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  1. vogueboy

    Makeup brushes : For what ?

    Based on your first post, you already use blush on your cheeks. Do you use your fingers or a blush brush for that? Based on how you worded it, I guessed you used a blush brush. But on your second post, you now say you've never used it... 🤔Just a little confused... As for the Beauty Blender, are you happy with the results you're getting now? If so, then keep using it. But if you want to try something different, you can use a foundation brush to see how you like it. You also expressed reservations in terms of cost or expense, yeah, make-up is expensive, (not gonna lie to you on that), but that's the price of doing make-up, whether you're using drug store brands like Revlon or Cover Girl or luxury brands like Givenchy or Tom Ford, the cost adds up, but the results are priceless. Just to clarify, make-up is meant to have all of its components used to create a complete a look. For example; foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, blush, powder, highlight, etc. You wouldn't just use blush all over your whole face... (I am getting that based on your girls' YouTube comment) as that sounds confusing. For example, better, better in terms of what? Do you mean blush is better than foundation??? Can you please clarify that for me, thanks.
  2. vogueboy

    beauty salon at my home

    No Joan, you're never too old to join. As long as you're excited and passionate about it, go for it!
  3. vogueboy

    Makeup brushes : For what ?

    Why did you use a blush brush to apply your blush instead of a sponge or your fingers? The reason you used a blush brush is for a quick accurate placement of colour that looks diffused. The same reason is true for other make-up brushes that you would use for say liquid eye liner, eye brows, shadows etc. So you can have an overall clean polished look. Typically there are three sized brushes: Small (for shadows), Medium (for blush), Large (for powder). The smaller the brush, the finer the detail you get, like replicating eye brows hairs for example, or doing a cat eye liner look. Medium brushes are for blushers. Larger brushes give you a softer finish, like powdering, even foundation placement. For example the surface area of your Beauty Blender that touches your face would be the same size in area as a foundation brush, and you would use that same Blender application technique as you would with a foundation brush. So already you know how to use a foundation brush... And a blush brush. I know you just wanted the basics without going into too much detail. Going into the basics of what each brush does would be too long and too time consuming here, as there are so many sized brushes out there and what they can do, as one brush can have three different uses, for example a lip brush can be used for lips, as a concealer brush and as a liner brush. It all depends on how you use it. Perhaps someone else on this forum will give their basic reasons as to why brushes... I am also curious as to their reasons as well. Hth Cathy.
  4. vogueboy

    Which sunscreen do you use and love?

    Same. in SPF 50 I like it because it's not shiny and it doesn't look shiny on camera (Film/TV). The disadvantage is that the over spray does mingle in the air for several seconds, a lot more than hairspray does.
  5. vogueboy

    Brown or black mascara/liner?

    Skip the liner altogether. Go with a brown mascara, one coat. Two, if you want a bolder look.
  6. Stop applying foundation under your eyes. Use a concealer instead. The sudden change is due to changes in diet, age, season and the environment, which is unavoidable and is the natural course of things. When one or more of these things happen, your skin's pH will change, in your case it has become more oily, thus it has begun oxidizing your make-up under your eyes after a few hours... No need to panic, as this happens to everyone, especially every seven years as this is when a persons' body goes through major changes in their skins' texture, pH balance, and hormone levels, to both men and women. Hence people have to change up their make-up shades, textures, and formulations within their brand every few years or so. However you don't have to change up your make-up line or brand if you're still happy with it, that is up to you, as there are a lot of make-up brands out there. I am going to take a wild guess and say that you're still moisturizing? If you are? Good. And keep powdering the way you've been powdering. As an addition, keep a blot powder with you and touch up throughout the day using a stippling motion. Remember, foundation is for the face, concealers are for under the eyes. Yes you can mix a super tiny bit of foundation into your concealer, (1 part C : 0.1 part F) any more than that and your formulation will turn grey on the skin. Again, too much product under the eyes will cause excess oiliness, and fine lines to show.
  7. Umm. No. Her skin is not allergic to the product.
  8. vogueboy

    Finger or Sponge for Foundation Application

    Neither. Fingers are unhygienic and sponges waste product. Brushes are your best bet. Foundation brushes are specific to the task at hand, they are also hygienic and easy to clean. Fingers are preferred when replicating Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Nations facial and body painting designs.
  9. vogueboy

    How to overcome redness

    The point here is that foundations already block (overcome) redness.
  10. Happened to stumble upon this today. Had no idea Elina posted this three years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKHbf-WLx2o
  11. Use a Q-Tip dipped in eye make-up remover and gently roll it through the top curl of the lashes.
  12. The Crossing. Not sure if ABC is doing a 2nd season or not.
  13. Just bought 6 Eve Pearl Salmon concealer pans: 3 Light, 2 Fair and 1 Medium from my trusty Eve Pearl distributor girl.
  14. vogueboy


    Yeah, I agree with Reija, some products seem counter-intuitive at first, but the results do work and in the same vein as her suggestion, ensure that your skin care products say they are made for oily skin types. Also make sure that you're make-up is made for oily skin as well. Since oily skins tend to break down make-ups faster, (that's the unfortunate reality) you also need to touch up your make-up more frequently throughout the day using either blot papers (the blue ones work best) or non build-able powders such as blot powders or no-colour powders. With concealers, less powdering is better (again this seems counter-intuitive at first) but concealers just need to be matte, not overly powdered or else your concealer will crack... As you've already found out. Also don't apply a thick layer of concealer, the thicker the product on your face, the more chance it will crack on you, especially around the eye area. There is a lot of pigment in concealers already for them to do their job, so no need to pile it on. And a light powdering will set it just fine. Just remember to lightly touch it up throughout the day. Foundations can be applied with a heavy hand if need be, however less is more is the golden mantra of make-up application. Good luck Tarah95
  15. vogueboy

    Best concealer for dark circles?

    Love to hear your experiences with it, such as what you like about it? Like texture, coverage, how it goes on, etc.
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