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  1. Anyone know if you get more jules for the my maven customisation box?
  2. is there a certain something you need to do to get it to work? I tried but it said it was invalid
  3. Well at least it wasn't just me here's hoping
  4. I used it too...did the necklace show up in your cart or in your email receipt? The necklace didn't show up in my cart or in my confirmation email....how am I supposed to know it worked?
  5. not sure your definition of outrageous is, but I recently picked up a 3 pack of physicians formula at walmart for $10 green, purple, and bronze http://www.physiciansformula.com/en-us/productdetail/eyes/pencils-liners/06248.html
  6. In for the Tarte one! been wanting to try them and the make your own kit they had on the tarte site was nice, but I wasn't going to use half of it....this kit is perfect! thanks for the heads up!
  7. They all sounded delicious, and if the Hubs wouldn't kill me I'd get the whole collection but the wicked berry already had a lot of the notes that usually smell good on me Top notes: lemon, lime, bergamot and orange. Heart: rose, freesia, lilac, blackberry, black currant and raspberry. Base: amber, sandalwood, vanilla and white musk. hopefully it won't make me hungry for berry desserts all the time like my TokyoMilk sweet cream bonbon does XD
  8. I just HAD to have the wicked berry one....who cares what it smells like the bottles are SUPER cute!
  9. Abigail in the secret store is also ringing up $4.99 in the cart and works with code BLUE
  10. anyone experiencing these text enhance problems I'd recommend clearing cookies and your cache, run your antivirus, malware, or adware detection programs, and as a last resort if those don;t work try the steps from here (little more complicated)http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-text-enhance/ And always remember when you make changes with antivirus/adware/malware detection programs it usually requires a reboot to take effect
  11. Ha i'm such a tech nerd but that's only because I think I've accidentally downloaded EVERY malware/adware/virus there is and learned from my muck ups. Best defense is a good offense with solid (SEPERATE) adware, malware, and anti virus programs
  12. it's very possible you could have picked it up from an infected ad on this site, but the links themselves don't run on this site, it runs from the malware or adware you may have picked up
  13. oh yah I've had both free versions installed forever (even finally paid for the lifetime version of malwarebytes) and the sites I linked are safe (wouldn't dl from any other site though) I run eset, malwarebytes, and spybot and my laptop runs like a champ, though feel free to read reviews Though if you don't download those I'd definitely recommend running some kind of scan with your own programs
  14. @ @@saku ya'll might want to run malware and adware, not necessarily a virus, but ya'll might have picked up a lil something something I use spybot search and destroy free version http://www.safer-networking.org/private/ and malwarebytes https://www.malwarebytes.org/ both clean up lil problems like that, that sometimes antivirus doesn't get
  15. Thanks so much! I gave myself a mother's day prezzie with the 6 month code
  16. 4 tokyo milk bon bon lotions for $28ish dollars they also have candles and a solid perfum lotions are La petite and Honey & the Moon candles are Cherry Bomb and Sparrow perfum is Sastuma http://www.lastcall.com/search.jsp?N=0&Ntt=TokyoMilk&_requestid=101608 My transaction $72.00 -$71.60 ------------ $0.40 +$5.00 S&H +$0.44 TAX ---------------- $5.84 +$22.00 for https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1113955-50-to-spend-online-at-neiman-marcus-last-call?index=1 Neiman Marcus Last call $50 promo code ($25 minus EXTRA10 coupon code good for $3 off) -------------------------------------- $27.84 for 4 tokyo milk bonbon lotion with 2.5 cash back from ebates for last call and 6% back from living social ETS: Dear Lord I give up trying to make that look nice and make the links clickable
  17. Thanks for this, in for a 1 month as thats the only code that hasn't run out of uses.....also don't forget to go through ebates for an extra $3.25
  18. Anyone else having issues with the julep site? I'm logged in, but I'm not, it's not recognizing I'm a maven
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