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    I just recently got into makeup. I dabbled in it for years, but didn't really have any clue what I was doing. But, now I'm starting to get a clue and I blame Ipsy.
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    Country music!
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    Mac, Benefit, Bare Minerals, OPI, Urban Decay and Covergirl.
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    I am good at knitting, crocheting, quilting, and arrange with flowers.
  1. 1. Done 2. Nope, I just didn't feel like doing my nails at all this week. 3. Done 4. Done 5. No progress either. 6. Nope 7. No progress. 8. Nope 9. About 2/3 done. 10. Done! IDK, but I kind of lost steam this past 10 days. But the important part is that I didn't buy any makeup. I did browse Ulta, and saw an eyeshadow set that was adorable, and was tempted, but after actually looking at the colors, I realized I probably have 3 similar shades for most of the colors. So I didn't get it. I did buy some clothes though, at 84% off. But I'm not limiting clothes, I just like to brag about good deals
  2. How much of the stuff in the box to you like and expect to use?
  3. I got tired of waiting and just emailed them. Last month I didn't get an email at all. In less than 5 minutes, I had a response that said my choice was recorded. I highly suggest that anyone expecting an email today that doesn't want to wait/can't wait for their email to come, to just email them. Edit: And of course, now my email comes!
  4. My goals were: 1. Use a mask once. Not done, but will be later today. Done! 2. Paint nails twice. Not done either, my last manicure lasted a long while and I just removed it last night, so maybe I'll do my first one tonight. 3. Use a hair mask at least once. Not done, maybe I'll do that too tonight. Done! And I finished one mini and am onto the next one. 4. Finish counting inventory. Done! 5. Learn about 3 of my samples and use one of them. 1/3 done, but I haven't used it yet. 6. Make space for storage drawers. Not done. 7. Keep driving appointment and schedule a new one. I did keep the appointment, but I want to practice some before making the next one. 8. Apply for 1 scholarship. Not Done 9. Balance checkbooks. Not Done 10. Limit myself to 3 cans of pop. So far I have been successful. I haven't done a whole lot, but that's okay, there's still 5 more days to go, and I plan on doing at least 2 of them tonight Edit: I went ahead and did them, I find Sunday evening to be a good time for me to do masks, so hopefully this will become a weekly ritual. And yesterday I finally went to Sephora to return a lipstick that I was given that I never opened, I didn't have a receipt and felt totally awkward, but the lady didn't even seem phased. She gave me a gift card for the return, but I didn't buy anything with it since I really don't NEED anything.
  5. @ I use a Macbook, I've had it since 2011. But I bought it used, I think it's from 2006. I've had no major problems with it other than the battery gave out on me as did the power cord, but those are easy to replace.
  6. @H_D @jesemiaud I took it as banana scented too, I already have one that is pineapple scented, so it didn't seem like a huge stretch of imagination to me. I might pick the sea salt spray if I hadn't already bought a full size one that smells like pineapple.
  7. I think I'll go with the makeup remover, it's not the most exciting, but neither of the other 3 options interest me. I also think I get better boxes when I pick something.
  8. 1. Done 2. Done 3. Done 4. Done, I didn't use the product that I intended to use though, one day I accidentally dumped far too much conditioner in my hands, and decided to just go with it than try to put it back. 5. Done, ish. I wrote out everything, but I'm in the process of counting everything out so that at a glance I can tell if I have 20 mascaras or only 1. 6. I'm working on it right now! I have them opened up on different tabs, so that I can take a look when I get a chance later, and so that I don't completely forget to do this! 7. Didn't do. I want to find some blue duck tape to use for this, but I can't find some anywhere. This will get done when I actually find some. 8. Not even started. Will add it to my next 10 plan. 9. Done! I am so excited and nervous by this. It was a lot easier than I anticipated, I can get really nervous to make phone calls, and going in to make an appointment would take far to much time. But I bit the bullet and did it. It's set for Thursday. 10. Not done, but that's okay. While doing my inventory, I did realize a lack of a product. Hairspray. I had 2 mini's, one of them is empty now, and the other is one that I want to save for travel (it has an easy to lock spray nozzle), or as a backup for when we run out. My Mom and I both use the same one, so we go through them pretty quickly, and we never think to pick one up until it's empty. But today at the grocery store, I noticed a favorite brand was almost 50% off, so I grabbed it, that way we can save the mini for travel.
  9. I got the same 20% off coupon from Ulta as someone else already posted about, but I'm on a no buy, so someone please message me to take this away from me! Taken! Oh, and I still have a $5 off $10 Ulta brand coupon if someone wants it. It expires on 1/31/15
  10. Tonight I did another face mask prior to taking my shower, then I remembered I have a spray on hair remover that I used once before that has to sit for about the same amount of time, so I applied both. There's about a half use of the hair remover left, and 2 more uses of my mask. I don't plan on buying the spray again, it does a terrible job on my legs, plus I've only used it twice, and it's almost gone. . . I'd rather save my $8, and just shave like normal. Oh, and just for good measure, I pulled out a shampoo and conditioner foil to use as well
  11. I found out about a sale on a perfume set that I've been wanting, I like the scent and the name of it is the nickname of one of my dogs. I really want to go out and get it (it's in store only). But I REALLY don't need it. I have far too many perfumes as it is. Plus, I got a perfume sample from Sephora last night (it was free, so I didn't break the no buy). I have no intention of leaving the house today, and I do not need it! Yesterday, I was at the mall, and I needed a way to burn time, so I went into Sephora and looked around. I didn't buy anything, and nothing was very tempting either, except for the perfume. So I just asked for a sample of it instead of buying it. But I did buy a tank top and some earrings, both of which I need, so it's probably a good thing my no buy is makeup only.
  12. Just out of curiosity, when does the Summer one typically start (ballpark time is fine, I just don't want to miss sign ups!)?
  13. Yeah, the lady at Ulta that was helping me sanitize the sample was STRONGLY encouraging me to sell it on Ebay. Sorry, but I'd rather not deal with that can of worms. It's a nude Too Faced lipstick, I rarely wear lipstick, and when I do, it's not nude. If I want nude, I just apply a clear lip balm I've gotten the feeling that they think I'm shopping lifting there quite often. I ride the buses to get around, so I usually bring a bag that holds my knitting/crochet project in it (and sometimes my lunch box too), and the bus I take home from work, takes me to a mall, so I go in there occasionally to burn time between my next bus. One time, no one was in the high end area, and I was wanting help with color matching a BB cream, but the cashier (who normally works high end) was watching me like a hawk. She even ran over to a display I had just left and was looking to see if something was missing, rather than coming over and seeing I needed help. I ended up sending an email about it to their CS online, and just got the bogus "we'll forward it to the manager, expect to hear from them" reply. Like I said, I rarely return stuff, so it's unlikely I'm hit the max of unreceipted returns. I wish I had a regular Sephora nearby, there's only a SiJCP near me. If there was, I'm sure I'd be spending too much money there instead of Ulta. I'll be there tomorrow, so hopefully I'll remember it and be able to get it taken care of.
  14. I know right! I'll put details in a spoiler so that I'm less likely to enable someone.
  15. I did end up buying something today, but it was allowed according to my rules. I also got my storage boxes today, and they are a lot bigger than I thought they were, but that's more than okay, because I wanted something big to store all of my different colors of yarn. And if they are too big, I can just tape in a cardboard divider. But the FedEx truck got stuck in the mud at my house when it went to drop off the box. I wasn't home, but my Dad and brother were, so they had to help get him unstuck. I work on filing them probably on Sun.
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