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  1. @@EdithS2 -- I like your signature. Writing out your goals is definitely helps.
  2. @@AshleyK -- Thanks a bunch for posting the video.
  3. This could sound quite enabler-ish so you may not want to read it depending on your state of mind...
  4. I like the way you think. Honestly, I don't need any eye shadow or blush or bronzer or any more lip products of any description for the foreseeable future and not buying any for an entire year would probably be very good for me.
  5. Its the weekend and for some sick/sad/strange reason I'm looking forward to the Ipsy sneak peek on Monday. Seriously, what is wrong with me?!
  6. Its your call. For what its worth, I count foils & single use products such as Crest Whitestrips & sheet masks in pairs as one used item. The sheet masks I have are single items I received in a beauty beauty boxes, I didn't buy them in a box of ten (or similar).
  7. 1. d/s Lancome mascara 2. d/s Lancome mascara 3. Red Cherry Lashes 4. J. Cat Lashes 5. J. Cat Lashes 6. d/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss 7. f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss 8. f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss 9. f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss 10. f/s Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss 11. chemise c/o Wantable intimates 12. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette 13. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette 14. d/s Lancome eye shadow palette 15. d/s Lancome blush Everything I have listed above is unused and in pristine condition. 15 items in my donation pile. 35 to go.
  8. Running totals up to day 30: 24 foil (pairs) 13 vials 35 deluxe samples 9 full-sized products Tossed: 6 of 36 were destroyed 4 of 36 gave away 2 of 36 cosmetic bags (1 damaged, 1 ugly) 24 of 36 old/expired products
  9. 1. Seriously. I need to study more and get caught up on my schoolwork. 2. I am sure that I will generate my 100th empty and continue to generate more (before day 40). 3. Since I have been ill I need to make sure I am taking good care of myself for the foreseeable future so I don't get sick again. Lots of fluids, lots of rest... 4. I still need to gather some documents for tax reasons. That chore still needs to be done since I was ill recently. This is a legendary pain in the ________ . 5. Continue to declutter & purge things I no longer need from my living space. 6. Spend money wisely.
  10. Here's my empties update for days 21-30. My d/s Lancome BiFacil is on the list now because I will certainly finish the last of it before bed tonight. Surely this will be the only product I finish off today. I feel like I did very well especially considering that I got off to a slow start for days 21-30. For days 31-40 I think I will continue to use lots of items from my stash. Right now I am working on a bunch of different products and I am close to finishing off a handful of them, hopefully inside the next one to two days. Sometime inside days 31-40 I think I am going to manage to use my 100th item from my beauty stash and that is far faster than I anticipated in the beginning. Once I use item #100 I will post an update and a picture of all 100 empties! As I said before I am treating this as a 100 day challenge and not a 100 item challenge so I will continue using items from my stash and posting progress! Here's the list of the items I tossed. Here's my photo of empties.
  11. At my local YWCA I happen to know they do not accept electronics, items in need of repair, and large furniture items (among others). Items they want/need include: personal care & beauty products, women's clothing, children's clothing, and general household items. While I am unlikely to find one item per day, I am sure that I can find 50 items inside 50 days to donate. My plan is as follows: at least ten articles of used clothing from each of my two of my children and from myself, at least six pairs of gently used shoes/boots, at least four hats, unwanted items from my beauty subscriptions (quantity TBD), at least ten unopened/pristine items from my makeup stash,* purge & donate items in cabinet above my fridge/stove (such as extra coffee cups & old glass vases) and the assortment random items from the cabinetry in my laundry room.** *My makeup stash is just too big and items will expire before they are used. I would rather donate items which can be used now rather than throw away expired and untouched beauty products later. At least this way there is a chance these products will be used and enjoyed. **These areas in my house have stored the same assortment of random items which must be generally useless since these items haven't moved or seen the light of day in over seven years.
  12. There are 50 days between now and the first day of Spring. Now is a great time to get a head start on your Spring cleaning. The challenge: gather then donate at least one item per day from your household which you no longer need or will no longer use between now and March 20, 2015. First, find a worthy cause in your area such as a women’s shelter or homeless shelter then determine what types of items they want/need and will accept as donations. Then donate gently used clothing from yourself or any other members of your household, pristine unopened beauty products/personal care products, or general household items such as any item used to cook or serve or prepare food, furniture/lamps/shelving, books, or modern/safe baby-related items. You could even go through your pantry and donate any unopened non-perishable food items to your local food bank. If all goes well you may have to make more than one trip to drop off your donations! Is anyone else up for this challenge?
  13. On January 1, 2015 I started "day one" of my no-buy experience with a warm bath, a lovely sheet mask, a bit of a cold, and thankfully no hangover since I was the designated driver the night before. The sheet mask was something I had and for some strange reason, I was afraid to use it. It seemed like one of those things we hold onto for someday special. Using the sheet mask was me stepping outside my comfort zone. The sheet mask smelled refreshing, it made my skin feel smooth, and at some point I look forward to purchasing this product though that probably won't be until later this year and that's totally ok. I am in absolutely no rush to buy beauty products even if I am in love with a particular product. Rather than shopping, spending money, and accumulating more things - I have been focusing my time and energy on using the products I have accumulated. I don't feel the least bit deprived and this has been a positive experience. There has been the odd product which has been disappointing like the face moisturizer sample from Sephora that smelled like dill pickles. I also discovered that liquid lipsticks vary by brand - they most definitely are not created equally. Trying new products and discovering things I would like to buy in the foreseeable future but not immediately is more exciting and more satisfying than shopping. I feel more in control of myself and I feel like I am getting a clearer picture of my own likes and dislikes. When I buy beauty products after this 100 day challenge is over, I know will be able to make more informed decisions.
  14. Better late than never.... here are my empties from days 11-20. For the past couple days I wanted to do an empties update for days 21-30 though I haven't because I really want to hold out until tomorrow (day 30). Tomorrow, I might just use the last of a handful of things to make my number a bit higher and that much more satisfying. Over the last several days I have continued to toss old and/or useless products which I have to admit will never be used or enjoyed. One thing I can say is since I have been trying out different hair products and giving my hair more TLC than usual - my hair has never looked or felt better than it does right now!
  15. Most of the products I am using right now are deluxe sized and even when they are near empty I find myself really looking forward using the last little bit!
  16. I am in awe of you with 30 items in your closet. Does this include everything like t-shirts & pjs? Or do the 30 items consist of your work attire?
  17. Overall, I'm really happy with this month's assortment and I'm really excited to see what BB has in store for February! Did you like your BB?
  18. I so envy your closet. Mine needs to be thoroughly purged.
  19. Instead of dreading using a product in its entirety and generating an 'empty' I have started really looking forward to generating an accumulation of empty containers. Using the last of something is a strangely satisfying feeling now.
  20. This week I have been super sick and thank goodness I am on the mend (so it seems). The good news is I definitely haven't bought anything. While waiting for prescriptions I have looked at beauty products and I have been disciplined enough not to buy anything. The bad news is I have been staying away from using beauty products so I haven't generated as many empties as I would have liked. This week all I have used is shampoo, body wash, eye cream, moisturizer, and a bit of lotion. Since I had a strong start this set back isn't going to hurt me because I have a LOT of time to generate 50 more empties!!!
  21. My advice to you is toss and replace your mascara, eye lash primer, and liquid eyeliner every three months. Also, toss these items immediately if you have an eye infection and open fresh products after the infection is gone. It seems as though there's a bit of conflicting information out there on how often to replace these things but I think eyes are awfully important so I'd rather be cautious. Besides, I'd rather have a fresh tube of mascara every 90 days than have waste my time in a doctor's office getting my eyes checked then have to go out and buy prescription eye drops (or similar) afterwards - especially since all this expense, discomfort, and hassle can be easily prevented. I consider tossing and replacing my mascara, lash primer, and liquid eyeliner 'empties' after they are three months old. To me, this habit seems responsible not wasteful.
  22. Just remember, you aren't getting older. You're getting hotter!!!!
  23. Thank you for the encouragement. At this point whether its five empties or fifty doesn't really matter to me because progress is progress and there's still a long way to go until the challenge is over!
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