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  1. Skipped. I really don't want a plié, and I don't like Color Crush or Core Classics, either. I almost got color crush just for Iona, but I don't like either of the other colours, and I realized I already have colours like Iona. It feels like julep does a primary, medium blue EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I appreciate colours, but a slightly different blue each month is crazy. What about a navy or baby blue, even a medium blue with heavy shimmer or something. Better yet, a green or purple. The other colours seem kinda blah. I wanted the double Jules, but just couldn't do it. And I just don't want this plié. No no no. It's not for me. Did it annoy anyone else with the whole "I don't yet see the awesomeness of the plié wand!" Option for skipping? Blah, julep. It makes me dislike them just that much more, because I am fully aware or what I like and what I don't like, and phrasing it like that was yucky. Also, I'm interested with this new option for customizable boxes. Though, if I can't still skip like now I won't be prepaying. I'll probably just stick to what I do now, getting a full collection every couple months with accumulated Jules.
  2. Hey ladies! So far, there are 5 of us interested. Yippee! I think if we can get to 10+, I will make it official, collect addresses and send out the first box, so recommend people Right now I'm thinking of ground rules. If any body has any ideas, please share. I might ask for some help fro, the ladies in charge of the original US box. I have checked rates with Canada post. For a box weighing around 25 pounds, it'll be $15-20, depending on the location of the sender and receiver. So I was thinking, we could either make the order based on who signed up when, or based on location, to get the cheapest postage prices. That'll be up to everyone else though. But it looks like it wouldn't be crazy costly, which is definitely nice! Hopefully we don't even need to spend that much, 25 pounds is a lot!!! I'm excited for this! I feel like it could actually be real, lol.
  3. I want the naked palettes but at the same time, I don't. I don't wear eyeshadow much, but when I do wear neutrals I already have a good selection I love. I know some of it is just the hype, but I still end up wanting one. I think at the end of the day there's just too expensive ($67) to justify. But they are awful pretty, and they have a huge cult following. Sorry, for the tangent lol! Just thinking out loud...
  4. Money speaks ladies. I figure my complaining isn't going to do anything, and I'm not throwing any more money at some of the garbage julep tries. I've given up on mystery boxes. It was hard at first, but I don't miss them anymore. If we really want to see any change, we have to show them we aren't going to pay for this. It's tough, but julep is a business, and the first priority of a business is money. Always. This is how they're going to get the message.
  5. From my years of experience, it is the novices who don't know what they're doing and the veterans that do know what they're doing that get into trouble. My mom worked as a secretary in a dangerous field and she is a firm believer of it. The newbies don't know what they're doing, and get into accidents, but the old guys end up getting so used to doing something they start to slip and slack off and then they end up getting hurt, or killed.
  6. No. However if I need to fix my nails or makeup and I won't be home in a reasonable amount of time, I will find a reasonably private area, like a bathroom or my car.
  7. ]I stopped in a Sephora and ended up picking up a $13 nails inc set. It was down from $30 and came with 6 polishes, and I just couldn't say no I also grabbed a Formula X in Outburst. I haven't gotten any because $15 is a lot for a single polish for me, but I've wanted the twenty two and figured I'd try a single polish before I committed to that many. I love it! It's such a gorgeous colour and has an amazing formula! I need the cherry blossom one now.
  8. Hello ladies! Being a slightly newer member, I was pleasantly surprised to find this group. I've been buying cruelty free nail polish for over 6 years, all cosmetics for 4+. Which is substantial considering my age lol. However, as someone how rarely shops on line, and sticks to mostly lower-end cosmetics (drugstore, sephora, but no Chanel or anything like that), I have been annoyed by seemingly EVERYTHING starting to be sold in china. It's almost impossible to keep up, and as someone who loves trying new products, it's like a mental tug of war as to whether or not to buy a product that I'm not completely sure doesn't sell in china. Anyways, I was airing my grievances with another CF friend, and she told me that she DID buy products from brands that were sold in china. Her reasoning was that the brands didn't test unless it was necessary (so obviously doesn't apply to brands that test everywhere), so there were only doing it for the profits, which is every companies #1 priority, after all. She also mentioned that these were also being sold in the EU, so only the Chinese products were tested. She brought up some pretty good points about it not being the companies, it being china, and that the companies took the effort to remain cruelty free in other region, and that we could help show said companies that profits are good enough in other countries to cease selling in china. Also about how hard it would be to find cosmetics otherwise (especially because she is on a low budget and has some severe perfume / other common cosmetic ingredient allergies). She is admittedly less stringent than some (with things like using gifts or used cosmetics), but I was I just wondering what others thought of this? I think I am decidedly undecided.
  9. . Yeah I really am not a big fan of lipgloss either. I feel like it just sits on top of my lips and suffocates them,lol. Some clear glosses are okay, but I feel like once you get in to colour they are terrible. Glad it's not just me
  10. Hey Trades are awesome, aren't they? I love majority of stuff I buy, don't purchase dupes, and usually will return stuff I don't like/ change my mind on, but I feel like I just need to weed it out and whittle it down to favourites sometimes. For room for more, of course I didn't realize it either, at first, but as soon as I realized it made TOTAL sense. It was an aha moment, lol. Mailing is something I will be looking into when I go to the post office tomorrow. I don't usually mail out huge, heavy boxes, so I'm unsure as well, I'm hoping there's a flat rate option. I know the US girls say it's about $10-11 at first, $15-16 by the end. That was a huge box though, must have been 50+ polishes. We'd also need to work that out too, there's nothing worse than a swap lifter I'm thinking that being part if the box, you'd need no negative feedback, something like 50+ post and a member for 2/3 months, and would have to be continually active on the MUT (our thread and the site in general). If you have any suggestions- about anything!, I'd love to hear them Hopefully well have some more girls step out of the shadows.
  11. The title says it all I have serious envy over our US friends and their circular nail polish swaps! I just wanted to see if anyone else on our side of the boarder was interested, because I just want to see if there's any body cares and wants to do one, or I'm just dreaming :sleeping: Anyways, in case anyone doesn't know, the box starts out with a certain amount of nail polishes (new or lightly used only, preferably), and as it gets mailed to each person, they can pick out what they like, and replace it with nail polishes from their stash that their not big fans of. Anyways, I'm just gauging interested to see if I'm alone, or if there's enough people for me to see if this is something we could do.
  12. Never knew they sold these alone. Thanks for the tip Keep in mind though, that these are only $0.10 a piece at Sally's. You can always spend an extra $.99 and get a scrub mitt or polish
  13. Julep is really trying to use up all these cuticle pens lol. They're in the intro boxes, the core classics, and now this gwp. And this is only one month, lol. It's starting to look desperate
  14. Lol! But I agree. I don't like the business or there practices, and don't want to give my money (and a good bit of it, it's not cheap!) and support their behaviour, especially when there are so many companies with the same aesthetic or products, but with a much cleaner track record. I don't know, I have no problem with people who use lime crime products, but I find them overly expensive for what your getting, I've tried some of their products and just didn't see or feel much quality.
  15. Julep has crazy good gwps. I got stuff with the free gold code, so nothing more for me (don't tempt me!), but one of the reasons I barely take my box anymore is that I just pick up savvy deals with free extras. I know people are going to argue, but for now I can still skip, and one of the main reasons for maven used to be discounted colours. I still love my juleps, but with so many incentives gone, if rather hand pick some $3 polishes every couple months with a good extra and free shipping, than pay $20 for 3 colours that I can't see reviews on, and maybe don't like them all. And it's so cheap when you do stuff like this. I think juleps are good quality and have a great colour range for the price I'm paying, plus I like the companies focuses (3free, cruelty free) In other news, I hope they sell Kessie on the site, she looks gorgeous!

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