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  1. This seems like a very practical box, I love it! It's getting to be the rainy season here in Georgia, so a cute umbrella is always welcome in my life.
  2. Oh yeah, I know. I was just saying it's probably an item in the CFDA SE Box, as well. So it's like a sneaky spoiler for the CFDA box.
  3. Here's hoping for spoilers today! It seems like forever since I got my last box, even though it's only been a few weeks!
  4. I am almost 100% sure I will not be getting this box. I would love love love to buy it but $195 is pretty high for me. Especially since my extra money in April was gonna go towards an Apple Watch.
  5. I think this is probably actually spoiler for the CFDA box. It would be nice to get some fancy cookies, though!!
  6. http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/stylish-surprise-dresses http://www.modcloth.com/shop/tops/stylish-surprise-apparel http://www.modcloth.com/shop/shoes/stylish-surprise-shoes http://www.modcloth.com/shop/accessories/stylish-surprise-accessories http://www.modcloth.com/shop/apartment/stylish-surprise-apartment
  7. Modcloth is having another Stylish Surprise tomorrow (3/31/15)! There are a couple of changes they've made to the prices, but I honestly don't see the big deal about them. It's still a great sale and I always manage to spend a bunch of money anyway, lol! People are estimating it to start around 1pm EST based on past events, but Modcloth claims they will keep Facebook updated.
  8. Just like most others, I finally got my box on Friday (perfect timing!) and I absolutely adore it. This might actually be my favorite Popsugar Box so far!! And I did end up with a gold necklace, so bonus points for Popsugar on that!!
  9. I'm pretty sure mine has shipped, as well! I didn't get a notification but I got a text from FedEx saying I would get a package on Thursday!!
  10. Definitely!! Like other posters have said, it's a very delicate and dainty necklace, so I think anybody would be able to wear it.
  11. Oh no! I hope I get gold! I've been wondering about the preferences influencing this box. Luckily I still like silver, but I would much prefer the gold. Maybe you could swap with someone who has the opposite situation?
  12. My shipping seems to be the same. I still haven't gotten a shipping notice, so I doubt I'll get my box by or on Valentine's. But it's no big deal to me. Like everyone else has mentioned, this box is still great after the holiday.
  13. Wowowow! I love this box! I feel like this box is a huge improvement over last February, which just didn't feel very "Valentines"-y. Not that they should always adhere to holiday themes, but I'm feeling particularly lovey this Valentines Day. I can't wait to get my box! That cutting board is so perfect for my kitchen, and I have been itching to take a nice... long... relaxing bath. Everything else is so great, too! The Baublebar necklace is so perfect!! I don't have nearly as many dainty necklaces as I should. And more Tarte! I've loved all the Tarte products we've gotten in the past so this box really is a homerun for me!
  14. Really really really hoping for some spoilers today!! I'm so excited, I've been checking Instagram and googling blogs like crazy!
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