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  1. If any of you that got the tea tree box happen to work in schools or with small children, then the plain tea tree oil could be a godsend. Add a little bit every so often when washing your hair to keep lice away. Also, its just nice on your hair anyways from time to time, but especially if you happen to work in a profession that can be exposed to lice. Sorry for making everyone itchy lol
  2. I hate foils..... its disappointing because I saw the brand and they had sent out a heat protectant or something by that brand before which I love, but was full size. When I saw the name I was over the moon. Then I saw that it was foils....... such a let down.
  3. I did it, I went and I bought it. I haven't bought a box in a while, as I have been on over load and wanted to avoid custom hits over the holidays as much as possible, but I just want to try that bird nest pack so bad and the rest of the box looks really good.... I had to. Plus I had 4 memepoints to spend.
  4. I heard purple lipstick, I'm interested. Can't load the dang site thought.
  5. I can't even load the page. It just goes white and spins....... lol
  6. Has anyone who ordered their eye shadow palette received it yet??? I'm getting desperate for swatches and real opinions.
  7. Anyone receive their superbox #68 yet? I'm looking for spoilers.... I'm hopeless. haha
  8. @ @@cfisher @@MemeJunkie About the "copyright issues" the link I followed brought me to a DuWop lip venom page with a Twilight photo. If that is what you are talking about there is absolutely no copyright issues going on because DuWop made Lip Venom in partnership or whatever you call it, with Twilight. I owned one of the stains when they first came out and that was how they were marketed. I will have to say I was very disappointed when I lost it as it was truly a great stain that also had a tingling effect. I just wanted to make sure I shared that info so people are aware that this is not any sort of infringement unless these are fakes. Which I am totally not saying they are, I just mean that would be the only way it would be "illegal". DuWop came out with these a while ago though..... that would be my only question, unless they kept the line running even though Twilight was done just because it was awesome
  9. To the person asking about how the Secret Store works, this month they will have their Holiday kits Jane Park herself said this. Usually it is products that are popular that are placed in along with some they are trying to clear out at discounted price. They also always release the new gemstone polish in the SS. They always post some options on Facebook for people to vote what they want to see in the SS too.
  10. Heads up to anyone who gets slow shipping from here on out, I used to work for Canada Post and mail starts to get holiday crazy come October. Doesn't always mean it gets slower, but people start shipping international Christmas presents in October so expect some slower deliveries to start happening on the regular shipping boxes. Thought I would give people a heads up in case you start noticing this.
  11. I also saw on Evolution of a Foodie's blog that there is going to be a shadow palette with double ended brush for the holidays. I am beyond excited and think I am going to go broke loo. Also excited because one of those Holiday polishes is a Ruth, which was the name of my grandmother who passed away this year. That will be a Christmas present if it arrives in time for my aunts and mom
  12. Bombshell for November: Fazia, Length Matters WOW-Impact Mascara, Jessie
  13. When I first saw the Halloween box I was disappointed, but now aster thinking it could be exactly what I want. Depends on the quality of the Revecen items of course, but there were a few costumes I was thinking of doing that had some serious white and or purple going on. I like that they went the costume direction. Not really what I had thought would be in it, but I think I can get a good amount of use out of this dependent on the quality because I am always heavily into the intricate face painting for Halloween.
  14. I have been getting boxes for a while now and I am super excited about this box! I will probably gift one of the items as I have tried the sample before and didn't like it, but I am all over the two by the same brand. Excited for sure.
  15. The way she was talking I almost feel like there is something else that goes in the box too

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