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  1. 9. Philosophy 3 -in-1 in Raspberry Sorbet, full size: I thought when I bought this last year that I would enjoy it, but that's not the case. I tried it as a shampoo first and it failed miserably, making my hair very oily. Then since I was out of bubble bath, used it as that. Too expensive to do it this way, I can find cheaper alternatives for a much better scent throw. WNR. 10. Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom shower gel, deluxe size: This was really nice, made my skin silky smooth. Once I get through all my other shower gels (I have 8 more full size various brands to try), will consider purchasing full size of this. I really like that it was in an aerosol spray can that foamed. 11. Vasanti Detox Facial Cleanser, deluxe size: It was nice, nothing special. I want to try other facial cleansers before I decide to purchase or not. As always, my deluxe/sample sizes come from my BB sub, this is the only sub I have. I don't buy cosmetics online, so I don't get a lot of foils (if any). My goal for the next month or so is to use up more samples and work on my full size items. If I can finish 15 full size by April 10th, then I would have finished 10% of my total beauty related items (my whole stash), yay! TOTAL 100 Day 2015 - ends 4/10 Full Size: 5 Deluxe Size: 6
  2. 7. Dr. Jart BB deluxe sample: too dark for me. If I have sample in my skintone, I might try it again, but for now I'm happy with what I have. 8. Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes (15 ct), full size: Yay! Love these, they get most makeup off, and I follow with my skincare routine. I still have 3/4 of a full box left, but I'll continue to count each 'pack' as full size, for what it's worth TOTAL 100 Day 2015 Full Size: 4 Deluxe Size: 4
  3. 3. it Cosmetics CC+ 50+ SPF, full size. Okay for me, not excellent. Not worth the price. WNR 4. Crest Whitening toothpaste, full size. Did the job, but due to new/necessary homemade toothpaste needs as recommended by dentist, WNR. Turns out I'm allergic to flouride & other ingredients, so now have to use baking soda/coconut oil/peppermint oil/hydrogen peroxide only to clean my teeth & whiten. 5. Bareminerals original foundation, fairly light N10, sample size. Excellent mineral powder, matched my skin tone perfectly. Will purchase full size when I run out of powder next year. 6. Amika nourishing mask, sea buckthorn berry, sample size. Didn't notice a difference, WNR Full Size: 3 Deluxe Size: 3
  4. Very glad I "inspired" you to join ... you can also do a shorter empty goal, such as 50, if 100 seems daunting. I'm shooting for 100, but will most likely end up with 50. Will only have about 10 this month, just seem to be using up more full size items instead of my samples/deluxes.
  5. I will also be gracefully bowing out of this challenge ... I just don't wear makeup enough to justify setting aside all my other 36 eyeshadows/sets (singles/duos/trios/quads mostly) in my collection to focus on 10 eye shadows. Besides, the shadows I had originally chosen do not have any browns, and I'm becoming more of a neutral gal with occasional "other color" days (blues and purples on occasion). I wish everyone good luck on their journey and will enjoy following along. I am still participating in the 100 empties and no buy challenges, just not Pan That Palette.for this year.
  6. I was extremely successful in my no-buy the last 10 days, bought nothing. However, was not too successful on the cleaning/organizing/exercising front, so these are my goals for this week: 1. Exercise at least 5x, use my new ballet DVD from Christmas, get more use out of my Fitbit (wear it daily!) 2. Renew our apartment lease 3. Go through all my samples and organize by use - use more samples, only used one sample item the last 10 days 4. Completely clean/deep clean the guest bathroom (my bathroom really) 5. Declutter/deep clean the living room
  7. Used up my first two items today: 1. 625 ct Q-Tips (the box from Costco) ... don't worry, we have more And this empty was probably a combined effort of at least 2 or 3 years, just me. Hubby has his own box. That being said, don't need to repurchase, already own another box or two. 2. Crest Pro-Health mouthwash, the travel size. Cool, refreshing mint flavor, was nice, but I'm looking forward to using my Listerine whitening mouthwash instead. Would repurchase if I don't like the Listerine. I hope to use up more items this week, tried a new sample eyeshadow (from Coastal Scents Revealed palette), great for smokey eyes this week. Maybe I'll get ambitious this weekend and use more hair samples. I prefer routine and the mask and oils I have will take me out of my comfort zone.
  8. Thought since I am part of the 100 day no buy, and part of the 100 items use up in 100 days, I should officially post my inventory. I don't have many items, only 152 plus BirchBox samples since June, so comparatively my collection is small to others. My ultimate goal is to get down to just 25 items (basically one of each item, with the exception of eyeshadow and lipstick) and restock as needed. Here's my current list: BATH/BODY 1 Philosophy Bubble bath/Shampoo/Shower Gel 1 bottle Thermasilk hair spray 1 bottle Awapuhi Moisture mist for hair 1 bottle Biolage Bodifying Crème gel for hair 1 bottle Frizz Free oil treatment 1 packages dental floss 2 Conditioners 2 deodorants 2 bottle face moisturizer (1 is 3/4 full) 4 bottles Shampoo 5 body sprays 6 lotions 8 shower cream/gels/body washes 1 Pro-Activ kit 1 Clean and Clear Advantage Kit 2 whitestrip boxes 3 toothpastes 3 bottles acne toner 6 bottles acne cleanser 7 bottles acne lotions/masks MAKEUP 1 face primer 1 tea tree face primer 1 Nyx bb cream 1 eyeshadow palette 1 eyebrow gel 2 eyebrow liner 2 jumbo eyeshadow pencils 4 blushes 6 foundations 16 lipstick/gloss 36 eye shadows (includes singles/duos/trios/quads) 1 it Cosmetics CC cream 1 bronzer 1 lip palette 1 lip liners 4 chapsticks 5 eyeliners NAILS 2 bottle Nail Polish remover 2 nail polish strengtheners - use as top/base coats 9 bottles nail polish (incl clear/white for French manicures) 2 bottles Zoya glitter nail polish (blue and pink) Total: 152
  9. I would love to join in and use up all my samples, and a few full size if I can. I will use this thread and post as I go along, rather than list right now what I want to use up ... I'm very close in finishing a few full-size items this next week. I had joined Birchbox in June as a way to get nicer samples for things I might want to try in the future, because I was feeling stalled with my limited makeup/bath/body collection. I "only" own 150 products (not including samples), and now my samples total close to 50 so I just need to start using them in conjunction with my full-size items as well.
  10. I'm officially waiting until after Christmas to join in, but I will definitely be joining in the New Year. I (surprisingly) only have one palette - Sephora Collection Moonshadow Baked Palette - In the Tropics (which they don't sell online anymore ... limited edition maybe? Amazon has it here). I got it in August for my birthday. I love it, I try to wear every day, but the progress is slow-going. I want to see if I get any more palettes for Christmas before I commit to this one palette, though.
  11. It's been a while since I've last posted here, even though I try to read/keep up at least weekly. And I've been using more makeup daily since I started my new job in July. I would love to join in the challenge, my goals are listed below: 1. Nail Polish - wear it at least daily. I have 11 bottles to use up, and then it's Zoya polish and maybe a few indies. No more commercial/mainstream products. I'm not sure how many I'll actually use up, but I need to at least use them more often. 2. BB samples - I only sub to BB, so my goal is to use up all of my samples. This would be items I've received since June of this year. 3. Can use any gift cards I receive, but can't go over limit of gift card by more than $10. 4. No buy, obviously, for the next 100 days. I really want to do a project 10 pan and a pan that pallette as well, and will document here (well, their respective threads) preferably weekly. 5. Buy replacement items only if I've used up the last item in that category. I know I will run out of primer, not sure about others.
  12. I'm a big, big fan of wishlists. So when I joined BB last month, the first thing I did was look for products I wanted to try (I'm pretty new to the whole makeup scene, having just gotten back into it after basically not wearing much except for special occasions for over 10 years), so it's a long list so far (about 20 items). If I see a product I like, I add it to my Favorites. As I build up points from reviewing products, I'll start to use those points on what I really want at that time from my Favorites. For example, I know the first thing I'll buy is an Eyeshadow Palette (not sure what brand, but PopBeauty is on my list and the Revealed palettes as well), since I don't have any.
  13. June was very successful for me! I had a no-buy this month (though I was on a low-buy), not including my Birchbox sub. I spent $0 on all beauty/bath/clothes. I was able to get through a lot of items, though haven't officially finished anything yet. I also tossed 4 items that were expired/going bad/didn't work for me. I am definitely in again for next month (will post on the July thread), and will also post on the Project Pan thread (very excited for that!).
  14. I live near Seattle. I have yet to visit Tillamook, though I think it's in the plans to visit this summer with the hubby, just need the funds first
  15. Tossed earlier but reporting today: Garden Botanika Lip Crayon - OMG! This is soooo old it's embarrassing! I also don't have a pencil sharpener for this and it's the only lip crayon I have, so into the garbage it goes ... Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster - it just didn't work for me and was too old, definitely not repurchasing Tossed today: L'Oreal True Match Foundation Roller - this is also too old and dried out. It was also too light for me and had no coverage when I tried it. Clinique Blush in New Clover - this is sooo embarrassing at how old it is! I think it was one of my first blushes after my original Elizabeth Arden purchases 14 years ago when I first started wearing makeup. I think I also wore this to my sister's wedding (her first one) in 1999. Wow! Unbelievably old. Glad it's gone.
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