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  1. Today I went to Ulta and got to see the new It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Volume 1 Matte eyeshadow palette, and I think that it's the best neutral I palette I've seen yet. http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod6320425 It has all matte shades but they can be transformed with one pearlescent eyeshadow that's included in the palette and turned into shimmer.
  2. I don't think I could tell, generally. But certain things at the drugstore are so bad that I think they can't even be applied with enough finesse to cover up the fact that they're cheap. The last 3 drugstore eyeshadows I have bought, I've returned. I think if I saw someone with eyeshadow that was chalky or very poorly blended I would be more inclined to think that eyeshadow came from the drugstore. Also, certain drugstore foundation (I'm thinking of Covergirl for the most part) are so bad that they look like paste or a mask on the face. But the other ladies had a point - foundation is more likely to look bad or poorly applied if the skin is too dry or too oily, in essence, not well taken care of.
  3. I just saw this palette today and Ulta, the Naturally Pretty Volume 1 by It. I really, really want this palette. I haven't been interested in any of the Naked palettes thus far, but this palette is really calling my name.
  4. I think that with your hair color, there are a multitude of vibrant colors you can pull off. When I saw it, I immediately thought of the character Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. She is famous for wearing multi-colored makeup. I'm not usually one to recommend blue eyeshadow but i think a shade of cobalt would make an awesome contrast to your hair and bring out your eyes. For example, L'Oreal infallible eyeshadow in midnight blue. I like the lipstick shade you are wearing in the second picture. I was just in Sephora today and checked out some new Bite Beauty matte lip pencils and they have a shade called Blood Orange which i think would look cool on you. As far as bringing out your cheekbones, i would suggest a highlighting blush such as Maybelline's Hi-Lite blusher. These are both blushes and highlighters so they have a bit of gold shimmer. I would apply in on your cheekbones and softly a little bit up into your temples. Avoid the apples of your cheeks as you want to draw attention to the outer edges of your face. Hope that helps for now!
  5. A palette that I've been eyeing for a while now, and which my sister bought today, is the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. It's got 14 shades, all neutral, 7 matte 7 shimmers. There are more than enough matte shades to pull together a great daytime look, and then you have the 7 shimmer shades to layer or use with the mattes for night time. I don't know if this is going to suit your purposes as much as some of the other palettes that have been mentioned, but it's a good option if you want an all-around palette that will work for any time.
  6. I have no interest in Lime Crime, for one, not only because the outrageous colors don't appeal to me but also because I was reading a beauty blog for a while called lipsticksandlightsabers and she wrote at great length about various controversies that Lime Crime's creator was involved with. It was a couple of years ago so I don't remember a lot but they had to do with lying about ingredients and general customer service snafus and the chick just being an all-around horrible person. I was really disappointed when I went to the Makeup Show and saw that half the people there were carrying around these giant obnoxious Lime Crime bags and that the line for Lime Crime was like 20 people deep. I've been turned off the line forever. The other one I would never buy from is Kat Von D. I just don't like her, personally, so I would not purchase her makeup if it was the most gorgeous palette in the world.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by beautygroove Are these permanent? I want jungle peach but haven't found it yet. I'm fairly certain these are limited edition. I found mine at CVS, but have not seen them at Rite Aid or Walgreens. I think that much like most LE displays they are hitting stores at random.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by twilightsmercy I bought the rt expert face brush to apply blush and bronzer but I'm wondering how well does this brush work to apply liquid or mousse foundation? I've never used the RT Expert Face Brush for mousse foundation, but I know that it is made specifically for cream, liquid, and powder products. Since mousse usually melts into a liquid once worked into the skin, I would say it probably applies mousse foundation as well as liquid. I use my RT EFB with my (thin) liquid MAC Face & Body foundation and it works great! I also use it to apply my Maybelline blush sticks, which are cream blushes. In fact, I want to buy a second EFB just for my cream blushes so I don't have to clean the brush in between using my foundation and blush.
  9. Adding to vogueboy's reply, I think that foundation palettes are what you need as well. Look into ones by Graftobian, Kryolan, Ben Nye, or Make Up For Ever. These palettes will have cream foundations that you can mix into your client's perfect shade.
  10. I don't buy foundation from the drugstore. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I did, even as a teenager. I may never have. For the past 8 years at least, all of my foundations have been either MAC, Giorgio Armani, or Tarte. About a year or so ago, I had recently made a new friend and the time came when we started playing around with makeup together. I was using her own makeup to apply on her and the foundation she was using was Covergirl. I was astounded by how bad it was. I could barely apply it because it was so thick, pasty, and gloppy. Even she admitted that she barely used it and that she didn't like it. I immediately took her to Target to buy a new one. She didn't want to spend a lot of money on high end foundation so we ended up getting her one by Boots. Even that was a vast improvement over the Covergirl. The Covergirl foundation was one of their classic formulas. I think trying to use that foundation on her served as a reminder to me to stay away from drugstore foundation. There may be other brands that are better but I wouldn't trust anything in the class of Covergirl or lower, such as Maybelline, Rimmel, NYC or Wet n Wild. If I ever tried a d/s foundation it would have to be Revlon, L'Oreal, Neutrogena, or Almay. When it comes to powder I think that there are some fine drugstore products such as Physician's Formula or Almay. In fact, Almay made one of my favorite powders and discontinued it. I forgot what the name was but it was the kind made with water so that when you put it on it had a cooling effect on your face. I actually think the next powder I buy is going to be L'Oreal True Match Mineral powder. It's new for Spring 2014 and I am anxious to try it and review it on my blog. I would wear this in combination with my current foundation, which is MAC Face & Body. The product I almost exclusively go drugstore on is mascara. I think that many d/s mascaras hold up to their more expensive HE counterparts. I'll also buy blush and lipstick from the drugstore. For eye shadows, I have yet to meet a drugstore eyeshadow that I like. I'll usually go high-end or indie mineral for eye shadows. MAC and Urban Decay are probably my most go-to brands for eye shadows.
  11. For loose mineral powder, you could use a kabuki brush. I personally don't like kabuki brushes but usually when you purchase a powder foundation from Bare Minerals they recommend their kabuki brush to apply it. As an alternative, you could use a large, all-over face powder brush, such as this one: http://bdelliumtools.com/studio/studio-980-large-natural-powder.html A brush like this will allow you to dust loose mineral powder all over your face. You could also use a brush like Real Techniques expert face brush if you do not just want to dust the powder but also want to buff it into your skin. I keep two Real Techniques expert face brushes: one for buffing liquid foundation and the other for buffing powder.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by retrogirl10 Thanks! Unfamiliar with that brand. What does ck stand for? Calvin Klein. I'm going to suggest Bite Beauty lipsticks. They are the creamiest lipsticks I've ever tried and they are made with food-grade ingredients. Super emollient. They are available at Sephora.
  13. Since this eyeshadow is a mousse-gel formula, I would apply it like a cream shadow, so you could use your finger if you're putting it on the lid. But I would use a brush that is made for cream eyeshadow, like a flat, thin, firm brush with a curved tip. Something like this: This is my own brush by the London Brush Company and the designer of the brush told me that is was made specifically for applying cream eyeshadow since it is thin, firm, and springy. I'm sure you could find a brush of a similar shape either in the department store or by MAC, or you could find it by Crown Brush, probably Coastal Scents, etc.
  14. I've never used any of the brands you've mentioned, or really any high-end department store skin care product. But I have tried a variety of natural and organic products and if you really want to go that route I would suggest looking for independent brands that mainly sell their products online. Occasionally you can find these brands in your local health food/vitamin store if you live in a big city. But otherwise I would just start researching natural and organic brands. I would start looking in the skin care section of Whole Foods market if you have one of those. Whole Foods has a great selection of natural and organic skin care products and although they are pricey, the prices are usually on par with what you would pay for Lancome or Chanel. To get specific, of all the natural brands I've tried I like best Andalou Naturals. Their products are based on fruit stem cell science and I love their Resveratrol Night Cream. Most of their products are around 75% natural and most of those ingredients are organic.
  15. I recently bought the 04 from The Makeup Show in Los Angeles. I haven't tried it yet but when I do I'll be making a blog post and possibly a youtube vid of it. I understand that the 04 is the smaller of his two crease brushes and is better for those with more shallow/smaller creases.
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