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  1. I'm hoping for the pink blush. Did anyone catch the other fragrance besides Demter First Love? First Love is floral and I don't care for floral (migraine trigger.) I am in love with the bag!
  2. So I pushed back and they gave me 100 sorry points. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy though, oh well. The product on their website comes in light and medium, so I didn't think it was silly to ask for light. @@TooMuchElectric especially since you're right, it's something they specifically ask on the quiz. @ I would have been so annoyed had I bought it, found out the light is still too dark (which happens a lot) and then it took so long to get my money back. Oh well, moving on. I traded with a girl at work for nail polish. Everyone is happy!
  3. Thanks @@casey anne. I think I'll email them back.
  4. So I asked Birchbox if they could send me a light shade of the concealer that they sent me in Medium and pointed out that I had light marked on my profile. This is the response I got back: Thank you so much for following up! I'm so sorry to hear this sample didn't work out for you! Unfortunately, we do not have any available inventory of the Miracle Skin® Transformer Treat & Conceal to reship to you. I apologize for this. This concealer is super popular with our customers and they have a lot of great things to say about this product. With our great return policy, I suggest ordering this concealer in the light shade and if you're not happy with it, you can always return it! ...am I being ridiculous that I'm annoyed with this response? A) They really shouldn't be sending me things in medium shades if I have light marked on my profile. and B )Isn't the whole purpose of Birchbox so I can try things before buying?? I've thought about it all day and I'm still annoyed (I also have been sick and on my couch all day, so in fairness, I haven't had a whole lot more to do.) Before I email them back, I'd love to hear if you all think I am being ridiculous or if I should be annoyed.
  5. This is probably going to be my last bag. My birthday is in February though, so I'm hoping for a good one!
  6. Good luck @@KayEss & @@saku! I'm sure you'll both do great! I'm stuck at home today with a terrible cold I feel like death, so figured mayyyybe I shouldn't go into the office. My challenge will be not to check my email too much since I am taking PTO...
  7. I tried contouring once. It mostly looks like I smeared mud on my face. Not the best look, lol.
  8. Finally got my January box! It was a really great box, but the Concealer they sent me was in medium...I'm pasty pale and have my skin color marked as light in my profile. I really wanted to try it, so I asked if they could send me a sample in light. Fingers crossed.
  9. My tracking finally updated (along with my coworkers) and we should be getting our boxes tomorrow. So weird.
  10. I'm frustrated. The shipping link shows that it left NJ, but nothing since then. I emailed Birchbox yesterday and they told me that it can take the 5 business days (but hah! it had been 5 business days, so that was helpful) and to let them know if I don't get it today. I just think it's weird that my coworkers are having the same problem!
  11. Has anyone who lives in Florida received their box yet? My coworkers and I are all missing our boxes
  12. Oh I LOVE the Laura Gellar mascara. Totally picking that one for February.
  13. Harumph. My box says that it was transferred to a partner facility in my town last Thursday. I left for vacation on Saturday until yesterday...and still no box. I know Monday was a no-mail day, so I'm hoping I'll see it when I get home today. If not, guess I should email Birchbox. I'm so bummed, it was such a great box! I don't want them to send me a new one.
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