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  1. I am leaving this site after I post this, but I really enjoyed discussing SquareHue with all of you! This month is terrible! I think that is good but I am very unhappy with the others! Especially the olive because as @@Hariette pointed out, it is the EXACT same color sent out in November! SH has sent out similar colors before, but I am convinced these are the same, I even painted several fingers with each and couldn't tell the difference. I also am not a fan of the names, I mean "Tunic" really? All the events in the 1910s and that's what you come up with? Anyway, sorry for ranting but I am so disappointed in this month. It is probably my least favorite box I have received from SquareHue and I am so mad about the duplicate olive polish.
  2. I ordered some stuff right when the store re-opened earlier this month and got my order in about a week. I think the TAT was stated as much longer than it actually was then, but it may be different now.
  3. I love Aromaleigh and I will continue buying this sub as long as possible. Even though it is more expensive than others, it is totally worth it to me because based on the first box I will use all or most of the products. I have never contacted customer service, so I don't have any experience with that side of things and I am able to overlook social media because nothing that has happened there has interfered with anything I ordered. I would personally recommend the company because their shadows are some of the best I have tried (just a broken record statement at this point, but it's true!), but understand if others have a different experience/opinion. @@ohsailor I agree that their website is crazy in terms of selection. My first order I had to base what I got off of names/themes I liked because I couldn't figure out what color I wanted more.
  4. I'm really sorry to be jumping in but I saw this thread on the main page and had to look, and it looks like such great motivation. I have a fitbit and LOVE it! It is the best thing ever! I have the flex and it is currently broken and I feel lost without it. It is really great at motivating me to move and I get my 10,000+ steps almost every day now!
  5. I can't help myself when it comes to Zoya deals and I really wanted to see what the mystery polishes were so I did participate in this promo. If the colors are what is in the spoiler, I am less than impressed. These just aren't colors that I wear so I'm not super thrilled with them. However, I did get three polishes I love (Jo, Rebel, and India) for a discount so I am happy about that!
  6. I was excited about the free glitter polish, but I have a similar one in another brand that I rarely use, so it will be easy for me to skip this month!
  7. I managed to keep my latest order pretty small--full size Krampus (I wish it would come in a smaller size, but I love my sample and need more!), deluxe sample of Wendigo, and mini Merope (from Asteriai)! I want several from the Lupercal collection but I've already blown my budget so those will have to wait.
  8. I have no idea what to expect from February! If the website is any spoiler, I would expect a coral/orange, but who knows if that is really a spoiler? As for the Historical events, definitely WWI (but how do you symbolize that in nail polish?) Red for Poppies would be neat, although they have sent a lot of reds lately and that is more of a UK/Commonwealth tradition. I think they may wait until 1920 to signify Women's Suffrage, but I could definitely see that this month as well. Maybe something about the Titanic? This link has some interesting 1910s history (including that Oreo Cookies were introduced in this decade!) http://history1900s.about.com/od/timelines/tp/1910timeline.htm Basically, I have no idea! I'm excited to see what they send out!
  9. Thank y'all so much for the swatches! I should get mine tomorrow and I can't wait!
  10. This box was seriously amazing! I can't wait to see what else they have in store (the bar is set pretty high now, but I think they can match it!) Aromaleigh has decided to move to a lottery system for filling vacant spots, so make sure you go sign up on their website!!! I think you just put your email in the raffle and Kristen will draw for however many spots are available, there are around 30 right now! Edit: Sorry, I didn't see @@MIKAGlam and @'s responses about the raffle! Sorry about the duplicate information!
  11. I need to order some from the Asteriai collection but I cannot wait for Juno from the next collection!
  12. Aww...Tom Hanks? I love him! I am the same with movies though, usually I know how much I'll like them by how bad the reviews are. The cheesy romantic comedies are my favorite! (This may be why I like Tom Hanks since Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail are two of my favorites!)
  13. I want to apologize for saying something here when I saw subs were available this morning! I guess I was too excited and forgot to keep my mouth shut! I will definitely keep quiet in the future.
  14. The facebook page is kind of like a train wreck I can't look away from... I totally understand her wanting to just cancel the whole thing but I really, really, really hope she doesn't!

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