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  1. I forgot it was the new year and bought a brow gel. It was with a gift card, though... does that make a difference?
  2. Now to start project palette part 1... but first I have to find it!! I want to use one I got for christmas, a cousin gave me a dollar store palette that is surprisingly really good (it's got a dupe for UD's smog too!)
  3. Gonna be honest, I'm really nervous. Just trying to remember why I signed up!
  4. Those look gorgeous! If I ever have a spare 20 laying around, I might consider them!
  5. I really like Laura Mercier liners. They don't smudge onto my browbone!
  6. P&J seems similar in the fact that they have stellar adorable packaging but the products fall a bit short. Brightest Bulb in the Box has a few reviews.
  7. Best: OCC Lip Tars (thank you @@eastofthesun !). There's a bit of a learning curve to keep this stuff from feathering, but the colours are so true. Joe Fresh lip liner- an unexpected fave. Usually my impulse purchases end in disaster, but this is better than my MAC liner for only $6. GOSH ultimate velvet liner- I'm so in love with these. I have four and no longer lust over the UD 24/7 liners (much). Every time I swatch them I gasp and stare. Though, they've seemed to change the formula so I'm very sad about that. Worst: NYX butter line: *wet fart noise* No. They taste like plastic And the gloss was so milky, and the lipstick too patchy. Not a fan, and wouldn't recommend. Wet N Wild Poster Child palette: Haven't touched it except to swatch. Not up to the calibre of their other color icon palettes. Loreal Gel liner pot: Argh. It looked SO GOOOD when applied but transferred on my deep set eyes. I had, like, rings up by my eyebrows... and I had to go out that night. I had to cover it up with concealer, it looked like crap. Surprises: Laura Mercier and Flower cosmetics! Was so ready to dislike them but there was no reason to. Looking forward to trying more from those brands.
  8. It's changed to my new Smashbox On the Rocks Luxe palette. <3
  9. 30 days of beauty is just something that I found on someone else's beauty blog that I'm gonna do on mine too! It'll keep my mind off of wanting new things, hopefully!
  10. I'm going to be pairing this with project palette (using one palette for every ten days!) and 30 days of beauty challenge!
  11. Oh, yes! That's what I meant! And I'll check out the Ten Three collection, thank you so much!
  12. YES to the classic horror. House of Wax would make a great duochrome, as it was one of the first 3-D movies!
  13. I would really like more history themed collections, like Espionage's (I think) French Revolution collection! It's perfect. 'Historical Blunders' would be a cool collection- 'Trojan Horse', 'Ross Rifle', etc. Or a Hell's Kitchen or The Taste collection... ahhh. I'm weird and I can't get into many TV shows. The ones I do wouldn't be collectionable anyway (Cracked, Rookie Blue, Breakout Kings, Misfits).
  14. Pledging! My modified rules are going to be that I can still buy mascara, because I haven't in about a year anyway.
  15. My favourite is Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid lipstick. I have Backstage Bambi and Bachelorette and I'm in love. They are quite drying, though- not an everyday lipstick.
  16. Oh, I'll never get on board with cut-crease eye makeup. It looks too try-hard and, in my opinion, ridiculously unattractive.
  17. How much DID she pay to look like Kim...?

  18. I thought my first order was gonna come in tonight but it turns out it's only in Los Angeles... sigh. I just wanna try indies!!
  19. Eh, I liked making kool-aid glosses with it as a kid. And I put it around my nose when it gets flaky from allergies.
  20. Interested in the eyeliner maybe. I have lots of shadows this colour and don't wear them often so it'll be a good excuse to break those out! That being said, it's a bit too muted for my teenaged self. But some duochromes with this as a base would be awesome- maybe next year will be my year of indie shadows! For clothing.... I'm not feeling it at all. Maybe a handbag and some oxford booties in this colour, or tights..
  21. I have a Shiro order coming in tonight and I was wondering what you all use under your loose indie shadows to make them look so good! I've heard "get the one sold by the company" and "just use a sticky base". I'm looking for specific product recommendations- would NYX eye base work, the ones in pots? A nude shadow pencil? A color tattoo? Pixie Epoxy? What works the best in intensifying your colours and preventing glitter fallout for you?
  22. Hey, so how long does it take Sugarpill to send out shipping notifications? It's been four-five days... I know they said 2-3 days. Maybe it's because of the sale.
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