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  1. One more spoiler for next month's bag (from FB) Loving this! Never tried anything from that brand other than their delicious-tasting lip tint (which fell short other than its taste). Not supposed to eat your makeup but oh well..
  2. The Korean cosmetics company should already know that if they are selling stuff worldwide, they should at least have the English ingredients listed on their site tbh... I really appreciate it when companies print them on the box...like Proyou, some Tosowoong products and brands that have translations on their English site; Etude House. Thumbs up!
  3. @@Saffyra lol thanks, hun! But its 50-50, sometimes they do stray from the theme. I do look forward to those jackpot boxes -unboxings though!!! That sense of 'bokkulbok' (taking chances) is so Korean and I guess it works~ I'd love to see a luxury box giveaway similar to the Korean Memebox though (they gave away Benefit, Chanel etc for grand prize). I don't mind not having the chance at it. Eyecandies~~ I do miss the Memebox experience alot, but I guess the recent ones made it easier for me. Still lurking around in hopes to learn about hidden gems and new things~ ^^ edit: since I'm lurking, i guess it doesn't hurt to find the ingredients~ They have the main ingredients on Koreadepart but the full one is in Korean --I think @ might be able to help in that department...
  4. I love Etude lips stuff and I am all into the lip craze so I don't mind it. Hopefully receiving colors that I love and just one hidden gem will make the bag for me. Just thought I should post this since its not up;
  5. @@biancardi Good luck for the collab, hun!! :3 Really excited about these collabs. I wrote to Elina before the event to tell them that blogger collabs are hugely successful and could be the real winner event for them. I'm so glad that they are bringing it back! Also very excited about May's bag. Look at those spring colors and scents~ <3
  6. ^^ yes this. I love my bed hair and will never want straight silk-like hair. personal preference tho...and I agree that shampoos and conditioners are more...desired in bags these days.
  7. Good idea with that one! I have the green tea ones and they smell so strong! It's like herbs and detergent or something...not really tea-ish. I'll experiment them in my washer soon~~
  8. Me neither..bags are all fine and no smell/melted stuff/color transfer. Maybe coz its cold over here lol. I wonder which is your fav bag so far? I quite like the milk black and white woven one!
  9. I am absent for the day and.... whoa. Congrats @@MissJexie! Mouthwash is brilliant idea~ We needed to space out from the norm.
  10. I'm not into pH testing much, but 10 is too damn high O_o thats like industrial laundry powder or something. Anyone else tested that? On another news, it's 13th here Rachel!!~ Baaaaggggg *outstretched arms*
  11. You guys are cool. I am trying hard not to buy anymore books because I am graduating and moving out soon :( Prolly I might have to fork out a fortune to ship em if my dad moves back to Asia again (argh) I agree, the ebook is a game-changer. Just too many stuff to download but too little time to read! I bring them on trains/buses when i go on a journey <3
  12. Peppermint!! <3 <3 I love that sensation as well. The Saem has a foot peel (its mint jungle peel, not a mask) that is super cooling as well. Totally recommend it for mint lovers! Lol! I do think some cheap stuff has potential~ (not that I am advocating cheap bags tho). I do recommend throwing in for example one of those Holika Holika penguins (they are only like $2+) but don't compromise the overall value because we are all quite accustomed to Kvalues by now and do our own investigations :P Beauteque can definitely save some that way (instead of masks) and introduce at least a high priced/cool item per bag.
  13. Thats true though. I wasn't specifically talking about blogger bags because if I was given the chance I would like to introduce things that I have personally tried and love as well. I was saying that some products have been out there for 2-3 years already and I would really love if we could get something new at times because that's the point of beauty bags/boxes, no? Some new products aren't that expensive either, like the Mizon olive oil cacoa butter foot cream + TFS Herb Day massaging cream that we have received, or maybe Etude house liquid lips (all under $7). Of course I have no idea how the wholesale thing works in SK-> USA but taking shipping both ways into consideration (to USA and out to us customers) they are really doing a good job. Edit: @@TheSilverNail I got my March bag and wrote up on it too just a day ago It's pretty good!
  14. I loveee their Chia Seed and Mango line but that was awhile ago though..(2013?) I really wish to see some new stuff/ releases on Beauteque's site/bags. Can't say they aren't good though...your curations are pretty solid! __ Oh, and Beauteque has updated their courier to a faster and more reliable one. Not sure if just the box (yes, no more envelopes!) or the freight was supplied by Uline, but I think its muuuccchh better! Good job on Beauteque's part for this.

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