!! - Lotion (with my dry skin, I go through an embarrassing amount) - Anything that smells like roses, honey, rain or the beach - Dry shampoo - Hairspray that still gives flexibility (for bangs only) My wish list: http://www.pinterest...eauty-wishlist/ Other Specifics I'd Love - Mally eyeliner (only have Champagne Pink and Ice Blue) - Memebox: Any items from Bubble Pop, Honey 1, Superfoods, Rose, Skincare - Foot peeling masks (I've heard the Holika Holika ones are good) - Neutrogena Rainbath body wash Subscription boxes I currently have: - Birchbox (since October 2013) - Memebox Please no: - Self tanners - Sticky lip glosses - Eye primers - Perfume - Hair oil - Candles or anything to do with fire (My family had a fire in our house when I was little, and I'm still terrified of fire and rarely ever light candles) Products I own and currently use regularly: Face: - Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Glow - Jouer bronzer - NARS Orgasm blush (Happy with this, and not a huge blush person) Eyes: - Clinique touch tint for eyes - Urban Decay Naked2 - Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette - Eyeko liquid liner in black (While I love it, I think I want to try Kat Von D Tattoo Liner next) - Bottom eyeliner changes between black, green and purple - IT Cosmetics Tightline black primer - Eyeko Black Magic mascara (First mascara that doesn't give me clumps) Lips - Smith's Rosebud Salve - Jurlique Rose Love Balm - When I do wear something with color, it rotates between Jouer gloss, Mally pencil and the LAQA & Co Lip Lube Random tidbits: - I like hearts. After having my daughter in January 2012, I was diagnosed with post-partum cardio myopathy, pregnancy-induced heart condition, and went into congestive heart failure. My doctor was actually preparing me emotionally for a heart transplant, when I somehow started to recover. In November 2013, I had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in to help further my recovery. But hearts remind me of my amazing strength. - LOVE Doctor Who - Am open to handmade goods as well - Really big on collecting artwork (especially abstract pieces) - Home colors are black, white, gray, green - I have an unhealthy obsession with houndstooth - Yellow is my favorite color - My blog for further stalking: http://decoratingobs...d.blogspot.com/

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