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    I like pink lipstick.
    A good look for me is some lipstick or gloss, mascara and maybe concealer and/or a bb foundation cream.
    I also like nice eyeshadow with some shimmer
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    I like Psycians formula cosmetics
    I don't want to buy from makeup brands that test on animals. I like brands that are
    Cruelty free. Brands that are cruelty free and are also
    More natrual (not too many chemicals) are good too

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  1. What are some tips on applying eyeliner to the top lid? Like with liquid eyeliner or any type I guess? I can only really put liner on my bottom eyelid! Thanks also on the bottom lid do you have any tips on making the line thin? Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying! I might repost the threa with the title as animal testing, I didnt mean to make the title say companies! I will check Out that website and sure I can join your group. Thanks for the brand suggestions! I use some physcians formula and wet n wild makeup already that I got oh yeah and I have some burts bees lip products. I hope that one day every makeup Brand will Stop testing on animals or At least that consumers will Not Support companies That do test <3
  3. How many of you are against animal testing and buy makeup/products from companies that don't test? I'm trying to only buy cruelty free products. What are your favorite makeup brands that do NOT animal test? I read a thing about animal testing with makeup and it seemed so cruel So ya can you tell me good Brands Who Do not Animal Test?
  4. Hi! Hmm I like pink lip color, mascara and pretty eye shadows. Concealer too! Bb cream and eyeliner are cool too
  5. I know I can burn calories with yoga especially if it's power yoga and I know it helps keep me fit I guess I'm Just asking for any personal expiriences from People who have lost weight doing yoga
  6. Can yoga help me lose weight and stay fit if I do it as a workout?
  7. Yay hi! I'm from the us wbu? Whatsup? What makeup do you like?
  8. I like my Physicians Formula Eyeshadow palette! The colors are nice and also I read that Physicians Formula does not test on animals so that makes the brand awesome to me I think Physcians Formula also has a natural line, I want to get some of those cosmetics.

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