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  1. I haven't been on here lately...I haven't had the motivation at times. And the times I've had the motivation, I've been at work, ha. A few things have been going on. I have a bad habit of off again, on again, biting my nails. I've been trying to stop and with my lack of posting on here...I've fallen off the wagon. I'm going to try to do a spoiler, but I apologize if it didn't work... So, I need to keep checking this, and keep active in other areas of my life. We are starting to foster a cat on Monday (well, we already have 4, hence my name), and I will be cleaning and such this weekend in our spare room. I just need to focus my energy elsewhere...Even though I fell off the wagon, this isn't the end of my no buy. I'm really beginning to tell that it's an addiction, and I need to keep my guard up. Good news, using a lot of stuff up! Have a reusable tote FULL to donate to the shelter, so that's great! Keep it up ladies...
  2. Anybody else see the starblast? 20% off the soap, which I'm totally going to use when mine is gone. I don't know why, but it's just so easy to use, I now clean my brushes everyday. I'm not sure what the difference in my mind is between that and my regular brush cleaner in a bottle lol. But, also in the starblast-mentioned brand new starbox format in April? Anybody have any news about that?? Would that be customizable?
  3. Really like this month!! I've been using the soap everyday for cleaning my brushes. I usually let my dirty brushes pile up and then I clean them on Sundays....but using this soap, it's so quick, easy, and handy, that I've been cleaning them every day.
  4. Wow!!! It took me maybe a month to hit pan on my it cosmetics powder foundation!
  5. On my card, it lists Gisele or Marsala, lip or fluffy brush
  6. Yup, that was mine. I got the blending brush and Gisele, chestnut liner and the soap
  7. That's odd....It normally takes forever for mine...I should actually get it today, so maybe I will run home between jobs and check it out!!
  8. Sorry ladies, I haven't checked in lately. I worked on Saturday, had supper with a friend (and wine), Sunday, lunch and went to the in laws, and today, the hubby and I went through our wedding gifts, organized, and packed his car for the thrift store (we got married in December and just haven't had time!). Good news-no cosmetics buys on anything that is not needed! I bought 2 mascara primers (backup, since we have a tiny tiny SiJCP) on Friday (which I definitely need a new one, mine is gross), and that is it, other than my back up mascara at work. (Totally felt odd with no mascara!!) so, in the last 19 days, I've bought needed things only, and spent $43 on make up! I'm pretty proud of myself-2 months ago, I would have just spent $50 on random lipsticks, and justified it somehow. Otherwise, things are going ok-I haven't been too tempted this last weekend, and have found myself going to the fb sell groups less and less. I've been taking the time to use my products instead of buying new ones. I've also been using hair products, and getting inspiration from magazines. Tomorrow: day off, will clean and hopefully catch up here! It feels so good to finally catch up around the house!!
  9. So sorry....(((hugs))) And (((hugs))) to everybody else's fur babies!!! They are our kids!
  10. This-although this is funny-this is what I want to get away from. I want to be honest with my hubby about my purchases so when we do combine finances, there are no shocks!
  11. Yup, same here. I know if I counted, it would just depress me, and it would just be a vicious cycle. Instead, I will concentrate on using things up and not buying

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