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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Lolo22 Just adding on to this...you can use your Angel card at Bath & Body works too. I'm an Angel Forever so I get $15 rewards instead of $10. Also, I've gotten "thanks for being an angel" coupons for free (no purchase necessary) clutches, makeup bags, etc. and there's the annual tiered coupons for the GWP luggage sets only for Angel card holders (they are pretty sweet!). Angel card holders also get early access to the Semi Annual sales (like 7 am instead of 8am). They also have free shipping and triple points events a few times a year. BUT, I will say this card is only worth it if you pay it off each month because the interest rate is nuts. Other cards I had and didn't think were worth it: Macy's (same discounts you can get in the paper/via email) Express (not worth $10 rewards for every $250 spent) Cards I think are really worthwhile: Target debit card (5% off everything and no interest rate!) Kohls (sooo many extra discounts & coupons!) Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy (one of these, if you like the brands) Thanks for the information about the semi-annual sales. Forgot about those!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by saku Mine would be Target RedCard. 5% off any purchase and free shipping on any order online. i recently bought a $100 phone card online for my tmobile prepaid phone, and it costed me $90 for a $100 value card. win! i also just bought a shampoo for $6, free shipping. very useful if you're on a low buy, and trying not to spend to much. I have the Target debit card! Super nice to get that extra 5%
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by numbersmom My store card must have is Kohls. I always use a 30% paired with earning $10 on every $50 spent and always free online shipping codes. I always try to out do myself on my amount saved. Sometimes I have saved over $600 and spent less then $100 combining above mentioned discounts and clearance sales. I'm definitely going to have to look into getting a Kohls card. I love Lauren Conrad's clothing line!
  4. One of our contributors recently tried DIY lipstick made from melted crayons. And I have to say I was surprised that the results lasted for so long! All you need are some crayola crayons, vegetable oil and coconut oil. Check out her article if you'd like to see more http://www.collective310.com/beauty/jenny-tries-diy-crayon-lipstick/
  5. I love your look but I think something might be wrong with the audio on your video? Couldn't hear your voice! Just the music. xx
  6. It's safe to say I'm a frugal fashionista and I have good credit so I routinely sign up for cards at some of my favorite stores to get a deal. I thought I'd share my experience with 3 popular retailers having a card at each one: Victoria's Secret Angel Card: The perks on the VS card include mystery money (10, 50, 100 or 500 dollars ... but I've never gotten more than 10), and special coupons in the mail. I just got a coupon for $10 off one bra and a free fragrance of my choosing. The coupons are good, but unless you shop a lot at Victoria's Secret this card might not really be worth having. I've learned there is only so many pairs of underwear I need and I find myself buying more than necessary just to get extra perks. Plus, VS has a lot of special deals year round that non-card holders can partake in. Upside -- you can use the card at Bath & Body Works as well. Macy's Credit Card: This is by far my favorite credit card I have because the Macy's member coupons are just amazing. The store is constantly sending you 20% off coupons, $20 off $50, etc. And Macy's is HUGE and has all the departments I could want! The downside is that the coupons are not valid for some designer labels. It is an AMEX so you can use it at other retailers as well -- a good introduction into an AMEX card. Nordstrom Card: I have yet to use any of the benefits of this card. You can use it at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Last Chance stores. One of the biggest perks of having this card is that you get $100 worth of free tailoring per year... that actually was its selling point for me. Otherwise, you have to spend $1000 to get $20 back so you don't see the benefits as quickly unless you're a big spender. What are some of your favorite retailer credit cards? I'm looking to switch it up
  7. Cute! It looks like the skirt has elastic so that could explain why it's one size... still a bit of a risk. But considering it is meant to be worn high-waisted it likely will look good on many body types.
  8. Welcome Jennifer, from the USA How are things across the pond? xx
  9. Maybe you could offer to pay for a professional makeup artist to give the bride and each of the bridesmaids a look? She can take the bride's considerations into account while giving an expert and unbiased opinion.
  10. Wow! That is going to be so fun having your best friend be a part of your family I think your idea with neutral tones is a smart one. But you can jazz it up by choosing shades that have some shimmer to them. Maybe you can use neutral browns/bronze for your lid and under your brow, and a maroon or some other pop of color on your crease. I love the Urban Decay Naked palette... it comes with several different shades to choose from and will give you a couple of bright color choices as well.
  11. Thanks for sharing! Definitely super helpful-- I hate when my eyeshadows get all over the counter!
  12. I have extremely dry skin. I use Lush Seaweed Face Mask every few days. In between I use Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser. Sometimes I also use Eucerin calming oil and I scrub with a loofa to bring up all of the dead skin cells. I always moisturize my face after washing with St. Ives lotion. And I only use liquid foundation, so it will not cake on my skin. All of the products I listed are a more natural solution for your face that will not burn or be too harsh for your skin.
  13. Yes. Usually if an item is past code, it is still good -- use your sight and smell. A lot of this food goes to food banks and is distributed to the poor so it is still safe to eat. I used to volunteer feeding the homeless so I know that much of the expired food we throw away is still fine to eat! Obviously, if something is growing mold, I wouldn't recommend eating it. But oftentimes it is absolutely fine!
  14. I have one as well and I'm in love!
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