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  1. I choose to believe this means the aqua is reserved for the fall boxes (whew!).
  2. Yes, I got a notification overnight that my box is on the move via DHL and will arrive Tuesday (during my 3 week vacation).
  3. My order confirmation number was of the same format as yours, and was not accepted. I tried the middle portion of the order number but that also did not work. So I wrote to AdidasAvenueA @ adidas.com and explained that I could not get the exchange form to work on the website and received a very prompt response arranging the exchange by email.
  4. I finally received my Vol. 2.2 box today. It included a Sencha & Bourbon wrap/coverup... WITH SOME ELSE'S INITIALS ON IT. I am disgusted. So glad this is my last box with them.
  5. I think the spring box was the most disappointing to me, with 2 perfumes (neither of which I have even considered opening), a skin cream I haven't taken out of the box, and 4 cloth napkins that I put in a drawer and forgot about. They could redeem themselves with this summer box, though. My fingers are crossed!
  6. Email received overnight says they'll be shipping starting June 27. Also, there will be *2* Perl B bags in the box: the carry-all tote and a "Chill It Sack to keep your bottles cool in style".
  7. I wouldn't be surprised at all if those end up being spoilers for the *fall* box.....
  8. You're correct. It's either beard oil (meant to soften beard hairs and condition skin underneath) or a body powder.
  9. My women's box arrived on Sat. and the men's box arrived the following Wed. (even though they had only sent me one tracking number).
  10. @@LindaF we got the same box, down to the perfume type. If you signed up for an annual when they first started, though, your first box was Fall 2015, so you have one more coming (as do I). You can check your account on their website to verify when you first paid them, but they've only sent 3 boxes so far (Fall with the tumbler, Winter with the sunglasses, and Spring with the perfume).
  11. I received my box yesterday. I think the items are growing on me, but it's tricky to know if I will keep some of them or not, since I don't know about the scents -- but how can I tell without opening them, after which they'll no longer be new if I want to swap them?? Decisions, decisions....
  12. Ditto @@MET I am not sure how much of this box I will end up keeping. But already the summer box is sounding as if it will make up for this one!
  13. I got an email tonight saying my Luxe Provence box has been released from customs and is on its way to me via UPS... which explains the 4 pound mystery package in my UPS tracker which will be delivered on Thursday.
  14. I don't see it available on mobile or web... anyone?
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