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  1. Luxx22

    Little Lace Box

    Can't wait to see the spoilers!!
  2. Luxx22

    MUT Care Package Giveaway

    My favorite makeup item is Sephora's Divergent palette.
  3. Luxx22

    Memebox Swap Thread

    really looking for THE SKIN HOUSE Lavender Lightening Emulsion Pm me!
  4. Luxx22

    Days 21-30 of the 100 No Buy Challenge

    I'm officially on a NO BUY Challenge for (yea right) 11 months lol - not because I have to of course, but because I want too... I figured if I stopped spending so much money on makeup, and luxuries I could save up 19,000$ by December, that's excluding bills, necessities and groceries (No entertainment). It kind of sounds unrealistic but it's something I really want to do. Anyone have any tips on how to maintain a blog without buying brand new stuff to blog about? I have stash's galore, but I've pretty much already blogged about it... Maybe DIY stuff and what not..
  5. Luxx22

    Birchbox Canada January 2015 (Spoilers)

    You!!! you got the Folle and the Tocca!! Lucky!
  6. Luxx22

    Little Lace Box

    Spoilers are exciting!! Can't wait to see what you ladies received!
  7. Luxx22

    Memebox Spoilers!

    Hope Ive been using the Vella soap correct... I've been using it as a hand soap lol
  8. Luxx22

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I actually like the New CPM box! - Lots of cute things in it
  9. Luxx22

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I was going to buy it, but I keep looking at my over flowing box in my bedroom, and it's turning me off - All I see is dollar signs laying there un used
  10. Luxx22

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I'm still very curious where Global #19 is.... I thought they sold a bundle containing the global #19 a while back?\ Opps!!! Nevermind - its the January box = Global #19 >.>
  11. Luxx22

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I just don't do it anymore lol Maybe if they were releasing the global #19 Id be all on that, but not for restocks.
  12. Luxx22

    Birchbox Canada January 2015 (Spoilers)

    Sign into you're Birchbox account, and at the top middle click "YOUR BOX" and scroll down. You should seee the items you will be receiving @
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