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  1. Pretty happy and I like the bag, which may be a 1st!
  2. You never fail to crack me up!!! *LOL* Oh, and I am excited to try the lipstick, too!
  3. I am getting: Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye NEOGEN CODE 9 GOLD BLACK CAVIAR ESSENCE & GOLD TOX TIGHTENING PACK Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Light or Medium IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask
  4. @@Reija are these the sunglasses? http://www.yhflosangeles.com/collections/q1-2015-intrigued-collection/products/cashton-brown
  5. Does anyone know if the box is sold out yet? I didn't see anything saying so on the website.... not sure whether I am best off selling the box as a whole unopened (only if it's sold out) or putting up the individual pieces separately. Just hoping to recoup my investment since so far I am not interested in any of it.
  6. I think it's pretty on the model, but I am just too afraid I'd end up looking like Mrs Roper from Three's Company !
  7. It looks like I will be selling my whole box . I am not even going to open it. None of what I have seen so far is for me. Bummer.
  8. Thanks for letting us know about the billing issues. I had emailed them a few weeks back asking them to cancel my year sub after the Summer box (burnt out). Now, I have no faith that would actually happen (even if I saved the email from them confirming this) so I just removed my card from my profile. Take THAT billing bozos!!
  9. I rec'd the version with the Sea Salt Spray (which I'll never use), unfortunately. I like the contents and I like the "highlight" shade of the pencil, but to me, it's just too fine. I would like a thicker one like the Benefit Eyebright, but in a color like the one we received in the box. Does anyone know of a product that may fit the bill? Thanks, in advance.
  10. The jury is still out for me on this one...... Lariat necklaces are hard to wear for me.
  11. Yay! Happy about the brow highlighter. I have used Benefit Eye Bright for years but read somewhere that a more beige tinted pencil is best for blue eyes and was looking online for one just last night. I hope this fits the bill!
  12. Personally, I hope there aren't any sunglasses! Sorry! They are way too subjective style-wise and fit-wise, plus I am old and wear prescription sunglasses (shshshsh, don't tell). Please NO bronzer, either! I would love to see a really GOOD facial sunscreen without all the harmful ingredients. I know she just did a purse so this is unlikely, but a really roomy beach tote or backpack would be awesome. I would love a cute wallet or really nice cosmetic bag. Anything travel related is most welcome and would get used. Summer is travel season so fingers crossed on that one. Looking forward to it already. When do you think a spoiler will be released?
  13. I keep hitting "refresh" and I didn't even order the thing!
  14. Just a thought to share with everyone needing a shorter strap length. You can take it to a shoe repair and they could easily shorten the strap for you. The cost, I would guess, would be minimal. I sold my bag on ebay so I don't have the issue but if I kept it that's exactly what I would have done.
  15. So I finally rec'd my box today. I really wanted to like the purse and I DO, but I think it's too juvenile for me. I mean by that I am just not the target market for the "festival" look. It's on ebay as we speak. I got the silver bracelet and I do think it's much prettier in person but again, not my style. It's keeping the bag company on ebay. I received the Jouer Eyeshadow in marble which is a pretty gray. Unfortunately, I have really deep set eyes so I cannot pull off darker shadows. It's now an ebay trifecta. I will totally hang on to and use the earbuds. They are nice quality and I love that they're bamboo. I have oddly become a fan of dry shampoo especially when it's a lazy Sunday and I can't be bothered to shower. Happy to have another can (I think I have about 9 now *LOL*). The blotting papers will be perfect for vacation this summer and I will put aside the La Mer for when my current serum runs out. Looking forward to trying it, and like I said before, hoping to hate it because of the price tag. I am still not disappointed even though I am selling the top 2 items. I feel this box has a better perceived value than winter, but for me Fall was the winner so far.
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