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    <p>I'm a 21 year old student from Ireland with a slightly unhealthy obsession with tea, photography and makeup. My blog is my personal corner of the internet where I bring together the best of what I've discovered; makeup products, bloggers and techniques. Stay tuned for makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls or drop me an email with any questions/suggestions/requests.</p>
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    Tea, makeup, photography
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    Coastal Scents, e.l.f, MAC, L'Oreal, NYX
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    I always take up a new hobby in the weeks coming up to exams. Illustrating a book, making a scrapbook, drawing portraits, building a website, writing a blog…
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  1. Hiya beauties, I'm compiling a guide to makeup brushes with descriptions, hints, tips etc. Is there any hints/tips you would be willing to share (I give full credit to all sources/contributors) or is there anything you would like to see? Thanks in advance
  2. I'm considering buying a couple of Sigma brushes and was wondering if anyone could vouch for specific brushes? I'm mainly curious about the following F86 F82 E30 E40 E25 Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated!
  3. I have quite a mixture of brushes but after a bad experience with a MAC brush I've stuck to mostly budget friendly options. Coastal Scents brushes dominate my collection. I bought Coastal Scents 22 brush set at Christmas and haven't looked back. I also have quite a few e.l.f brushes because I've always been impressed with their level of quality. *Edited by Babs28 to remove blog promotion per our TOS*
  4. I have had my DSLR Canon 400D for years so I've ended up using that. It's way better than my phone for getting true to life pictures. One of the biggest challenges starting has been working with natural lighting. Frankly is doesn't matter if you're using your phone's camera or a Pro camera if the lighting isn't good neither is the photo. So I get as close to a window as possible (facing a natural light also gives you a lovely spot light effect in your eyes) and if its a dull day I'll improve the contrast with photoshop elements.
  5. I'll splurge on items I've had recommendation for. In general I love a bargain though. Splurges that haven't been worth it: MAC 109 brush MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Let's Skate *Edited by Babs28 to remove blog promotion per our TOS*
  6. Before, always! I know some people do it the other way around because of fallout from eye shadows but if you tap off the excess before you apply it that shouldn't be a problem. I think face makeup first gives you a chance to create a long lasting base for your eye shadow. I have never once had eye makeup smudge or rub off (unless I was crying) and I credit it to the fact that I always do my face first. @ which do you prefer?
  7. @@SaraP makeup always makes me feel better too whenever I'm sick or down. But god I love the occasional bare face when I can touch/rub my face and not have to check straight after that I haven't ruined my makeup. *Edited by Babs28 to remove blog promotion per our TOS*
  8. If for some ungodly reason you got stuck on a desert island by yourself what would you bring with you? (It can be a person but not something like a life raft or rescue boat, be creative!)
  9. My reaction is pretty similar, I get awkward and tongue tied. I used to have a terrible habit of immediately returning the compliment and combined with my tongue-tied-ness sometimes I came back with "I like your face". The more I admire the person giving me the compliment the more awkward and rambling my reply. I have to practice just saying thank you and not feel under pressure to follow it up with something else.
  10. Dublin, Ireland born and raised

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