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  1. I really like the look of the brown haired girl but I don't want flash lashes - anything but that!!
  2. I received my surprise in the mail tonight and it was AMAZING!! My swap buddy was Jocedun (aka Jocelyn). She was amazingly sweet and LOVED everything in the box. Here is a picture of everything from my box... I was defintiely spoiled and am using the bath melts and nail therapy TONIGHT THANKS SO MUCH!!! Ashley
  3. I am SO sorry for the broken blush - I would have thought the padding would have worked. I feel terrible! Sorry about no note - this was my first swap and it never really occured to me to put one and I really didn't know how to put things together Again, I am SO sorry!! I would have wrapped and noted everything had I known. But I am glad that you received it so fast!
  4. I love going to the pool in summer I can't believe we still have so long until we need to ship...I keep adding and adding - it is going to be huge by the time the ship date comes hehe
  5. I totally agree with everyone...May was horrible!! I am hoping that this month will have more makeup and less skincare sunflowercake What does redo the tube mean? Thx
  6. I did end up ordering a Lipstick Crate box and it was really great (of course I didn't check to see if the products were discontinued But I got a OCC lip brush, a bite beauty 1/2 size gloss, a 1/2 size lipstick queen, full size Essence lipstick, full size NYX clear lip gloss and a full size lip balm that smells amazing. But this service is WAY more expensive...like $30 a month. I will be posting a video on my yt channel showing all the products this evening if you want to check it out and see the products HelpMeSleep That is terrible that they didn't send a replacement item, I think this company is terrible - I knew I shouldn't have jumped and ordered a box to soon Did you email them or have heard back from them regarding the missing product?
  7. Dying to see what is in this box, I never get mine until the last week of the month...so I figure I have at least a week to go
  8. sstich79 Absolutely LOVE the walking dead - a really great show. I still need to check up with the end of season 4 but it is definitely one of my top shows to watch. Besides that I LOVE Game of thrones - a total addict!
  9. Is there a tread where we can watch or read past box reveals on other swaps - just curious to see how these have worked before since I am new to this have had SO much fun shopping and spoiling my buddy...hopefully she will like all the stuff I've picked
  10. Why is it that I signed up for this the end of May but wont receive my first box until July, that is total bummer!
  11. Do they ever have spoilers? I never checked during April and May but am dying to get a sneak peek
  12. For me...I would LOVE burshes, I think it is a awesome thing to include in the box
  13. So I am new to this whole thing...how will we find out who are swapbuddie is? I have never heard of indie stuff....someone have a link that I could look at? Seems super cool and interesintg!! Of course anything makeup I usually love <3
  14. bonita22 Spain sounds fun and gorgeous! I want to go anywhere in Europe - I am fasinated with the all the different places, history, etc. Dream trip would be to backpack through Europe
  15. I love glossybox and boxycharm...my 2 favorites and they are both $21 each a month. Good luck!!
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