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  1. I'm looking for the It Cosmetics concealer. If anyone still has that, feel free to take a look at my trade list!
  2. Yeah, I'm not surprised VS did that since it's the same company as Bath & Body Works. When I worked at B&BW, we had to "damage out" returned products, we'd literally squeeze everything out and then throw it away. But I saw other things that got thrown away without being squeezed out. I always thought about dropping something outside on the way to the dumpster and coming back for it on the way to my car at the end of the night. One time, we were throwing away whole boxes of these really cute plastic Christmas bags and I'd parked right next to the dumpster so I stuck it under my car and went back to working and then just tossed it in the trunk at the end of the night.
  3. What are your favorite brands? Formula X, Zoya, Deborah Lippman, OPI, Rainbow Honey, Ciate. What brand do you have the most of in your collection? Julep and Rainbow Honey. What brand do you not want? Any brands you don't like! And preferably no Julep, I have way too many from them and would like to branch out. What brand would you like to try? I'd love to try Butter London, A England, Fandom Cosmetics, any of the indies! What colors are your go to colors? All the blues! And I love anything sparkly and color shifts. What colors do you avoid? Not really specific colors, more just matte finishes. Any specialty polishes that you would like? I'd love any except magnetic/crackle. Multichrome or spectraflair would be awesome. Is there a tool or something other than a polish that you are looking to add to your collection? If there's something you love, I'd be happy to try it! What is that one polish you have been wanting but just haven't bought so far? I have a bunch on my elfster nails and Birchbox lists. I pretty much want everything in Sephora and on Etsy so I should be easy to make happy. How would you describe your style? Girly, as much shimmer as possible. Would you rather have a bunch of minis or one or two full sized bottles? I'd be happy with either. What are your feelings on prepared/unsealed samples? Sure. What kind of extras would make your day? Whatever you'd like to give me! I'm pretty easy to please. What ONE COLOUR (not brand or product in particular do you use more than any other? (What runs out the quickest?)? Blue... I seem to be on a neverending quest for all the blue nail polish. You just won a $50 giftcard to Birchbox/Target/or insert your favorite beauty store here....What's the first thing you want to buy??? Something I wouldn't normally justify spending the money on. I love using my Birchbox points on things I'd never normally buy, like Deborah Lippman nail polish or beautyblenders or random home stuff. Are you okay with receiving gently used items in your package? (NOTE: these will notcount towards the $20 spending total - its just a way to be extra generous and destash, since some ladies have items they only use once and decide they don't like and want to pass on). Sure! That's what I'm hoping to do too. I have a lot I never use,
  4. I'll be excited if mine arrives and it's still in the bulb shape! I tried to get a couple during the summer release and when they arrived, they were liquid. That German marzipan sounds amazing, Dani!! Does anyone sell a scent similar to that?
  5. This pretty much exactly sums up how I felt receiving my Victorian Disco order on Saturday. There was a moment of annoyance at the fact that I paid shipping for both my July and September orders which were sent together and then I got over it. Aside from having to chase down the orders, I was actually pretty impressed with them. Slugs in particular is absolutely amazing.
  6. So I have to get Catssic Literature in full size because the cat art. But I don't know if I should really be buying the full set right now. I'm thinking I definitely need J.K. Meowling and Catticus Finch and maybe Purr-ride and Purr-redjudice and Edgar Allan Purr.
  7. Holy crap! I messaged Victorian Disco again on Tuesday and she said she combined both my orders and then she gave me another tracking number. But I was kind of annoyed she sent me a screencap so I couldn't click a link or even just copy and paste it since I was on my phone so I didn't check. But you guys reminded me so I hand typed it in just now and this happened! It should be here with my GDE halloween order today! I'll have to check it against both my confirmation emails when I get home from the ASU/Stanford game tonight because I totally don't even remember what I ordered but I can't believe it's finally here! Also, I'm really excited I'm trying Performance Colors! I had a really long crappy day at work yesterday when it was supposed to be a half day, so after I got done, I decided to treat myself to In N Out and then while I waiting in the drive thru, I decided to treat myself to both the purple and deep neutrals 6 for $5 sample sets.
  8. The question is how many boxes will I end up getting this month... I definitely want that Cuppa Cuppa Tea Mask. For those who have tried the Juice Beauty, does it actually smell like apples? Or if you've tried other Juice Beauty products, does it have that same scent as like their CC cream or moisturizers?
  9. Seriously. My Naked palette used to be my life and I haven't touched it in months. I hope that happens to me for my sample! More of that or Pumpkin Eater would be amazing! Eta I am way too excited for GDE orders tomorrow. All day I couldn't wait to come home and get my order from last week! That and my DG order arrived today after the whole forwarding process. The Who Ya Gonna Call, Hello Fall, and 10 Chalupas are so pretty but even better is the Raindrops on Roses balm gloss! SO GORGEOUS. And yay my HOG stuff should be here Thursday!
  10. I kind of forgot about my October box but I realized I haven't even received a shipping notice for it. Wth Julep?
  11. This sub just makes my blood boil. I was still getting their emails with all their promos and their referral stuff and I finally unsubscribed from their mailing list and stopped following them on Facebook because every email/post made me furious. Even if the products and value improved and it was the world's greatest deal, I'd never sub again on principle and I'd absolutely never recommend it to anyone.

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