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  1. I got: Jelly Pong Pong liquid gossamer- whole lotta nope there Smashbox Mascara- whole lotta nope Trestique- in *surprise* Chile red...so nope Luxie eyeshadow- I might have been happier about this if it were a different color. This one is too dark for me. Skininc Pure revival peel- I don't use this kinda stuff. The only plus side of this bag is the actual bag. Although after seeing all the options, I don't think there was actually anything I wanted. Maybe December will be fabulous.
  2. Those are eyeshadows from geekchic's Superneutrals & Timey Wimey collection.
  3. Oh and I will be shipping off to @@Jayderose tomorrow morning.
  4. I took these out because they were hazardous. Just a friendly reminder, nail polish (and most hair sprays) can not be shipped via air. This is what I took. Not pictured: a lipstick in a velvet bag, and the bellapierre highlighter/shadow. The lipstick broke and fell on my carpet when I opened it to look at the color. The bellapierre was broken and white powder leaked all over. Oh and one of those nail polish pods because it leaked. This is what I put back in, plus a few other surprises that aren't pictured because I wasn't sure if I could fit them...but I did. Because this box is magical.
  5. I took some stuff out, and there was still no space. So I went through it again...and it looks better. I may go through one more time because I have so much stuff I want to put back. Also no one should feel bad for taking out more than they put in. I just want my stuff to find a home...that isn't mine.
  6. Hi ladies, received the box last night when I came home from work. Will post photos tonight or tomorrow.
  7. rofl....I read "full exposure" and my mind went to full size. Whoops.
  8. Welp, I definitely don't want this. I think it's awful. Maybe it's just me and my weird face, but after about two hours I look like a racoon. Although it is cool that for once there's a full size prestige brand.
  9. It's also important to mention that nail polish remover, anything in an aerosol can, hair sprays (including some salt/beach sprays that contain alcohol), body sprays and anything that has alcohol in the first 5 ingredients and a runny consistency are also required to be shipped ground because they are considered hazardous materials. These items have a high flash point and can easily be ignited while in flight under the right circumstances. If USPS catches these, the sender can be fined a whole lot of money. Source:trained in shipping/handling hazardous materials.
  10. I wish Ipsy (and other sub boxes) would stop sending out black eyeliner...at least for a little while. I have received 3 black liners from sub boxes this month, and two last month. I don't wear black eyeliner. In the event that another color is an option...I never ever get it. Then again, I guess it doesn't matter because no matter what they do someone will be unhappy.
  11. There is nothing I will use in this box. I could also smell the Ahava hand cream before I even opened the box. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how much I hate the scent of Ahava products. Going to give the hair regrowth treatment to my boyfriend though....even though it's "formulated for women" hehehe.
  12. I'm gettin' the blush, ya'll....and a f'ing black eyeliner....AGAIN. But really: The Balm liquid lipstick (yay!) Laura Gellar Blush (yay!) Coastal Scents black eyeliner (yuck) Nourish Organic Argan face serum (yuck) Balanced Guru body scrub (yay?)

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