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  1. sick once again. oh joy. give me a break, it's my birthday week. sheesh!

    1. pokeballssohard


      Ick. I'm sorry. That's such a bummer. Drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest! Have the man treat you to a pampered B-day week of R&R. :)

    2. Esthylove


      He already gave me two presents early because I'm sick and bummed out about my hair. He's out having a drink with coworkers right now and I'm dying for some carbs. lol

    3. Courtnee
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  2. If you do have light hair, there is a chance, with some tanners that it could possibly change the color. If you're planning to use Jergens natural glow I think it's gradual enough that you won't see any splotching or anything from stubble. I do recommend exfoliating before you do and applying lotion to dry spots (elbows, knees, ankles, knuckles) it will keep it from turning too dark. Always wash your hands after, if you don't then you'll wind up with orange palms. A tanner I really like is St. Moriz (supposed to be like St Tropez). It's $6 on amazon, but it comes from the UK.
  3. Just coated myself in self tanner. must. not. touch. anything.

  4. Headache, I think it's time to get some rooster booster! (it's the best energy drink ever!)

  5. Very true, just because someone loves it doesn't mean you will. I love to exfoliate my skin and hated it. I would much rather use a scrub!
  6. Just because there are millions of products out there doesn't mean you have to use all of them straight off the bat. Since it's new to you start off slow, you don't want to shock your skin with a bunch of products. Start off with cleansing, toning and moisturizing and then exfoliating once or twice a week. Advice I give to everyone is change your pillow case every 2-3 days, I swear by this! There are a lot of ladies on here that can help with advice!
  7. I like that pore minimizer from Sephora, it's called Dr, something. I can't remember what the name is, but I makes mine almost invisible under my makeup! It comes in a grey tube. But that's all I remember. LOL
  8. I would but I was working, and my mouth already got me in trouble while I was there. (luckily my boss was awesome) Good ol Orange County snobs. Glad I moved! Love my home, but hate the people in it.!
  9. I personally hated mine and ended up giving it to my sister. I just do chemical peels myself instead. I was just giving my input.
  10. Ooooh good, maybe I'll buy some more of the solid one!
  11. You can find cheaper ones that will basically do the same thing. Also with anything with a brush make sure you keep it clean
  12. Come on cosmos I know you're out there!
  13. Making jelly and gaming with the hubbybear :)

    1. pokeballssohard


      I don't think you're ready for this jelly

    2. Esthylove


      bahahahahah i'm making JELLO

    3. Esthylove


      i'm not THAT good at cooking. lmao

  14. I'm sure I have a bunch of horrible tips I've heard but it's 2:20am and my memory is horrible. One girl in my class told me to contour with white eye shadow. Talk about natural! Off topic, but one day I was working ( I had platinum blonde hair) and this lady walks up to me (doesn't say hi) then says "wow you look really washed out with blonde hair". I just stared at her and said thank you? I had make up on with all the stuff to make me look not dead. Take that lady, you ruined my day! Aweh, ok well I feel better about that now.
  15. They're cousins not twins! Lol, that's what my teacher taught us in school. She shouldn't have pushed it and just did what you asked!
  16. I've been on the same birth control since I was like 16 so I'm not sure if that's it but I'll have to look into it. I am on a lot of medication because I suffer from chronic migraines. I might have my husband look up the side effects for all the medications I'm on. I tend to worry if I know all the side effects of them. I usually have him read all the side effects before I take something new and if I tell him I feel some way or which ever, he'll tell me. I know it's pathetic, but I'm the biggest worrier on this planet! Oooo I rambled. It's 2am I should be sleeping!
  17. When I'm at home I tend to pin my bangs back so they're off my face. I also sleep with my hair up so it doesn't touch my face while I'm sleeping (there's nothing worse than waking up with your hair stuck to your chapstick.) The last month or so I've been feeling like I've been losing a lot more hair. Could this be from pulling my hair back every day? Or is it all the years I fried my hair catching up with me? (I opted out my platinum blonde for dark brown, I'd say my hair is much happier now). I'm starting to get worried since my hair is already thin. I keep telling my husband I'm gonna need a wig if I can't get this figured out.
  18. I tried the whole "cleansing with coconut oil" thing. I couldn't handle it. I like the foamy stuff that makes my skin feel squeaky clean after. You have a lot of patience to wait a month for some stuff, I'm very impatient and hate waiting for things. Just like the tanner I got off of Amazon is coming from the UK. I'm DYING! lol
  19. It's a gaming kinda night! :)

    1. Courtnee


      nice, love the idea of ps4 cant wait to try it out. :D

    2. Esthylove


      my dad likes to game but i keep trying to explain wow to him when he comes out here to visit and he doesn't get it. he just wants to be a "wizard" lmao

    3. MrsShaw


      bahaha that's funny. My dad said "all I ever see you do is ride or fly around, it looks boring." plus, I don't think he cares much for the fantasy genre anyway ;)

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  20. This is such a good idea! You should make a grapefruit one, it will help with cellulite! That could be a selling point! Lol. Also if they are in a rural area you might want to charge more depending where it's going. With UPS, if it's in a rural area there's a delivery surcharge that is tacked onto the price. (retired UPS extraordinaire!) I don't even think that's the right word i was looking for. Oh well I blame my headache! You make your own moisturizer?? Damn that's so awesome!
  21. If you have a rash and hives you want to calm the skin down. Don't over do it with products, you might just irritate it more. I'd take some benadryl and maybe some pure aloe (not the kind for sunburn). Try not to touch it, it needs to heal before it gets better.
  22. Omg almond butter is AMAZEBALLS. I could eat the whole jar!

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