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  1. HI Emma I'm also from Australia - there is a few of us on here! I am a financial controller - how exciting! lol Welcome
  2. While there are still people on this thread, has anyone got suggestions on how to use up the point pads that were in several boxes? I've tried them in my heels and elbows but the serum seems too light to be beneficial. Any other ideas? Tia
  3. I have found since I've been on this no-buy, that I'm much more aware of how many "little things" I purchase - $6 for a coffee here, $10 for lunch there, and 2 extra things at the shop when I only wanted to get milk............ All these "little things" certainly add up!
  4. I'm going to join in on this one! I have an unhealthy stash of all things beauty related, and can't seem to help myself from buying more. I completely forgot about the massive pile of foils and deluxe size samples I have from various sub boxes - and I never use them! So, I'm starting with those. Im aiming for 50 in the 100 days. So far this month I have used up: - Alpha H triple cleanser Tarte eye cream Keep me strong!
  5. I'm with otherw here. I received my last 2 Memeboxes yesterday - its weird not to have anymore coming. But after 60+ boxes, I have more than enough product to last me. I think with the lack lustre boxes of late, little communication, and all round crappy customer service, it might just be the end for me and Memebox. It was fun while it lasted though. I will look back fondly lol.
  6. We have boxing day in Australia - its 26/12/14 and its when all the big sales start usually. Those that aren't shopping are recovering from a hangover on the lounge watching the cricket lol
  7. I haven't received 16 either. I live in Australia, and a month for delivery is ridiculous even this side of the world. I sent them an email, and they requested I wait another 2 weeks grrrrr
  8. Like others here, I think its time for Memebox and I to break up. We've been together since box 5-2, but I feel like the magic is gone and Memebox doesn't value me anymore. Time for me to give my love (read: money) to somewhere else
  9. I used to Missha Super Aqua cream at night post pregnancy and during the Australian winter because my skin got crazy dry. I can't use it during the day though, as its too heavy and my makeup falls off.
  10. Skin79 do a 10 second sheet mask which is similar but doesn't have the exfoliating side
  11. Wow! that's incredible dedication. Its 3.30 pm here, and I still find having to keep checking annoying lol
  12. Thanks @@biancardi No idea what happenend to that mask - bummer
  13. I opened it about a week after box 9 came out. I used the spatula. No double dipping, no damp got to it. I also stored it in my bedroom drawer - weird.......
  14. Hoping you guys can help me.... In the Office Essentials/Travellers Beauty there were some Pure Smile Refresh sheets, and in the Grapefruit/Baby Powder boxes, there was some Deo Fresh Sheets. I have absolutely no idea how to use them. I figured since a lot of ladies on here are coming off Summer, you might be able to let me know how you used them. Are they for a cool down? Deodorant substitute? Should I just used them instead of baby wipes to clean my toddlers hands? Thanks for any help you can give. In other news, I couldn't decide between using the Gohkmul mask from box 9 or the Cacao. Decided on Gohkmul since I'd only used it once. Opened it up to see mould growth urgh! I'll make sure I used any other fermented products really quickly after opening them. The Cacao mask was really nice, though it felt gross to put on, looked gross on, and my goodness my basin and face washer looked gross when it came off! bahahahahaha
  15. @ cfisher yay congrats to you. I'm glad one of us insane ladies on here (appear to have) won it!

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