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  1. I got the box Saturday morning! Nothing broken, box is still in good shape =D It will take me a little time to go through it and load it up with some goodies, but I will get it out by this weekend so I'm not holding it up! I've got @@cpl100's info, so it will be good to go after I update the contents.
  2. Woohoo! It's time! It's time! I got my address to @Queennie after a busy holiday. I'll let you all know when it arrives!
  3. Just checking in to see how far along we've made it! Super excited to see that I'm coming up next I have so much to destash lol
  4. Woohoo! Super excited. I'm at the end of the list so I'll be in the gift giving spirit. It'll be like an early christmas present for me!
  5. I actually just went through my stash and organized it to update my trade page, so I'm ahead of the game lol
  6. I saw those and they did look nice. I was just looking for promotions on their subscription. It seems like a lot of the older subscriptions have changed the way they work, which I guess gives me an excuse to try some of the newer ones!
  7. I was thinking about re-subbing with Julep in time to get the Halloween Welcome Box... but it looks like they no longer do the free ($2.99) welcome box? Bummer! What promotions are they offering for Julep now? When I just went to the website blind I was offered a pretty nice Summer-themed free gift... but I'm ready to move into fall colors, which their fall shades look amazing.
  8. The Fall Box has been my favorite so far! I will use EVERYTHING in this box. I didn't get the Dove Body Wash. I actually got 2 cans of the Dry Shampoo, but I'm not complaining.
  9. Just keeping an eye on this in case something gets started up. I'd like to rotate some polishes out of my stash.
  10. Following for updates =) I'm so ready to destash!
  11. Yay! I'm so glad you like it all! I spent a lot of time pouring over your survey and stalking your WL on Elfster lol Which I'm glad I did because I almost got the Tokyo Milk in Absinthe (sounded yummy to me!) until I read that you hated black licorice! /phew It took a lot of restraint to not open up the Salted Caramel though. I just wanted to smell it! Merry Christmas girlie <3 It was fun to put together for you!
  12. I got my amazing Santa swap in the mail today from EggyBread. First of all, this was all wrapped in beautiful paper, but I was so excited I couldn't stop opening long enough to get photos. I absolutely loved the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Pallet and Butter London set. I have always wanted to try BL and just never got around to it. I also got some of my most favorite polish brands including, Ruffian, OPI and Julep! I was also excited to receive more products to quench my love of Number 4 hair and Benefit. It was really great! Thank you so, so much!
  13. Box will be en route to @@wadedl today! Here's what I took: Here's what I put in: I couldn't resist smelling the Ghost Puffs body butter. It smelled SOOOO good. I behaved though and left it for @@kyxli lol
  14. I had a crazy busy weekend but I'm still with you guys! I will grab it up tomorrow and have it sent off by the end of the week. Hopefully with no spills or leaks this time.
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