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  1. I got the Monopoly one, and we had so much fun designing our own board. My boys are 21,19 and 14, and we put their pictures all over it and our vacation photos became the properties. We played with our youngest son, and our middle son(via Skype as he is in New York at school) and it was too much fun!! We couldn't stop laughing!!
  2. I'm getting this too!!! So freaking excited!! However... there IS a downside... the new one looks like it won't be able to use the refillable filter cups, you know, the ones you can scoop your own coffee into. The cups will be coded so that only Keurig branded cups can be used. But I am still really excited! And it comes with a carafe!! Just the coolest Influenster campaign ever!!
  3. I got chosen for the Keurig!!! I am super excited!!! They tweeted that they are sending out 1,000 of these!
  4. One of my favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird, hence where the name Scout came from, and then I added "says" because I thought it would make a good title for my blog/vlog - Scout Says... I have had many user names since getting online in 1995, including unitychild and photogrrl77 (which I still use for some stuff) but I like scoutsays the best!
  5. I ended up choosing the EveryGirl box, mainly for the Benefit liner because I really want to try it! I have gotten the HP perfume twice now on different accounts and I am so glad I am getting another one! I love that scent!
  6. I also got the pre-qual and hope I will get something out of it! I am dragging my feet on the eBay selling guides. I really don't WANT to write anymore! LOL But if you do three, you get the gift card and qualify for an upcoming box... so it's tempting. I just don't know what else to write about!
  7. So, I got through the C14-274 mascara study. It was my very first study and it was pretty fun! (yeah, my life is boring, so this was fun lol) I liked both of the mascaras, but one way more than the other one. After the study and my surveys I took the tape off both tubes and got to find out what one was, but the other was unmarked. Can't wait to get my comp for this study, but I'm already happy to have new mascara, so the comp will definitely be a bonus!
  8. I've never gotten one of the laqa lil lips... and yeah, the sizes are why I was wondering... the lip lube I got is short and fat... and says .07 on the tube.
  9. I don't know if this has been answered, but is the LAQA a full size? As in, is the size in the Birchbox the same size that is on the BB website? They both say .07 oz... but I'm just not sure if that is right or not lol I love the purple color!! I actually put it on at work and put my Creme Brulee Butter Gloss over it! Perfect!!
  10. Looks like I'm getting box 21 with the Relic polish I chose, and then they said I wasn't getting because of a "billing error" blah blah blah... And my tracking shows I should get it today!! Hoping it comes in before I have to leave for work!
  11. Yeah, I don't really know. I am just pissed about the whole thing! Luckily, the boxes are pretty good this month... but I just don't like the whole pick your sample thing, but only if you get in on time, and if you DO get in on time, you will still be lucky to get a confirmation, so who the hell knows what you are getting anyway...
  12. So, I am not a happy camper right now... I had a "billing issue" and had to put my debit card back in... even though it was the same card and the money was there on the 1st... now they are saying that I might not get the Relic polish that I chose because I had a billing error... um... no, the money was there, the card was correct, it is the same card they have been charging for months... so, my theory is they ran out of the samples we could choose from, so they implemented Plan B: a billing error. Here is how the conversation went: ME: I logged into my account today to find that I had a billing issue. I never received an email saying I had a billing issue... I just happened to look and there it was. I have been using the same debit card for a while now and haven't had a problem. I get paid on the 1st and my check was in the account this morning, on the first... did you try to run my payment early?? BB: Thanks for reaching out. I'm so sorry for any trouble! Looking into your account, it looks like our first attempt to bill you on July 1st, and we were unable to secure your payment. Please know that we did successfully secure your payment on July 2nd, during the second attempt. You are all set to receive your Birchbox this month! Please note that your Birchbox will ship approximately 10 days from the day we were able to secure your payment. You will still receive tracking information when your Birchbox ships. Going forward, you'll fall back onto our monthly cycle where we bill on the 1st and ship by the 10th of the month. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns. For further assistance, you can also give us a call at 877-487-7272 (M-F 9a-9p EST) and we'd be happy to help. ME: That's weird because my check was in the bank on the first, so it should have gone through on the first like it always does. Will I still get the same box I was getting, with the Ruffian Relic nail lacquer? BB: Thanks for being in touch. If you have any future questions about why your payment didn't go through on the first, I recommend reaching out to your bank. Please know that because we were unable to bill you on our regular schedule, this could effect the Choose Your Shade option. Please know it did state this on the promotional email you received. Keep in mind that even if you don't receive the Ruffian polish this month, there is a chance you can receive it in the future. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns. ME: (bear in mind that I am getting really pissed at this point!!!) Like I said, the money was there on the first and the only way it would have been an issue is if you tried to run it BEFORE the first. I've heard several people had this same problem this month, and so it feels really sketchy to me... Like you didn't have enough of the products you were letting us choose from so you decided the best way to handle it was a mass "billing issue." I'm very frustrated about this, almost to the point of cancelling, and I'm really one of your biggest fans as well as a birch blogger, so this is really disheartening to me. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, I am just not even in the mood for Birchbox this month... I am really getting tired of all their issues.
  13. That's what I do!! I use one or 2 on each hand as accent nails and just polish the rest!

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