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  1. Unsubbed as of September so I am pretty happy since that box didnt appeal to me.. this box looks awesome but it would have been upsetting fo rme since its a duplicate.. I received a similar item in a box in 2013 and what was not featured in that box but in this new one, i ended up receiving from Starlooks since I had asked for it a few months ago.. You guys will be happy for sure!!!
  2. I offically unsubbed, I have way too much and trying to save money for a few months. I am actually super sad because I loved this month. I am aiming to resub for December (i cant not have that amazing huge palette) or if the customization starts ahead and goes super well. Worse case ill buy a month's box at 25$ if its too amazing!
  3. Yay! got my box, first time I actually get it within its actual month, woot! I already gushed about how much i loved it and it is the same once it was in my hands.
  4. awww sucks that you dont like black eyeliner but you should totally get one of the other colors because it is a great formula, and stays on super well for a very long time. No matter the marketing of long lasting eyeliner, my eyes/eyelids well get me too look like a girl who has been balling for 5 hours... this one has stood the test of time. It is not like the eyeliner pen that we got a year ago in their 2013 Anniversary box.
  5. It's a great product, works amazingly well, I am a fan!
  6. No one has confirmed it's mascara (I think lol) so I still think it's the other thing (sorry can't so spoilers on my smartphone and don't want to give anything away)
  7. I think the other item is what I was hinted by Starlooks that we were to get. I already bought it with a loyalty reward but it's AMAZING!! Man, I think is my fave box of 2014!!!!
  8. Ended up emailing Brandon to find out, and it was in fact my starbox. My free item is getting shipped today. woot! woot!
  9. Still have a feeling it is for the free survey item since I live in Canada maybe they need to give me a tracking? I am just wondering since I am the only one who got a shipping notice last week... However, there is no info provided yet on the tracking so it could also be the box.. i cant wait to see what we get!
  10. I got a shipping notice yesterday! I am not sure if it's for the starbox or for my free survey item.
  11. I totally totally TOTALLY agree with you. It is actual my only beauty sub right now and since it actually costs me 25$ a month, I got to put a hold until December for budget reason as well. I cannot wait to come back tho and live vicariously through all of you. I am excited to get this box but sad at the same time...
  12. I agree the tenderglosses are pretty great! I love their matte lipsticks, they are super moisturizing and last a pretty long while. I am sad that I have unsubbed after this month but after almost 2 years of being a starbox member, I think I have quite a lot of makeup. Going to take a break until December because I love the huge palette we get, I seriously cannot resist it!
  13. thanks for letting me @@ChullBird I totally missed that!! I guess we will see what happens this month I wonder if they will do nothing at all or give us something as a transition period to their new program...
  14. Is our loyalty reward this month or next? Just curious because I want to unsub right after the next reward and hoping its this month!
  15. Ahh, I have a bad feeling we may get the gloss that is on their lips...oy! not a fan of that whatsoever.

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