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  1. Is anyone else bummed at the upgrades? I would totally get the Beauty Lover Upgrade this month but as a pale cool blonde I don't think the warm brown and rich brown brow powders will work for me and you can't pick your shades in the upgrade!
  2. Help! Did anyone receive their lip liner yet? I got my box today but I can't get the lid off the lip liner! I'm wondering if I'm just ridiculously weak or if they glued it on. Besides that the colors are gorgeous and my extra for 3+ add ons is Francis.
  3. I'm glad this thread got started! I was psyched when I saw the inspiration! I have high hopes for April, even though I still haven't received March which I'm also excited for!
  4. I am psyched. I love Rachel Zoe and I really think this will be great. I'm going to forgo Popsugar's LE Resort box this season and go for this instead. That cuff also comes in rose gold, I wonder if there will be variations! There is an article on InStyle that says each box will have 5-8 items and you can purchase the whole year (4 boxes) for $350 and makes it sound like March 9th is the launch day. I can't wait!
  5. Am I crazy? It has been awhile since I got a VoxBox but I did get the Frosty BoxBox and I still don't have the link to the post survey. It seems like it has been forever since I received it. There used to be dates listed on the website until they revamped it. Did anyone get the survey or am I just losing it and it hasn't been as long as I think?
  6. Same thing happened to me. No big deal I guess. I'm excited to have a new box to look forward to anyways.
  7. Thank you both! I was just about to ask the same question. This box has me very intrigued. I've been considering going back to BirchBox but I'll think I'll give this a try.
  8. Ahh!! I am SO excited over the KeepCup! I was just staring at my coffee mug at work today thinking about how I need to find a lid for it! It will be perfect to keep at the office.
  9. Thanks! For some reason it doesn't look like I got my shipping email this time. Good to know though, maybe some delayed shipping Jules in our future?
  10. So.. my December box came today but it is missing the eye shadow.. how good are they at rectifying situations like this? Is email or calling the best way to reach them?
  11. Arghh!! I was planning on using up all my Jules and cancelling after Nov selection, but seeing what is coming up makes me want to stick around at least until the holidays! Honestly 2 years ago I NEVER wore nail polish. EVER. And now I'm addicted and change it at least twice a week. I have two shoeboxes full of it and Julep products everywhere! HELP!
  12. So.. I've had my box for just over a week and I just NOW realized I'm missing the notecards! This is the first time I've ever been missing an item. Any experience with this and Popsugar? Do I just email customer service and tell them what happened?
  13. Thanks for this comment. Exactly what I was thinking. While I feel bad for people that get things they can't use (earrings with no pierced ears, food restriction), that is the risk we take for the awesomeness that is a randomly curated PopSugar box each month.
  14. Got mine today, surprisingly a few days earlier than expected. I was holding off judgements until I received the box as I tend to be more happy than the general internet public. I do personally like the perfume, but I don't love it. Smells like cotton candy or something to me. Lipstick probably won't work for me but I'll try it out. The biggest disappointment is the hat. I love love love it. So soft and I personally love the color. HOWEVER - I got it out to try it on and it is awful on me. There is no possible way I can wear this hat. I am really bummed. It's like, too tall or something? I do have a smaller head but it fits fine diameter wise (if that makes sense), but half of it just sticks up in the back. No way to make it cute and slouchy or something either. Very sad, since it is/would have been my favorite item in the box. Not sure if I'll gift or see if someone else wants it. It's so soft and I'm assuming warm too. Boo. All the other stuff is just ok to me. I'll wear the scarf but I don't love it. I'll eat the gummies. I'll try the cleanser. I don't know. This is the first time I actually feel guilty spending the money on a Popsugar box. I usually find great ways to justify my Popsugar addiction but I'm unable to do so this time. No worries. Just a little sad because I had very high hopes after last year's.
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