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  1. Congratulations! It's the worst box I've heard about.
  2. Is it the January box on instagram posted by @animerai? Not so happy as expected.... Oh, it was starter kit. Sorry
  3. I am sure they will fix the shipping costs soon. So far in wine and cheese set the shipping is added twice. They will not, as usual, test the site first, so we will see how they work:)
  4. It looks tat there are plenty of anniversary boxes available but only through the direct link: http://us.memebox.com/81-1st-anniversary-box It is not visible in the box party or sold out boxes tabs. Another glitch?
  5. I can't believe nobody has got Daily Must Wears box yet. I haven't seen any pics of the box so far:(
  6. Oh, @@cfisher don't worry at all. We all know how exact Memebox information is. I am not surprised. Disappointed -yes, but not surprised.
  7. I think they don't care who was the winner. The coupon was just in one of the boxes. Or maybe they control somehow which box was it - who knows.
  8. It's a bit late for discussion about the golden ticket code but on the reverse side of the coupon there is an information that: Coupons cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or deleted. This one was shared actually so I think there is nothing to do. Now there can be 100 people claiming that they won and the coupon was stolen to them. It was a great misfortune but I don't think Memebox has any reason to cancel orders. Potentially the winner could share the coupon and change her/his mind (actually it looked like that) Saying that someone who used any code and was using an affiliate link as well was using THIS code is not fair. There were many 3rd prizes (70$) codes people keep for themselves and use when they want. This situation is very sad indeed but nothing was done against the law and the code was published voluntary. There is nothing Memebox can do.
  9. There are some pinned topics in the memebox thread that are inactive and not updated for ages. Maybe it would be reasonable to "unpin" them as they appear in the beginning of the list.
  10. That's very popular shade this season:) I've got the same.
  11. That's really good that the bounce cheese cream is actually a full size. The box looks great to me.
  12. How can it be that in the wine&cheese box the bounce cheese cream is in the 30ml jar, has price 35$ (for 30ml) and is said to be full size and in the global#3 leaflet full size was 75ml and the price was 29$ (for 75ml). Hmm....
  13. There is also the possibility that in different kinds of boxes there will be different codes and those you will be able to use on one account. We will see soon. So far only WYWS has been shipped.
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