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  1. Ugh I'm so pissed right now. I saw last month when you ladies posted that you had to cancel by the 15th or be billed for all eternity, but I went to my account and had nothing under recurring subscriptions (I had a 3-month sub that ended in July), so I figured I was safe. I never got the email about changes to subscriptions and apparently got an email two days ago saying my subscription would be restarted. Of course, I get like 2953238 spammy emails from them a day and I'm in the process of moving, so I didn't see it. They billed me $60 today. WTF sdgkshdgkahdkjh?!!!! I cancelled and emailed CS, but if they give me that stupid line about "oh nothing we can do, we're already processing it, no it's too hard for us to deal with so sorry eff you", I'm going to flip. And by flip, I mean file a dispute because this is some shady shit.
  2. Yay, so happy with this box. I looooove Bite so they pretty much had me there. Now to decide whether to get the Fall LE box or not. I didn't like the summer one, but I would have been totally happy with last fall's.
  3. FINALLY got my selection through. I had emailed earlier too since I wasn't feeling too optimistic. My selection drop-down also showed the Everyday Luxuries box as out of stock now too.
  4. Seriously. As obnoxious as it is to read their response to every complaint on facebook (refresh the page, you say? What a novel idea! I definitely haven't done that 29452085 times already), there's really nothing they can do right now. Not fun.
  5. Yep it's sucking for me too. I'm trying on both Chrome and Safari and nothing...
  6. Yeah their CS is not doing so hot right now. I never got a response to my email, voicemail, or FB message, but I got through to them on the phone on Saturday. You could hear all the other phone conversations that were happening in the background and the CS rep had to keep putting the phone down to look stuff up in the system (like four times) so I kept hearing all of that. They are shipping me the missing product, so that is good at least. I also asked them to cancel my account and the rep said she would and then I received a voicemail and email shortly after saying that I still have 2 months prepaid so I have to call back to discuss how to deal with that, which I haven't done yet. I'm not sure how I could possibly have 2 months left since I'm pretty sure my 3-month sub renewed in May or June. I just really don't want to deal with them auto-renewing my subscription again without giving much warning. I find it really frustrating that 1) there's nothing on your account page showing when your current subscription expires and when you will be billed again and 2) there's no way to cancel or switch to a different payment schedule without calling CS. It doesn't help that I also had to deal with Fabletics CS on Saturday too. I just wanted to cancel my account and the CS rep kept reading off all these things I would be "missing out on" if I cancelled until I finally just barked at him to cancel it and be done. I hate phones.
  7. I'm getting spooked by their CS issues. I emailed on 7/9 (see previous post in this thread) and still no response. I just called (stupid since they're on PST but still) and left a voicemail asking them to respond to my email and cancel my account and sent a FB message asking the same. I wasn't really bothered by the slower shipping this month since my box still arrived before any of my other monthly subs, but the fact that they sent the wrong item (which happened to be cheaper than the one I paid for!!!) and now aren't responding is worrisome.
  8. I just got mine and I snorted when I tried it on. THIS IS A HAT FOR ANTS.
  9. I had the body polish as an add on and I didn't get it either. I also got some nail touch up/cleaning/scrape-y tool that I didn't order. I'm probably going to cancel next month anyway because I now have more polish than I could ever use. Not that I'll stop buying more, but I'd rather randomly buy pretty colors when I'm in Ulta than have a sub box "for the value".
  10. Agree 1000 times with whoever said the hat makes or breaks the box. I only wear hats while running and I don't think this one would work for that. I'll have to see when it gets here. I'll probably use the sunscreen and the jump rope, but I'm not too pumped about the rest. I'm wishing I had just waited for spoilers but at least the salad tongs will make a good stocking stuffer for my sister (if I don't lose them in the next 5 months!). I'm definitely more of a fall/winter person, so I should probs stop shelling out for summer boxes. I'm much happier with scarves and body butters than hats and sunscreen. Alas.
  11. Argh! I unsubscribed from BeautyDNA months ago (which required two rounds of emails to get them to follow through) and now they're sending me product surveys from a DoNotReply address with no unsubscribe link. I got a response from CS to my request to be taken off their lists yesterday saying she had deleted my address but would also like me to take the survey (um, no thanks please stop bothering me). Today I got another survey email. WTF? This is so unprofessional and shady. They seem to be making it intentionally difficult to unsubscribe from their service and their mailings. I guess I'm glad I'm not still getting billed like others in this thread, but this company needs to get it together!
  12. I had the same problem (signed up a few days ago thinking I would get July but lo and behold there were still June boxes to ship). I emailed CS saying I didn't want the June box as I had already received one and would they please cancel my order or switch it to June. Apparently that's too difficult for them but they did offer to let me return it and sent a return label so that's what I'll do.
  13. Argh I just caved and tried to reactivate my sub to get the July box using the refer5 code and it said I'm getting a June box. WTF???!!!! I unchecked the waitlist box and everything! I emailed CS so they better fix this or I will be super annoyed. The June box was fine but there was nothing in there I would want 2 of.
  14. They are really bad at processing returns. I returned a nail polish last month that was received by the returns facility on 5/29. I emailed on 6/10 because nothing had happened, got a response within 3 hours saying the rep had just processed the return and my bank account indicates the return was credited that day as well. It almost feels like they're just hoping people will forget about things and they won't have to deal with it. Squeaky wheel, my friends.
  15. I hope that worked. Sorry the pictures are so crappy. The shadows swatched really well except for the matte brown which sucks.
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