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  1. Goals for Days 31-40 1. Wash makeup brushes 2. Drink more tea 3. Post in Empties and Monday Club threads 4. Set up new Project Pan 5. Clean/organize kitchen 100 Day No-Buy Goals 1. Paint nails 2-3x, paint toenails 1x (for each 10 day period) 2. Wear more eyeliner (pencil or dark eyeshadow) 3. Wear eyeshadow even when not going out 4. No-buy I think these are simple enough goals... I'm going to be studying for exams for the next 2 weeks, so no shopping for me
  2. @@EggyBread I'm sorry to hear that; sending best thoughts and wishes your way!
  3. Day 30 success! (probably because I've been busy, but yay) My Day 21-30 Goals: 1. Paint nails 2-3x and toenails 1x DONE 2. Face mask 2-3x DONE 3. Don't buy any sweet things when I go grocery shopping DONE 4. [i don't remember what this goal was...] I feel no sense of unconscious guilt, so I'm calling this done 5. School stuff: DONE I think I'm done buying stuff for an exchange (and successfully didn't buy anything for myself!) I also bought a slow charger for my car battery and cooking stuff (pots/bakeware), all which I needed so these are fine. Since I'm studying for USMLE Step 1, I also got two Qbanks (for test prep) (total around $450... and Qbanks are necessary for studying) and the test itself costs $600 (which I already paid for several months ago) And I need to buy plane tickets... so, I should be pretty motivated to not spend money on extraneous things for the next several weeks at least. Now onwards to Days 31-40 ETA: I finished a full-sized primer during the Days 21-30 period! (something I've been project-panning for 8-9 months) And I also unexpectedly finished a small body lotion (didn't realize how small the Fortune Cookie Soap samples were)
  4. I did all of these! And I didn't make any purchases, either. I've been pretty busy so the urge to shop hasn't been high. There was some temptation with nail polish - but I resisted. I also finished up a sample whipped soap today and a body lotion yesterday. One of the goals that I had (but didn't write down) was to wash all of my brushes - which I did. So Days 11-20 were a success for me
  5. Haha, wow, I totally forgot about all of this! (which is indicative of my interest level in the movie ) I only remember the hair (and I have a vague recollection of the sweatshirt). But I think you might be right - I'd be excited for orange anything (eyeshadow, blush, or lip color), though
  6. Primer: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro* (depotted; should be used up by the end of this week!), dr. brandt - pores no more pore refiner (deluxe sample) Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal* Blush: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - Fresh Pink*, Little Sparrow - Yolk Highlight: Kiss My Sass - Moonbeam Cream Highlight (sample) Powder: Rimmel - Stay Matte* Eye Primer: theBalm - Put a Lid On It* (depotted), Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy Eyeshadow: Maybelline - Sunbaked Neutrals Palette*, Aromaleigh - Coatlicue and 100 Years of Winter, Shiro - Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees, Glamour Doll Eyes - Juicy Mango, Femme Fatale - Perspecto-Illusion Lip Gloss: Victorian Disco - Atomic Rose (sample) (I really just need to use this up) Fragrance: Bvlgari - Jasmin Noir (sample), Haus of Gloi - Troika (sample)
  7. I didn't like Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind (I thought the only good part of the movie was the surprise at the end)... but I was very intrigued by the preview pics (especially by the periodic table in the background) and I'm excited to see the colors! Someone mentioned or speculated here that there might be an orange shade? I love orange eyeshadows
  8. The pattern has been that Shiro only has 2 sales per year - the anniversary sale (in late April, last year it was 15% off) and Black Friday.
  9. I did well for the first 10 days! (I only bought things for an exchange, which is allowed). So for days 11-20 my goals are: 1. Wear more eyeliner: I normally just wear eyeshadow, but I have some eyeliners that I want to use more. If I'm going to be out for less than 3 hours, then I'm going to use the pencil liners I have; if I'm going to be out for a longer period of time then I can use my darker eyeshadows to line my eyes (because I'm worried about smudging). 2. Paint toe nails once every 10 days. I normally use nail polish on my fingernails 2-3 times a week, but only paint my toe nails once a month. Since I have quite a bit of nail polish, I want to increase the frequency. 3. Wear eyeshadow and a lip product even if I'm not going out. Continue to document which eyeshadows I wear so that I get a decent rotation through my stash, play with different colors/looks, and remind myself of how much I have. I've been really busy since the start of the year, so my urge to buy makeup has actually been low (which is a good thing!)
  10. Face Primer: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro (depotted)* Foundation: Bourjois Heathy Mix Radiance Reveal* mixed with Maybelline WaterGel BB Cream* Blush: Hello Waffle - Rose-Coloured Glasses Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte* Eyes Primer: theBalm Put A Lid On It (depotted)* Shadow: stila - In the Light palette, Aromaleigh - Coatlicue, Darling Girl - Lefty-Loo Who Liner: stila - Starfish Smudge Stick Lips Revlon Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie* Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss - Pink Whisper* Fyrinnae Lip Lustre - Pygmy Hippo Fragrance: Bvlgari - Jasmin Noir sample *Project Pan
  11. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Someone needs to nominate Neon Genesis Evangelion for a CotM (or for Shiro to make a new collection... it can replace the Death Note collection). However, it wouldn't surprise me if Geek Chic Cosmetics already has an Evangelion CotM planned...
  12. I just received mine today, too! The color combo is amazing! I really like that it comes with a little box and that the colors have label art AND the names on the front, it looks really well done.
  13. I'm joining in, too! The basic rules I'm setting for myself are: 1. Only one indie sub 2. I can buy things for a swap I didn't buy any makeup for myself this month (even for my birthday)! I received a super awesome exchange package and I still need to play with all the goodies. Hopefully the sub and stuff I get for the swap will satisfy the 'waiting-for-packages' hole in my life for the 100 days
  14. Aromaleigh said that the Monday deal and Weekly sales will also apply to the mini-jars - so aren't they effectively/practically $2.40 to $3 per jar? (40% and 25% off respectively; and I imagine most people buy during a sale, anyways)
  15. For some reason, I now want a Naruto collection to exist... (so many characters, villages (the symbols can be label art!), and jutsu... so many possibilities). I stopped reading Naruto and Bleach several years ago, but this just gave me nostalgic feels.

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