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  1. How do you delete your profile?

  2. So confused by everyones "leaving" status. Did I miss something?? O.o

  3. I don't wear them all the time, only when i'm driving. and I use foundation, concealer and powder so that might look funny if I don't put make up on there when I don't wear them all day
  4. I was thinking of putting Glo Minerals translucent powder and put extra on my nose. Come to think about it I did change my moisturizer a few months ago. I wonder if that's the reason! I don't seem to notice it with my prescription glasses but I don't wear them like I should!
  5. How is the coverage on this? I've been thinking about it for awhile!
  6. I haven't changed the brand of makeup I've worn for years (or my sunglasses for about 2) and I NEVER used to have a problem with my sunglasses leaving a streak on the sides of my nose. It's to the point where I don't even want to wear my sunglasses because it leaves a mark! (and also upsets my husband because they weren't cheap) Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? I do the whole foundation, concealer and powder thing so I deff need help because I'm tried of having it! I want to enjoy my glasses!
  7. Some of the lamps are UV so it is possible! When I had one where I had to cure it for 3 minutes over and over I swear my hands would be tanner when I was done. Once I switched to LED I haven't turned any other shade of ghost
  8. Leveling is such a pain in the ass. Not being able to fly makes it so difficult since you aggro everything. Our server merged with Galakrond, I don't know why, maybe it was low pop or something. We could still do dungeons and raids cross server, but we couldn't be in the same guild or anything. They did change a ton of things in the game, they took so many buttons out and dumbed it down a ton. And nothing is balanced right now. My sham which was my main used to hit like a truck and now i struggle with my dps, while my mage does a lot more damage with crappy gear. Work out your schedule! We love having friends to do things with
  9. I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and I love it! Before I was using a concealer and a bronzer which worked fine but the contour kit blends so much better. I do wish the highlight ones were lighter though because I'm pretty ghostly LOL.
  10. When I was younger I used to constantly bite my nails. My mom even got this nail polish that when you put it in your mouth it tastes disgusting. She also told me (not sure if it's true or not) but she said that if you bite your nails there could be bacteria and parasites under them and they'll get into your stomach. That seemed to help me stop completely. There are nail strengtheners that you can buy and hardeners but I haven't found one I like. I ruined my nails with years of acrylics so my nails are paper thin. I found that gel polish works the best and gives me strength like an acrylic. I do it myself so I can build up the base coat and give them strength. I also use a nail drill to only file off the color and leave the base coat on so I'm not constantly sticking my fingers in acetone. I hope this helps!
  11. What's the name of the custom made nail polish?! :D

  12. Gelish Seafoam, Sleek White and light gold Martha Stewart glitter. I originally was going to do the glitter nail with all white, but the white was really thin and didn't want to end up hating my mani for 2 weeks, so I paired it with Seafoam. To do the glitter I did 2 coats of foundation gel (curing between each layer) then doing one coat of Top It Off, curing then leaving the tacky surface on the nail, patting it down then apply TIO, cure then dip it in the glitter, followed by your final coat of TIO. Deff a pain in the butt messing with loose glitter. I was glitterfied when I was done!
  13. LOL you missed christmas, but not easter yet. I like the expansion but having 3 100s it's very time consuming with the garrisons and keeping up on missions and work orders. I feel like I'm constantly farming, but making good gold I feel like. We play on blackhand (hordies) if you guys ever decide to play again!
  14. I'm glad you went and hope that it works for you. I know it's winter but still be careful when you're going to be out in the sun. The antibiotics and the epiduo can make your skin sensitive and cause you to burn more easily. I'm sure the dermo told you this though keep us posted!
  15. I use mainly gel which is nice because it doesn't have a dry time after it's been in the light. This is kinda hard to learn unless you've seen it done or been to a nail salon enough to see how it's done. The easiest type of nail "art" I can do is with glitter. It's really easy and usually my go to look. I see a lot of stampers online but I feel like I would some how mess this up. Take pictures when you find something!
  16. I believe I saw on pinterest that putting coconut oil on your nails every day helps them grow, I do not know if this is true or if it helps the nail beds. But it might be worth a shot!
  17. Vaseline is a skin protectant so it most likely isn't getting absorbed into the skin.
  18. I'm a licensed Esthetitican and sounds like you have cystic acne and that your skin isn't getting enough moisture.(with cystic acne you never want to try to extract, as the fluid might rupture under the skin and cause bigger issures.) I tried the seaweed like from The Body shop and although i liked it, I didn't see a huge difference in my skin. If manual exfoliating isn't working for you, I suggest getting a chemical peel at a spa to help with the build up of skin cells and help them turn over more quickly. If you don't change your pillow case ever 2-3 days I highly recommend doing that, such a small thing can make such a difference in your skin. If all else fails, I would see a dermatologist.
  19. Yeah it is. My shammy hits like a bunny right now. I'm liking my mage. But i'm getting really tired of leveling. I already have 3 100s. I want new stuff! Like the 100 jungle area
  20. Other than birchbox and ipsy what's another good monthly sub?

    1. Esthylove


      Usually skin care and make up. I have BB but my husband wanted to get me a sub for christmas. I had ipsy and wasn't happy with my neon blue eye liner. lol

    2. pokeballssohard


      I am in love with the starlooks subscription. It's such an incredible value. All full sized products, and really high quality.

    3. Esthylove


      awesome thank you! i was out of town and totally forgot to check this :)

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