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  1. I like the polish color also and have it on right now, It reminds me of OPI which is my fav polish. You can actually get away with only 2 coats. But I added a 3rd the next day and afterwards realized that I may prefer just two ( now that I have tried the 3rd). I always wear multiple coats, and this polish dries well and fast just like OPI. You can do 2 coats pretty close and not worry about sleeping and waking up to waffle imprints from your sheets,
  2. Beauty boxes always send the same number of products to everyone. Boxy is a 5 item box and you should get 5 items, It sounds to me that they are switching things up and handing out different products. Mine is arriving weds. This video shows the other 2 items you may get. The nail polish comes in other colors also.
  3. If you can get a hold of some vintage linen curlers you would be amazed. Plus. my hair will stay totally curled for 3 days from those. Yeah and I use the same afro comb with those to tame the hair down a bit. Also, Big and Sexy stay and play hairspray makes it so I don't even have to curl my hair with a wand. I just spray and push up my hair from the bottom. And woosh.... Hair styling in 30 seconds. Of course I start off with Matrix tuff trix on damp hair. (Spelling?) Then use a medium round brush on top while drying and maybe a little on the sides also. Scrunch the rest and flip upside down also whiled drying.
  4. Yeah as soon as I decide to sub they start this crap like Glossybox did. I left Glossy for this reason. I guess I will unsub after this box and give this sub more thought. Nothing irks me more than getting something worth a lot less or crappier than what others got. I really want that Oscar Blandi hair stuff. My box weighs .69 lbs. That better be gold in there..
  5. Already liked popsuar because I am a beauty box junkie.
  6. So I finally got around to taking pictures, but I refuse to review these items. The only thing I used was the sunscreen on my arms when I was gardening. Ok now for some fun and games. Can you pick out the 2 beauty products from among the cat products? Ok now, here is my box. The Truth Vitality is ultrasound gel. Oh but you can use it as a mask. Meh... What good are full sizes when everything is crap?
  7. I have to pull the stuff back out again from my bedroom, and my husband is sleeping right now. All of that is packed away in the, "I have no clue what to do with this crap boxes". And the foil hair care packet is packed in my, "oh no more foils, lets forget about em box"? The fact that the stuff is in hiding says a lot. Most of my previous Marta box stuff is in my wo-man room, on my after work beautify myself shelves. (I get home late when hubby is sleeping.) I often carry this stuff back and forth between rooms before work. \ I plan on doing a side by side comparison of the sunscreen bottle with a pet care bottle. Will you be able to tell them apart?
  8. Will post pics etc when I get over my disgust. I feel like my box emerged from the sleeziest, deepest darkest corners of Amazon where no one dares lurk.
  9. My Feb box will finally be arriving I think Sat going by the tracking. Finally! I have not seen a box since December!
  10. Just got up and pulled it out if my shower to check for ya, I can't remember if mine even had a seal or not, but it wasn't leaking. Now for the scent... It is a very mild floral (too mild) that barely covers the smell of the ingredients, I got one recently from Discover Marta that barely touched the ingredient smell, so I recognized that peculiar smell with this product immediately. But the scent is in no way musty. If yours is musty, I would contact them.
  11. They are showing in stock now if you wanted one. http://www.dermstore.com/product_March+2015_62732.htm
  12. If you think about it, BeautyDNA charges about the same for 1 full sized serum and nothing more. Update, this box is sold out already? Is this just a web programming issue due to the changes or is it really sold out?
  13. The Medicall is full sized and the shampoo is not like the other JF products and I may actually like this one! :smarw, on 04 Mar 2015 - 10:30 PM, said Ohhh my.. Just looked at the box, and you are right. After looking around the web, the US device is optional. But I imagine it doesn't work as good without it, Will be back with a pic of my box. 4 full sized products; Medicell 1 oz Smartlash .16 oz JeNu Lip serum .47 oz JF shampoo 6.8 oz Small tubes Skinmedia C &E .13 oz Skinceuticals advanced pigment corrector (Likely .13 oz also) Skinceuticals eye cream (likely .13 oz also) 2 foil packets: dermalogica cleansing gel dermalogic active moist The shampoo is different from all the other JF products. It is a thick opaque blue with a very tiny bit of foaming ability.
  14. Well, I love this box. Yeah hate the shampoo brand, but I think this particular stuff may actually lather unlike the last bottle of JF gunk? Maybe? And a full sized face serum is more than we would expect. Plus all the other goodies. This box is worth over $180 so I could pretend the shampoo isn't even there and be pleased. I may buy two boxes....

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