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  1. Has anyone seen any hints on what the cosmetic product will be this month?
  2. Thanks again to all of you for your suggestions! I wanted to report back on what I found to resolve the problem, because it sure was a surprise to me, and hopefully it'll help someone else. The irritated spot worsened, and the skin broke down to the point that anything I put on it made it burn like crazy. I had to stop using my usual day eye cream, and even Body Shop's (extremely gentle) aloe eye treatment made it hurt. I asked the doctor to look at it, and she said it was definitely allergic dermatitis, but finding what the cause was would be really tough, since it could be anything I had on my face or hands. It was so miserably uncomfortable, all the time, that I started looking for a wound-healing cream. One of the suggestions I saw online was Honest Company's Organic Healing Balm. I realized I'd gotten a sample of that a couple of months back and dug it out of my sample bin. Wow. Just wow. No burning at all, just soothing relief. I used it morning and night. The raw patch looked and felt better the next day, and disappeared completely within a week. I kept using it, in place of my regular eye cream for both eyes, and the dermatitis never came back. It's been a month now, and my under eye area hasn't looked this good in years. The dark circles have faded significantly, wrinkles are disappearing, too. Aside from healing up the raw area, it's just generally improved the health of the skin, made it less delicate and fragile. I've tried a few dozen eye creams over the years, and none of them have made my eyes look as good as this stuff does. Here's the product: https://www.honest.com/bath-and-body/healing-balm Completely amazing stuff, nothing in it but organic oils and plant extracts. I'd try it on any skin irritation.
  3. What do you all think of the mascaras? I've been using the Length Matters for the last couple of days. It looks fantastic when you first put it on, but man, does it flake. I seem to get about 6 hours out of it before it all ends up under my eyes. I usually love their cosmetics, but yikes, this is bad.
  4. I put it on one of their spoons last night, and it's not quite so bad as I thought it would be from the smaller swatch. It's a very dark red but definitely red. So there's still hope that you'll like it.
  5. I just got my box last night.....I'd ordered Kiki (the oceanic blue) and Fazia (garnet shimmer). Both are darker than I expected. I swatched Fazia, and it's so dark it's hard to see any red. I did a mani with Kiki last night, I'm especially disappointed with that. It looked a lot more silvery/frosty in the image that it does on the nail. It's a straight-up teal with a tiny bit of shimmer. No silver at all. From a distance you could easily mistake it for a creme. I'm hoping I like the mascara, because I don't think I'll be getting much use out of either of the polishes.
  6. Yeah, I don't mind at all. I don't open more than one mascara at a time anyway, so I won't even notice it's not here. And I get a free polish out of it.
  7. Eh, not really interested in the curated box. I had the Dr Lipp and the Amika dry shampoo in the October box, and didn't care for either of them. The Amika made my hair a limp, dirty looking mess and I only used a few quick sprays.
  8. I made up a box with the two mascaras, and did Fazia and Kiki as add-ons. Gorgeous colors for the holidays.....Kiki reminds me of silvery blue foil wrapping paper, and Fazia is like the color of those satiny glass tree ornaments. Just that deep, glowing red.
  9. Thanks, real talk! I haven't heard of that line, so I'm definitely going to go looking into it.
  10. Hi, ladies....I'm looking for a recommendation for something to help my miserably, painfully dry under-eye area. It's worst in allergy season (like now). It feels dry and tight, it even burns and feels raw sometimes. I need something that will soothe, moisturize and heal overnight. I don't need anything that brightens, tightens, anti-ages, plumps, gets rid of lines, etc. In fact, I'd rather not have any of that, for fear it will just add to the inflammation. I use Benefit's It's Potent as a daytime eye cream, and that seems to be doing good. But even that's not enough moisture when it feels this bad. I'd been using Etude House's Moistfull eye cream at night for months, and it seemed to be helping, but now it's caused what looks like an allergic reaction. The reaction follows my use of the cream, so I'm pretty sure it's the cause. It's a swollen, red, raw patch under one eye, which just makes things so much worse. So, now I need something else. Not worried about the cost. Just want it to feel better. Thanks!
  11. Oh, my, that ModelCo Kitty lipstick is awesome. Such a pretty dusty rose color, very natural and very flattering. I've been looking for a lipstick like this for ages. It's nice to see some medium shades....the trend lately seems to be either dark colors, or bright, bold pinks and purples. This is one of those classic, sophisticated colors that you can't go wrong with, for any occasion. And it lasted all evening, too. Love it.
  12. I'm not impressed with it, either. I don't see any shimmer at all, either or my face or when I swatched it on my hand. I guess it provides a tiny bit of color on my cheeks, but it's not anything I would buy.
  13. You shouldn't get the same color/shade/scent/etc of a product you've already gotten. So, if you've gotten the eyeliner in black both times, then yes, you should write. You're likely going to get a different color of the liner, though. As for not liking the product....reviews aren't taken into account when your box contents are chosen.
  14. I'm getting box 7: ...and box 19: I'm really, really happy with both. I'm getting both the Shiseido and Davines, along with the Caudalie serum I've been dying to try, and a new shade of the Pixi balm.

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