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  1. I doubled my Ulta coupons and after four days, the order is still processing.They initially took the money off my card but somehow its back on there, with no sign of an Ulta transaction. :( Wondering if anyone else is having problems and if I should contact them right away or not,

    mine is still processing too. But unless you want your order definitely canceled I'm not sure you want to contact them....

  2. bbjetblue100 still works. 


    The running tally of 100 pt sign-up codes I have are:


    bbstore100 (exp 1/31/15)




    I don't know if these 100pt sign-up codes still work:




    And a 50 pt:

    subscribenow50  (but who would want to use that?!)


    My Sept box has seven things to review - wow!  So much better going month-to-month!



    bbstore100 (exp 1/31/15)




    (100 point codes that still work...by my testing anyways ;) )

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  3. This so happened today.......







    Now Keep in mind I came across the bags in 1 Walgreens and proceeded to scramble to the other 4 within a 15 minute drive. Out of 5 stores only 2 had Villian stuff, and at the one with the makeup it was up on a high shelf so it was kind of a hunt. BUT just to throw it out there in case you feel like hunting!

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  4. HAHAHAHA!!! When you say it like that, I could be considered 'balanced' hahaha!  That cracked me up!  Ok I'll check their size charts. :)  Thanks!  I can wear most regular tops, as long as they stretch or for buttom up tops I just only button up to my midriff...but I have a booty the size of Texas, so 14 for skirts, 16 usually for pants or slacks. (ironically, that song "anaconda" just came on the radio!!!)


    Did you all see this on HauteLook??  Only $14! (I'm trying to get the image...not working, ugh)


    LOVE IT!! in for 1 thanks for the heads up!

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  5. Weird, mine says this box is already paid for.  I changed my card last month to an empty Visa gift card just in case they try to charge me this month.


    You could always use your Jules in the Jule box section, although it is really slim pickens there (and everything is based on retail prices).

    yup, my window said mine was prepaid for too.........so much for that  <_<


    and yah....thought about the Jule box section after the fact, no more Jules.  :lol:

  6. A warning to the Ladies who got the $16 3 month deal


    Noticed that my window said I still had another month after this prepaid month(Sep), which I thought was weird...because I had called last month to check and make sure how many boxes I had left...which I was told September would be my last prepaid box. So I was told...


    June(welcome box)

    (July prepaid)

    (August prepaid)

    (September prepaid)


    SO naturally I called back in to double check.....


    Was told nope the last person I talked to must have been confused...I had no more prepaid boxes left and would be charged for September...


    Yup told her to cancel and I was pretty upset I'd be losing 1650 jules because I wasn't aware I should have spent them LAST month......o well. I like zoya and rainbow honey better anyway

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  7. I use Cure Aqua Gel.  I have rosacea, so my skin is VERY sensitive and I avoid any of the exfoliants with grit like the plague.  Cure is from Japan, and you can get it on Amazon.  It runs around $40/bottle, but my bottle lasted me about 6 months (although I often forget to use it twice a week).  The texture is like an aloe gel (and I think it contains some), and you rub it in a circular motion on your face.  It makes dead skin cells sort of pill up into little balls, which you just rinse away.  I really like it, and it's the only exfoliant I've found that I can use without aggravating my skin.


    ETA ~ actually just looked and it's $33 (with Prime, if you have that for shipping) on Amazon right now.

    OMG Thank you @@mellee SOOO MUCH for recommending Cure  :hugs3:  I bought some off Amazon and just tried it tonight and it works like a miracle!!!! I have rosacea too so it's hard to find ANYTHING to exfoliate that doesn't make me turn into a tomato. It;s soft and gentle and the lil white balls are oddly gratifying  :rotfl:

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