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  1. had anyone used the Wen hair products an what are your reviews. ????????????????????????
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Katy Dale Hi people A few months ago a coloured my hair with Majicontrast Red (with 30 vol peroxide) and it turned out like this Its a lovely shade of deep red but I want a lighter red. Would I have to strip out this colour before i attempted my lighter shade of red? Also, Protein fillers? Are they worth the money? I have quite thick hair and after dying it for the last 7 years (mainly blacks and reds with bleach thrown in there) its quite hair to keep colour locked in. Any Advice and answers would be most welcome Thanks in advance if you lighten it will turn red, let it set for two weeks to see if it lightens overtime on its own.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by chelsealynn I have been so busy with work I never posted my goals for April. Basically, my goals this month have been to not make any beauty purchases (especially nail polish and perfume). I can keep my sub boxes (BB - already have an annual sub, Julep - I can buy if I like the polish colors I can also upgrade or buy add ons, and Glitter Guilty). I can also buy any clothes I like that receive from Stitch Fix. Last month I failed horribly but in the end of the month I had an unexpected expense (tv broke) so I had to put out some money I really didn't want to and that kind of snapped me out of my crazy buying. This month I have completely turned around, I kind of can't believe it. I have not made any beauty purchases! I cancelled Glitter Guilty, I like the polishes I receive but I would rather spend the money to buy a polish or something I can pick out myself instead of it being a surprise. I received a box for this month but that was paid for last month so I will not have to pay for that in April. Even though I cancelled I still am not allowed to use that money for polishes. My only purchase so far was a pair of jeans from Stitch Fix but that was allowed. It also helps that I have been working like crazy. With all of the extra hours I have been working I haven't really even had time to buy anything. I'm proud of myself so far, I think I can make it the rest of the month! lol
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Airi Magdalene Since nobody else has set up camp here, I'm a makeup and effects artist. Special effects are the main reason I got into the industry! I'll share some photos of my work here and maybe some more people will want to talk about/learn about special effects. I'd be happy to answer questions and stuff! Slit throat with some deadface. I'm really proud of the facial veins in this one. Mangled hand, made to look as though it's still bleeding. Zombie wound. wow those pics are incredible super detailed and looks as though you put in a lot of effort
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by BSquared AHHHH I was all like 100% committed to no buy....and I just realized I lost my favorite lipstick. And I'm pretty sure it got lost at a bar in Wisconsin never to be seen again I have SO MANY LIPPIES but it's my favorite and now this is hard. what kind of lip was it?? good brand??
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jolive213
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Courtnee Hey girl, your pretty gorgeous there. I am sorry for the late welcome, been busy. Lol I am glad you joined, another member to add onto the awesome list. I hope you like it on here, as soooo many people do, even me! Surprise surprise. There are a lot of people on here that are willing to help and learn with you and others, so if you need any help, just ask. Talk soon, Courtnee. PS, I'll check out your channel. But I don't have one OK? hi courtnee hope you've been getting my post to you? how do I put a picture if I want to put a pic? u know?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by louisecorbally Hey girl! I'm also new here, just joined today I'm a little bit lost and confused :/ lol But I somehow stumbled across your post and seen that you're a beauty vlogger on YouTube. I'm also one I don't think I have ever actually talked to another youtuber so I thought it might be cool! Xx https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38JWmmisU-bCnV73Iahcyw I like your youtube channel
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jolive213 No issue.. and for reply..! The problem has been solved now... I was unable to add signature due to few number of forum submission. It allow us to use signature on post 10 forum... I know that you need to have been with the forum for a period of time before you can get more features. happy to hear you like the forum
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by pinkgirlie Oh, thats sooo cool ! Koreans are known for their quality. They would be dishonored and feel shame if they made cheap stuff, like chinese goods. Koreans love quality and being perfectionists. Most koreans I know are doctors or high end fields of work. They strive to be the best in everything and will not go cheap, do shortcuts in any product or cheat people cause it goes against their ethics. This box looks awesome ! I know that the Japanese create great quality as well. it is for honor
  11. yes the skin produces oil so it is recommend to keep up with the cleaning every once in a while. but not to over do it. your skin produces natural oil which help your skin. your body produce omega 3 fatty aciids which is great for your skin.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Joshsah Hi all, I'm starting to wear make up now. I will be wearing a little, just for the eyes. I never cleanse my face when I don't wear makeup. Am I suppose to still use a facial cleanser even without makeup? I feel like my skin is getting worse and I need makeup now. I'm 20 btw. start off slow to see how skin reacts to makeup
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by OiiO I LOVE SeasonsBox! I'm most excited about the rose water because the fragrance of bulgarian roses reminds me of my grandma (in a good way!). She used to wear a fragrance which had bulgarian roses as one of its main notes like this question u know how to check post if someone replied to you?
  14. New members it is great to see members join. my aunt and her friends order from QVC many times

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