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  1. I got 3 points in my account too. In the description it says "GetYour3rdBox", and I really ordered only 2 boxes on that account... Anyway perhaps they should have made it clearer on the email
  2. Hi all I wonder if anyone still recognize me haha, I haven't logged in for weeks because of my hectic schedules... Thanks to the lack of time to check Memebox deals and stuff I haven't purchased a box since the Oriental Medicine box! (yayyy) But now I feel like I have a lot of catch-ups to do, the website looks a lot different from what I remembered... And i got the "we missed you" email saying that 5 memepoints are added into my account, so perhaps it's time to buy yet another memebox! Any advice?
  3. Okay the bubble pop box looks interesting enough! There are some companies in my country ordering items from Korea (of course with a handling fee), maybe you can see if there's similar service at your country! You'rr right -the Korean version luckybox contains different sets of items - some are really expensive but some are kinda meh like only 2 items in a box... I personally prefer the Global version luckybox because it's less risky
  4. Thanks for the pics! Thoughts:
  5. Anyone got the feeling that the herbal box has a similar vibe as the from nature box?
  6. Yep and I have purchased on the site for numerous times since last year. Make sure you find a reputable seller though! I personally only shop from sellers sending items from Korea. It depends on individual sellers, by my experience usually seller ships within 1-2 working days. The longest time I had to wait was 5 working days if I remember correctly.
  7. Got this box during the memepoint frenzy too Since Hanbang (한방: Korean medicine/oriental medicine) themed and said to "fit for the royalty", I'd expect products featuring ginseng, cordyceps, lingzhi and other expensive herbal ingredients! I'm thinking of brands like Sooryehan, Danahan, Hanyul (and of course Sulwasoo and History of Whoo too but they are really high-end brands, I wonder if Memebox can source those products within their budget). Products from Hanbang lines of roadshop brands (e.g.: Missha's Geum Sul line, Tony Moly's Gyeol Oriental line, It's Skin's Biyoonjin line) may also appear in this box. Aloe vera is not an orthodox ingredient in most East Asian medicine (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) because it originally grows in Africa... so I guess it's unlikely that the aloe mist will be included in this box! I just hope it's not a hair-heavy box. It seems like many Hanbang items featured in past global memeboxes are hair-related (Kerasys shampoo, Ryoe Shampoo - with exception of the Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence which is a face serum). Please memebox give us some highly raved Hanbang products and wow us!
  8. Just got my minibox 2 and here are the pictures! Thoughts: I paid just $5 after using points so IMO the value is acceptable! Anyway I hope you all enjoy your minibox!
  9. Is it the May edition of the Korean version memebox? Looks quite similar: http://m.memebox.com/page/3426
  10. Hmmm since they included a aloe vera gel I wonder why they don't put the highly raved Nature Republic aloe vera gel but include the Welcos version (some nugu brand?) But that's a huge bottle of ampoule! Usually they are 30ml or less and this has... 100ml O.o
  11. Yes I think this is a known issue, check here for the solutions: http://testerkorea.com/page.asp?uid=42 I personally find using Chrome is less likely to encounter this problem
  12. My Espoir Face Slip Nude Cushion just arrived! Totally admiring the sleek packaging now
  13. Omo omo me is excited! I will wait for your post
  14. Regular memebox if you can endure the long wait, since the latest one that's available won't ship until August. My first box was a luckybox then the second one was a themed memebox, because I didn't want to wait so long to get the box.
  15. I hope they reply emails and ship out memeshop orders as fast as they chrun out boxes! Edit: oops double posts!

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