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  1. The PS email says FedEx Smartpost, but if you click to track, my FedEx page says FedEx Ground. My original tracking for the vacation box said it'd arrive today but it sat in Tracy, CA, for two days so I didn't make it today like it originally said. Now it says tomorrow.
  2. I thought last Tue. that I'd get mine today, if not yesterday, but then it took two days to get from KY to IN... And then two or three days within IN... The shipping is soooo slooooow.... Should be here Monday now. Anyway mine originally said the 29th so you might still get it sooner.
  3. The socks were the color scheme or design or something like that was on his Wesley Crusher shirt.
  4. Oh no! My husband's actually not hooked it up and tried it yet and didn't bring it with him this weekend. We've been really busy this past week, and he barely had ten minutes to look at the box's contents when he was finally home to open it. I told him he needs to try it as soon as he's back home. Did you contact Quarterly? My husband liked the first two boxes that Wil curated. He is about the same age as Wil, and all of the items were things he and his brother liked and were into in the 70s and 80s. Between the price of the box, shipping no longer being free, and the next one having a 90s theme, which doesn't interest him, he cancelled his subscription.
  5. Several weeks ago I did some searches for hints to WIL02:
  6. Their email stated it's a one time credit: "As of March 1, 2015, we will start charging a flat rate US shipping fee of $5 for our $50 and $75 subscriptions and $8 for our $100 subscriptions. International shipping rates will remain the same. As a token of our appreciation, all subscriptions active before March 1st will receive a loyalty shipping credit towards their next box. If you've been waiting to try out a new curator, take advantage of our free shipping one last time and subscribe before March 1st." This is why I was annoyed/anxious about the Wil Wheaton box--it was supposed to ship in Feb. but of course, as always, it didn't actually ship until March. They charged us however on 2/28 so we have the shipping credit for the next box, but beyond that... I will have a hard time justifying it...
  7. Years ago I got a somewhat similar adapter in Europe and really like it. I didn't get the box, and while it looks good, I personally am glad I didn't get it since I technically have some very similar items already! So I do think that the items they chose are really practical, even if it didn't fit my needs. I think that Baggu bag has made it into several subscription boxes this month--I think it was in the KloverBox and maybe something else??? I obviously need to stop stalking subscription box sites...
  8. I stopped getting this box several months ago but just re-subbed for Australia with the recent RueLaLa deal. Is it just me or is it odd that I never saw any spoilers, there's still nothing about Australia in the Next Desination section of their website, and they've not posted anything on their website since 2/18/15?
  9. We tried last night as well. N We tried last night as well... Doubting anyone will make use of the coupon. It's too much out of pocket.
  10. I did see on the quarterly facebook page very recently that "the vintage action figures took a bit more time to source and arrive at our warehouse than expected." They were supposed to send that box out earlier...
  11. Have you tried to redeem the code yet? It says it's $20 off kits so we weren't sure if you had to use it on a kit or if you could just pick out $20 worth of additional pieces--we were thinking the same thing, that the kits otherwise are quite expensive and we don't want to buy an entire kit, even with $20 off. In addition did you notice the code expires already this weekend?!
  12. I'm sure they will send you one if it was left out. Ours was just a small one loose in the box (not in original packaging or anything like that), almost overlooked it since it was buried in the shredded packing paper stuff.
  13. Well, in the bigger picture, if the box were just for me, I wouldn't have liked it, esp at that price. I was glad my husband liked it and thought it was fun. I've tried getting him sub boxes for 'geeks and gamers,' but really they end up being a lot of vinyl figures, t-shirts, and stickers, and he lost interest pretty quickly. I was a fan of Stars Wars (huge crush on Luke Skywalker) when it first came out so that stuff was fun for us both.
  14. Sounds like we're sticking around for the May/80s box, esp since we have the $8 loyalty shipping credit. We're about the same age as Wil, so the 70s box was nostalgic for us -- although it was way more fitting for my husband than for me due to the big ticket item, which didn't interest me at all. As a kid, he had the Radio Shack '150 in 1 Electronic Project Kit,' which influenced an interest in computers and electonics, so the curation and theme of the box made sense to him. I'd be curious to see what others got in their 70s box!
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