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  1. Where do you see this? I didn't get any notification, and when I log in there is no discount shown. Is there a code or something?
  2. Ooh, I'm excited for this one. I've skipped the last few boxes because I haven't loved the spoilers, but I resubbed as soon as I saw the palette. I *love* the first two and it's kind of satisfying to have the whole set. I'll probably swap the mica eyeliner since I'm perfectly happy with my maybelline gel liner, but I'm stoked for everything else. Nice job, boxycharm!
  3. Hi all! I received a $165 gift card to revitalash.com for doing a product test, and I'd love to swap/sell it. Revitalash is the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow really long, but it is NOT the kind that can discolor your eyes (that is latisse). They also sell thickening shampoo/conditioner and makeup. I know that you can buy revitalash products for quite a bit cheaper from other vendors, so I'm willing to take much less in cash or trade!
  4. The one that just went out is "summer solstice". "Life's a beach" is going out at the end if July.
  5. I think they knew this box was boring compared to the last few months, and that's why they offered the 50% discount. The only thing I was actually a little excited about were the hair clips, so I think I'll skip this month, even at $13 (which is nuts, can you imagine if Birchbox ever sent anything like this out - people would loose their minds)! I think the main disappointment is that I keep getting those SkinCeuticals samples from Dermstore, and I don't find them very exciting. Hope next month is more fun!
  6. Well, I knew I wanted to sell my box even before I knew about the cancer spray . Luckily I found someone quickly!
  7. Cancer is such a broad term. All it means is that abnormal cells that are dividing. There are so many reasons this could happen in different parts of the body for completely different and unrelated reasons. We may figure out what causes some types of cancer, but really, we're talking about hundreds of totally different diseases.
  8. I will be getting my box on Friday, but I am not into the what I've seen on the spoilers. The only item I'm interested in keeping is the Thursday/Friday tote, which is, ironically, the cheapest item in the box. Here is a link to a review: http://www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com/2015/06/kloverbox-msa-the-limited-edition-beach-house-box-review/ The box + shipping is going for about $115 over on MSA, since the tote is selling for about $15-20, I would love to sell the remainder of the box for $90 shipped. Please PM me know if you are interested!
  9. Yeah, I was surprised too! They have a bunch of colors on this site: http://www.c21stores.com/product/THURSDAY-FRIDAY-Black--White-Gold-Toe-Everyday-Tote?cm_mmc=GoogleShopping-_-cpc-_-NA-_-6037-1037%20100&utm_source=GoogleShopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=6037-1037%20100&utm_campaign=NA&CAWELAID=500002840000232466&CAGPSPN=pla&gclid=CjwKEAjw5J6sBRDp3ty_17KZyWsSJABgp-Oaa1lwbkj5epIdKnp_TNhai0-2FZs6ykeCboZ0W7SEtxoCe0zw_wcB It's probably my favorite thing in the box (based on your photo), but I bet the low sale price will make it hard for people who don't want it to swap it.
  10. Looks like a value of $218 - not bad! The tote bag is listed as $110, but you can buy it online for $18!? So I used $18 for that value.
  11. Thanks for the spoilers! It seems like the value is definitely there - these aren't cheap items. I'm not super excited about anything, but there also isn't anything I immediately feel I'd want to swap. Hmmm - I hope when I get mine, I'll love it!
  12. Oh my. I just went back and looked at my samples (I love the new format to view all your samples at once). In over a year of subscribing, I have never, not once, purchased a product that I received in a box. I have purchased items I saw other people get that intrigued me. BB, you gotta get that survey working better!
  13. That's my box too! I actually hate it, especially since it's the millionth time I've gotten a hotel shampoo/lotion from BB. There are SO many samples that would love to try - the Dr. jart night BB, Paula's Choice anything, that Cargo blush, lots of things. At least I didn't get a perfume sample for once! One more month on my sub, and I'm done.

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