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  1. Just got a e-mail from Wishtrend that the Skin Factory 7 Second Sheets are on sale for $20.23 with free shipping. I know there are some fans in here.
  2. Yeah, my Black Friday order isn't scheduled to be packed for several days, so I think the tracking I got this morning is for the VC. I still get just as excited when I get shipping as I did for my first one!
  3. I love the Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet. The themes are always awesome, the packaging for the past couple months has been amazing, and it's a great deal - $12.90 a month shipped for 4-5 shadows and usually a lip product.
  4. Welcome @! Try Notoriously Morbid too! Their TAT is pretty high right now because of Black Friday, but they have great shadows, lip balms, and glosses.
  5. I've never tried nail wraps but Espionage is really tempting (it's the Sherlock one that gets me too @mikaglam). Do they really last a couple weeks? Will they work even if my nails are pretty short?
  6. I got some Queen Bee deodorant a couple days ago in my ongoing attempt to find a safer deodorant option. It's got salicylic acid in it, so it does burn a little (I can't imagine how much it would sting after shaving) but the second time I used it it stung quite a bit less. I haven't done any major physical activity while wearing it but it lasted all day yesterday and I didn't feel unprotected. I made my (poor, long-suffering) husband smell me last night and he said I smelled faintly of deodorant but that was all. It definitely worked well enough that I'm willing to risk wearing it to work tomorrow.
  7. @@Shalott I haven't seen anything about overstock on FB or Reddit - maybe we'll have a better sense after the Monday signups?
  8. I was thinking Narnia. I would die if it was The Golden Compass. That's my favorite book series, the one that inspired me to become a children's librarian. But the lamp post really says Narnia to me.
  9. @@ohsailor I haven't gotten an Aromaleigh receipt yet but it shows my subscription on my account, so I think store receipts haven't gone out.
  10. I got in at 3:08 (pulled over to the side of the road - I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone besides you guys that!). I paid with a credit card rather than Paypal. I wonder if that made a difference?
  11. Queen Bee Apothecary sells dusting powder. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't vouch for whether it's good, but it's cheap enough that it might be worth trying.
  12. Yay, I just won a Sol Invictus sampler (and @ won the full size)! Anyone else here one of the winners?
  13. I actually have some ph strips being delivered today! I read that Skin&Tonics article that @@MissJexie mentioned a few days ago and got all paranoid about my acid mantle (which I'd never even heard of before). I'm going to spend the weekend testing my cleansers and if none of them are in the right range I think I'll pick up the Hadolabo Gokujyn Cleanser.
  14. Congrats to everyone who got a sub! You're going to love it. VC is my favorite sub, period.

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