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  1. Just an update, ipsy just notified me that they accidentally sent a repeat in my April box from prior boxes and asked me whether I wanted extra 500 points or an extra sample in the next box. I think that amount of care to correct something that I probably wouldn't care too much about (I'm getting a repeat eyeshadow brush which I like anyway) states that they want to make sure their customers are satisfied. I'm sorry, but I simply can't say the same for birchbox. I'm so glad I cancelled.
  2. I'm sure I will be adding more, but to start with I have a few things that I'd love to swap for other things. (Edited to add: all are new, unused) Makeup: Be a Bombshell the one stick, Flustered, 7.3g Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil, 1.4g Beauty: Ipsy J.cat Eyelashes + Eyelash glue, EL15 ModCloth Stylish Surprise Swaps: http://www.pinterest.com/lifeissurreal/modcloth-stylish-surprises/ Rocket Dog Black Booties, size 6 Neon on a Roll Dress, size small Emerald Envy Dress, size small
  3. I see that I have 15 posts now, but it's still not popping up for me. Maybe I don't have "valid posts"? I don't know exactly what that means though.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MsBLittleton FYI!!!! Just got this email!! Did anyone do this? I'm curious as to what stuff they send. Do you have a choice or is it a surprise? I'm tempted to buy something just for the surprise, but that's the worst reason to shop. Haha. Hope someone posts what they received!
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the love. (Oh, and utgal - I'm from Houston too, but I went to Texas A&M...haha)
  6. Thanks! I will look for it. Can you use a typical lipstick over it or do you just do lip gloss over it. I tried doing lipstick over chapstick/balms,but they inevitably come off onto my teeth!
  7. Oh, I see. Thanks for you help. I guess I will wait. She was just great and I just wanted to leave her much deserved feedback
  8. I have the most dry, chapped lips almost year-round and can't seem to find a lip color that won't dry my lips out more. (FYI - my dry lips started after I used accutane for acne treatment over 10 years ago). Every lipstick I have tried worsens my dry lips to the point where the color seeps into my lip wrinkles (I didn't realize I started having these). I think lip gloss seems to be less drying for me, but I can't find one which will stay and look true to color. Any recommendations?
  9. I LOVE IPSY! I've used most of the things they've sent over the past 6 months. On the contrary, I HATED Birchbox. I tried them out for about 6 months before cancelling. I hated almost everything they sent. For instance, feet wipes?!?!?! Ughh..what was THAT about. My sister loves glossybox and I might consider subscribing to that. For now, though, I am in LOVE with my ipsy boxes
  10. I recently joined and lurked for a bit. I found this forum after googling subscription boxes and almost every top link suggested this forum. A little about myself - I am a Texan at heart, but for the past 7 years have been living in NYC and because of that I have a little Southern classic-style fashion interest mixed with urban-modern updates. As for makeup, I don't know much, but I'm wanting to learn so much more. I've already corresponded with a few ladies on the forum through the modcloth stylish surprise thread and swaps thread and everyone is so nice. I hope to continue finding out more and sharing ideas/thoughts/makeup and whatever else comes.
  11. Sorry to bump this thread, but I'm having the same difficulty. I can't leave feedback from someone I did a swap with. Is it because my post count is too few? The "leave feedback" option does not show up when I click on the feedback tab as mentioned above. Sorry if this is a repeat. She's been on here for awhile - I guess it's just me?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by briebear For sale or trade.. All are size small. The Catwalk Red Skirt By Bettie Page Milan a Roll Jacket in Black Paint a Picturesque Dress in Leaves by Myrtlewood Rock Steady Fan-Stache-tic Pin-up Skirt I have this dress (the Myrtlewood) in an XS, but it's really smaller than I'd prefer. If there's anything in my swaplist (up above) you'd want please let me know and if not, I'm totally willing to buy the dress. The one I have is so nice, but a Small would be nicer so that I might be able to breathe.
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