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  1. Is the Mizon essence not a pack of 30 sheets??
  2. Phew! Now the only bad thing is the wait. I need this box in my hands.
  3. So many people bought it specifically because they wanted the bounce cheese and it stated it was full size. We know that's not the full size. I am not happy about that at all. I have never complained to them about anything but they will be getting a complaint from me on this one.
  4. Of course I olny have one box coming this month and it's Wine and Cheese. I was really excited about it so I'm not surprised it's been delayed, with the way my life is going. This box better be epic, memebox.
  5. I would kill for a little memebox. My 11 year old wants stuff so bad but there's nothing I could get her besides a nail polish box. : /
  6. I think this is how many box companies stay in business. Deep discounts on discontinued stuff, working with companies to manufacture items exclusively for their box ( so they can use cheaper ingredients/packaging but use the same brand name), very small samples of the highly prized or up and coming brands, and freebies. So I do expect it to *some* degree but sometimes it bothers me.
  7. What do they mean by "3-5 days after release" Doesn't it usually say "purchase"? So is this actually ready to ship or not ready at all?? I'm so confused.
  8. Guuuurrrrrrl! I love it! I just subscibed to your channel.
  9. Wow. That was a ton of info on those! A lot of the benefit claims were the same for all three products. Maybe you can cut them up and use them as morning sheets?? If they are in the wine and cheese box (the only box I have coming at this point) that is what I will do with them .lol
  10. What the heck! Why do they put the same How to Use info for them both?? It even says "one swipe" In the Rose wine description! Tricky tricky.
  11. Bahahahahahaha! "So OMG" so it's nothing but vag products.
  12. So sad I just finished my second bottle of Kerasys Shampoo. I know it says it has SLS in it but it still makes my hair so soft. It smells good, it cleans well. I love it so much. Now I'm gonna have to buy a full size somewhere. Perhaps the memefairies will shine upon me and put it in Lucky 10. Oh and I also love both of the mise en scene products from Global #15. I like the treatment more than the serum. I have badly damaged and very tangly hair. A bit of this treatment is almost as good as my HG condtioner. The serum is nice but as I said, I have badly damaged hair. It makes it feel softer but doesn't change the appearance of my frizzles.
  13. Mine is a nickname from my husband from a song he frequently sings to me.
  14. Gimme global #15 spoilers, damn it!! How does no one have it yet??
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