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  1. I give up... tried to buy several boxes but they all disappear by the time I try to check out!
  2. I'm guessing they were losing tons of money before on boxes but were doing it to build up a fanbase and hopefully get people into the memeshop...
  3. If it's consistent, I can understand. It gets confusing when just certain boxes have their own threads. Sadly, I'm not sure how many more new boxes Memebox will have for us! Having too many box threads is a happy problem I guess!
  4. I find moving things into their own threads really annoying.
  5. Has anyone been having trouble getting a refund for this box? I emailed last week and have heard nothing from them so far...
  6. Not excited about Global #17, but then again, I STILL haven't received #16! And memebox doesn't send me tracking or shipping emails anymore either... Is anyone else having shipping problems with memebox? Also, global boxes used to be a place to try out samples/full sized from mid-range korean cosmetics- I don't need a box full of cheap brands I could easily pick out myself for the same price.
  7. I'm excited about the eyeshadow in MSA box 2 because it's organic/vegan- I love that Liz pays attention to the ethics of the companies she sources from. I know some people don't like the spoiler, but the MSA boxes feel very authentic to me (not like the Nina Garcia travesty)
  8. Huh, so global 16 is completely different from the Korean memebox this time? I wonder why? I really wanted the Banila Cleanse it Zero No use for many of those products, sigh EDITED to remove spoiler
  9. I just received my 15th box in 6 months and I have way too much stuff- an entire ALEX ikea drawer tower full. I have plenty for gifts and I could wait a year before buying most products I need. Just to give people a realistic idea of how long it takes to be in product overload.
  10. ? Is it so unreasonable to expect OMG in an OMG box or cute things in a Cute Wishlist box?
  11. The new get it beauty box for October is up on the Korean memebox site... most of this will end up being in global #16, based on past boxes!
  12. I haven't purchased a box in a month, but I wanted tea tree and thought I'd pick it up with global #18. "We've got working VIP codes!" ---Memebox email, sent 5 minutes ago No. No you don't.
  13. I...I actually really like OMG2. Maybe my expectations have been lowered appropriately? lol
  14. Cool, global #14 has all that and even more than the korean version, wasn't expecting that! Can't wait to get all those fun masks.

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