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  1. Honestly I use the ELF foundation brush. Works just fine and is so cheap I'm not worried about replacing it if I need to.
  2. That bag is pretty sweet, please post what they say!
  3. Benefit drives me nuts, between the awkward tint bottles and the cardboard packaging I just can't do it. I'm not paying that much for cardboard.
  4. I did a quick look and couldn't find a thread about this so figured I'd just ask. I'm 100% on the eyeshadow primer band wagon and I like face primer so I was wondering about lip primer. What's the deal with it, is it worth it, and what brand would you recommend? Or is there something else I should be doing to make my lipstick last a little longer.
  5. I'm a huge fan of the ELF primer, it lasts even during summer classes at the Taekwondo school I teach at. If I know I'll be super sweating I seal it with the ELF Lock and Seal kit, which I swear by. I feel like I could go swimming with that combo.
  6. Do you know what brand these are?
  7. I am finally tossing a tinted moisturizer from The Body Shop that someone gifted me after fighting with it for way to long and hating it. I don't even know why I've kept it this long, it makes me oily and I break out so bad after I use it. Also tossing an unflattering lip liner that was also a gift from someone. Tossing gifts makes me feel sooo guilty but I just need to toss them.
  8. I've made it a goal to comment on two other blogs a day, that helps bring a little bit of traffic to my page and I find that by developing a relationship with other bloggers you get more comments on your page.
  9. Wow, I may have to look into these then. I love the ELF eyebrow kit but they don't have the lasting power to survive my job (I'm a Taekwondo Instructor). The espresso looks pretty close to my brow color, I may have to pick one up next month and give it a try.
  10. Two stories: I discovered that nail polish remover, or at least the stuff in the 90's, will eat through carpet. My brand new carpet. A large hole in like the middle of the room. Thank god for leftover bits of carpet, I made a patch and my mother never knew what had happened. Second story is again as a teen I received a bottle of nail polish in my stocking at Christmas time. Took it into the bathroom and as I lifted it up to put it away the WHOLE bottom of the bottle fell off and dumped all that nail polish all over the sink, counter, and my arm. Thank goodness it was a pearly white so it didn't completely ruin the sink but man, that sucked.
  11. Two words: Glitter EVERYWHERE. Why oh why did I listen to Seventeen magazine back in the 90's? I looked like a disco ball for waaaaaay to long.
  12. I got mine from The Container Store, they look fab and were under $30. Amazon has them as well. Why on earth would you pay several hundred dollars for what is basically a plastic box? Maybe I'm just to frugal for that to ever appeal to me
  13. Ooooh I'm also dying to try the Melted dupe lipgloss. I'm dedicating time this weekend to look in a few places that were suggested to me. I've heard: Winco, Walgreens, Kmart, and Rite-Aid have them, but I can neither confirm nor deny they do. I will report back after this weekend.
  14. I hope they do another 500 point reward this month, I'm ready to cancel and I'd hate to lose my points.

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