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  1. I think it's part of being a realist. People are quick to criticize others, but expect people to understand when something happens that is out of THEIR control. It's a treat that's less than $20, I'm not going to get upset over it. Kloverbox does an excellent job of curation & every once in a while there is a hiccup. Kinda like life.
  2. **WARNING RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOR AHEAD** I recd the email about the Back to School Kloverbox for kids. I don't have any. My nieces and nephews are in college. But I want one. AND SOMETHING WILL BE PERSONALIZED!! I love Kloverbox entirely too much.
  3. Thanks for the tip-I'm going to get her a few oils and a diffuser.... She'll get her own "beach box" curated by me with the help of you and anyone else who has salty air ideas!
  4. My younger sister has serious health problems. She LOVES the beach, but we rarely get there b/c of drs apps, etc. As soon as we have plans, she starts referring to "salty air." A few weeks ago, I swapped for Demeter's "Salt Air" perfume. She wears it all the time and says it calms her down and reminds her of our good times together. I've been trying to think of more "salty air" gifts for her, but she can't use lotion (or anything oily) on her body. I'm SO EXCITED for the hand soap--this is a PERFECT gift for her. I hope there is a code for Hand In Hand--I need a lot it!
  5. I am so excited! I love cork and have 2 pairs of cork shoes that I lived in all last summer. Happy to have a fun cork pouch. The June KB could be that one item--the rest is just icing! Also, I never really liked scrubs but have become a fan through sub boxes. When Bonjour Jolie sent out Organic Pumpkin Walnut scrub, I was immediately hooked on scrubs! Another win. Work/Life balance has been favoring work (and other obligations) lately, so it's good to have little packages of happy waiting for me when I come home. It's fun to imagine what the creative solution might be...here's my guess: I think there will be a print in the box b/c Liz gets super-excited about them. Instead of taking up room in the box trying to keep it intact, I bet it will be on the outside of the box, in a protective sleeve like some fedex shipping labels... Can't wait!!
  6. Box arrived today and I absolutely LOVE it. Razor was on tomorrow's shopping list--the one I received is purple--my favorite color--YAY! Shave foam is crazy-expensive, but it smells great and I'll use it for an at home spa day. I almost bought the Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint yesterday, but my phone was acting weird and the transaction didn't go through--another VERY HAPPY coincidence!! And, I'm pretty loyal to Ellovi lip balm, but I use a LOT of lip balm, so I'm happy to have an extra (and try a new-to-me brand). Haven't tried the bar yet, but it will go in my flight bag for a travel treat. Another month of nothing going to the swap pile is a total win for me.
  7. I feel completely burned. I'm not home yet to see everything in person, but this is beyond disappointing. I agree with LabiosRojos, it's missing something special. I'm done with PSMH limited editions. Here's hoping Rachel Zoe & the MSA/Kloverbox collab are truly special.
  8. Home from the beach. Following this topic (finally!). Checked all email addresses and I DID get tracking!! Says it should be here WEDNESDAY!! But, it's usually early. I'm so excited!!
  9. I'm on vacation at the beach. The mobile site is annoying & the "follow this topic" button won't work. But I'm dying for spoilers, so I'm leaving this open on my browser! What is wrong with me!!! AND I don't have tracking yet...
  10. I agree about this being a perfect sub. I rec'd the orange sweetness hand soap & love it. The best news: the lotion bar is fine!! I want to keep smelling & looking at it. It's too pretty to use!!
  11. OUT FOR DELIVERY!! Thanks for the spoilers! All the variations on scent are great and I would be happy with any of them.... We go through a lot of hand soap, so I'm really excited for that. The lotion bar looks amazing, but I'm in South Louisiana where the high today is 85! I want to either order or swap for another one (part of a mother's day gift for MIL) but, I'm afraid it would arrive in a puddle!! I will use & enjoy everything in the box--this sub just keeps getting better!
  12. I started following Marley's Monsters on Instagram and was so excited when she announced her new fabric selection--time to place an order! While looking around on her etsy site, I was curious about a custom order so I messaged her. She responded very quickly and we went back and forth a few times to hammer out specifics. On Friday, I placed an order for something custom (and large!) along with a few of her regular items. It shipped SATURDAY(!) and I will have it Tuesday. Just wanted to add to the collection of positive experiences we've had through the Kloverbox introduction. Can't wait for this month!
  13. Hey PA Anna, thanks for all the updates on your orders--really appreciate the info. Wondering if the Jillian Wright booster is anything like the Paula's Choice C-15 booster--do you know? The C15 is like magic on my face and I would like to try different versions just to see if I like something better. Thanks again!
  14. PA Anna THANK YOU for putting into words what I couldn't! I knew that the results were immediate after using Luxe Oil. I could tell my skin looked better, but couldn't place exactly what it was. My derm told me I have the beginning of rosacea. When I use Luxe oil, the redness in my cheeks is gone. You are such a treasure for pointing out specific ingredients to avoid. All my derm wanted to do was prescribe the Rx.. When I pressed her for what I should avoid, she just said the Rx would clear it up...which it didn't--it just made it worse and I stopped using it. I'm starting to get used to seeing myself with red cheeks. Keep us posted on the expiration date, b/c I need to lay off my CC until April. And, thanks again for all the information!!
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